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  2. ahoeben

    Custom Supports Plugin

    Try it, and you'll know. It is pretty much the same as the Support Blocker, in that it lets you add "cubes" to the model. But these cubes are printed as support. It shares all the quirks of placing Support Blocker cubes. On small parts it is also easy to end up with support material on top of the model (where it will not do any good).
  3. foehnsturm

    Mark2 Firmware

    It should be there somewhere but I had no luck with a quick search. So: Tinker-Mark2-dual -> Standard UM2(+) Mark2 but without the tiny Mark2 PCB Tinker-Mark2-expansion-board -> UM2(+) Mark2 with the Mark2 PCB --- extended --- > same for UM2(+) Extended printers I assume you don't have the PCB as you had to extend cables.
  4. In the past people have been all posting questions in this thread below - your answer might already be on one of those 6 pages of questions and answers. I'm not sure if @foehnsturm is more likely to see a post there or if you'll get a reply from him here. But I just mentioned his name so hopefully he'll see your question.
  5. It's hard to tell from the photo but I think they *are* all connected together (by brim) and the whole sheet slide over. But it could be that the original poster purposely removed the "sheet" and looked at it and then put it back on the glass for a photograph and that the sheet did not slide around.
  6. Today
  7. crash007

    stuck on User Agreement

    yes the GPU driver is the latest driver and also ive updated win 7 to sp2 ...... well ive installed the updates but it dose not show it is SP2 and I think that's due to GPU too... I don't see any way pass this unless I get another laptop. I deleted the file Cura.cfg and no change I also uninstalled 3.4.1 and reinstalled no change thanks
  8. Dim3nsioneer

    Cura Software mit 2 Farben drucken ?

    In den Einstellungen auf der rechten Seite. In den empfohlenen Einstellungen erscheint die Auswahlbox aber nur, wenn beide Extruder aktiviert sind.
  9. Iceman_70

    Password Protecting Printer on Network

    any solution for this ??? since the latest firmware, everybody who has the IP of the printer can connect 'Cura Connect' via a browser and stop/pauze printjobs ... I have no problem with people who check what is being printed, but I do find it an issue they can stop a print job...
  10. ahoeben

    stuck on User Agreement

    I'm not sure, but aren't you confusing setting_verion and version? VersionUpgrade32to33 sets the version to 6. Either way, that should not result in a crash after the license agreement window showing up, and if it did it would show in the logs. As is, the logs don't show the actual crash, which suggests to me that the crash happens "outside of" Cura. A common culprit in that sort of crashes is the GPU driver. @crash007, you specify a driver version, but not what Intel GPU you have (HD Graphics refers to a family of GPUs). Have you tried updating the Intel driver?
  11. Marcos T

    Avoiding printed parts - dual color

    Yes... I think the same as I can see the results even trying a lot of configs trying to avoid that problem. Using single color this issue is a little bit ugly in result but is not expressive like using dual or multi colors does (my picture show how this situation can be expressive to a bad result at all, using dual colors) Tks to add you reply in this topic.
  12. Link

    Custom Supports Plugin

    I see there is now a plugin which offers custom supports in Cura, has anyone tired this ?, seemed to slip under the radar without much fanfare but when its a big thing (if it works) 😉
  13. ghostkeeper

    Cura 3.4.1 will not start

    To know what sort of bug this is, we would need to see a log file. See some instructions here: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura#logging-issues The "Cura GUI log file" is the important one for this particular issue. If you need to get Cura started no matter what, a surefire way to do that is to delete the configuration folder that this log file is located in. This resets Cura to factory defaults, so you'll lose all your preferences and profiles and such. But it probably resolves your issue. And it would be nice if you could copy the log file out for us so that we can see what the problem was and fix it for the next time 🙂
  14. ghostkeeper

    stuck on User Agreement

    I don't know how it came to be, but it seems that your main configuration file got given a newer version number than what we currently use (version 6 instead of 4). One simple solution is to delete the file: C:\Users\[you]\AppData\Roaming\cura\3.4\cura.cfg This will reset your preferences, such as whether you have auto-slice enabled and that sort of stuff, but will not delete your profiles or the slicing settings. In the preferences window you can set your preferences back to what you prefer to use.
  15. lrodriguez

    Ultimaker S5 | impressions & opinions

    Yep, that worked great! Combing Not in Skin, this is Fast Mode, BTW.
  16. oobdoo


    Mit DesignSpark Mechnical kann man STL bearbeiten. Das ist aber davon abhängig, welches Programm die STL ursprünglich erzeugt hat. Ich habe bei einigen STL aufgegeben und das Teil selbst neu konstruiert. Also wenn die Änderungen nicht zu massiv werden sollen, dann kann man einige Sachen nachträglich hinbekommen.
  17. In addition to printing on glass (without tape) as gr5 says, I would also suggest you put the models closer together, a bit further away from the edges. And then enlarge the brim so that is gets so big that it thoroughly connects all models. Otherwise, thin but high models might get knocked over. Or else, design a thin flat plate in your CAD models, which covers the whole bottom and connects all models. What could have happened to you is that one model started to wobble (for example if the tape was a bit weak in one point, maybe due to air under it, or grease), then the print head crashed into it, knocking it over, maybe caused a layer shift due to the impact, unsettled and threw off some more models, and then a sort of chain reaction started? Just guessing of course, but something must have happened...
  18. drayson

    Avoiding printed parts - dual color

    Having the same issue and I have also no solution up to now... Z-hop is a first shot in addition to combing, but my impression is that combing or "stay inside a part" is also not working propperly. 😞
  19. mugwamp

    Cura 15.04.5

    in the past few weeks, I can no longer use Cura 15.04.06..(will not open COM port 3, as it always has in the past). I have not made any changes, but I did install another printing program .IT however uses the same port configuration (COM 3), that Cura does. I have uninstalled the other software program, uninstalled the driver for COM 3, and re-installed the driver, but I cannot open the port. VSRY frustrating..to say the least, can anyone help? It will use CURA 3.4.........WINDOWS 10/64.............
  20. Hi Mark2 community. First of course, I want to thank you for your big work on Mark2. The website is beautiful, the 3D models are printing OK (even if I could not print without support as advice in the website), and it's cool to have the expansion board availlable to buy. So I passed the most difficult parts : 1) mounting the 2nd printhead 2) connecting board, motor, printhead. Here I had to make 2 cables prolongations (temperature and motor). The heater cable prolongation was part of "mark2 board package", just had to strip insulation. and now, I'm blocked by firmware. first, it's not clear which one I need. I guessed that I need to use an "expansion" firmware ( for example : Tinker-Mark2-expansion-board-17.09.hex ). I'm not sure I want the "tinker" things, but it seams that the last version is only with Tinker. So a small "readme" file in the firmware folder on Github ( https://github.com/foehnsturm/Mark2/tree/master/firmware ) describing the option like "what does mean 'extended', 'expansion', 'dual', what is the changelog between the 3 availlable version, which firmware is the recommended one..." would be very appriciated I'm actually blocked by "uploading a firmware". I downloaded the last CURA version 3.4.1, and the "upload custom firmware" dialog just freezes after I choose the firmware. I used another computer with CURA 3.2.1, the same dialog say "starting firmware upload" .... but the waiting bar is falling in a infinite loop for more than 15min. when I tried to print after these test, I could prove that there no firmware damage/change have been done. Do you think I badly connected a cable ? should I use another CURA version (I thing I have seen somewhere 3,2, but I can't find where I read that) Thanks a lot in advance, and again, thanks for the job done.
  21. Not sure where I should post this. I'm looking to add an G-code to my ending script that turn off the fans after 3 minutes but can't figure it out. And an other question; I usually look att this site for G-codes https://reprap.org/wiki/G-code Witch one would you recommend?
  22. Hi Folks, Excuse my ignorance here, never seen this eminent firmware before. But one thing I’ve notices is that this firmware has the possibility to inverse the direction of all axes including the two extruders. Why not try to inverse the X-axes in the menu? I’ll ask this question as both of you have the head moving the right side instead to the left where the switch is located. Just my two p. Thanks Regards Torgeir
  23. Marco_TvM

    Ultimaker S5 | impressions & opinions

    @WesleyE beat me to it, but the hostname part does indeed contain the MAC address. In your case it is CC:BD:D3:00:5F:24
  24. Hi, please try using a lower version of cura say 3.2.5 because 3.4 i think doesn't support Tinker, i was trying to install the Tinker firmware for my brothers printer, and that was the single one not mark-2, and i had this same issue, so i think the only way is a down version of cura and you can install, hope this helps 😊
  25. MrTIGS


    bonjour Didier merci c est beaucoup mieux j ai ralenti l impression et augmenté la temperature d extrusion
  26. Ksstyling Customparts

    Cura Software mit 2 Farben drucken ?

    Guten Tag, ich schreibe jetzt einfach hier ohne einen Neuen Thread zu beginnen, Wo kann ich denn einstellen das mir der Support mit dem 2 Extruder gedruckt wird? MFG
  27. lrodriguez

    Ultimaker S5 | impressions & opinions

    Actually it looks like Combing All and Combing Off seem the same? I think Maybe Combing Not in Skin might work? I'll try it. I'm in the same town as Nathan. 😛 I'm printing one now in Spiralize because it looks perfect for this. Especially with a .8 core. I'll try Combing Not in Skin to test your intended result. Combing Not in Skin Combing All Combing Off
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