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  2. Ultimaker Go first layer print problem

    Also, what's your first layer printing speed? If you go into the Tune menu and slow down your gcode during the first layer, does the first layer print okay?
  3. You think so 2D, you need to think like a slicer for this. Ironing works with abs as abs is easily sanded. Nozzle pushes residual plastic that goes beyond the -0.01 layer that was printed. The difference between doing that on A or B material are a) Can be sanded? b) Does it suffer from too much temperature? (PLA needs high sanding speed to avoid damaging the overhangs, but slow temperature increases the gloss of the finish while fast makes it more matte) c) Can the nozzle beat the surface? Olsson ruby nozzles are specially great for this since it doesn’t suffer from being scratched against almost anything. So for example neosanding Nylon problably is a bad idea (but nylon I don’t know how would behave) The easiest way to know how would a surface behave neosanding it is by the common scratches we have always seen on past Cura releases (they have do a very good on the travel path planning to avoid this on most scenarios if you know what to adjust). So abs? Indeed it can. Also his photos show that a) material was dragged to the center of the print area due spiral style. That’s probably the less useful print style to get sanding by the nozzle since it increases the drag on the nozzle, while zigzag style has more chances of filling the gap holes of the printed layer. This reminds me a thing. Cura sanding does actually extrude a bit. For my latest tests for 2 pass sanding it works much better to not extrude. I suppose Cura team left an option to lower the extrusion rate while ironing, that should remove the issue the user has, but the finish look won’t change much except the blob on the inside of the letters.
  4. Profiles custom + Materiaux custom?

  5. Profiles custom + Materiaux custom?

    Tu es allé sur le github de Cura pour voir si quelqu'un a déjà rencontré le problème ?
  6. Maybe I should instead ask: why ABS? Does this need to withstand high temperatures? how high? You might want to try PLA. I printed the number for my house in PLA and it has done very well out doors for the last 2 years.
  7. Good points. Also keep in mind this is ABS. I don't know if ironing works on ABS @neotko
  8. How old is this printer? You might need a new teflon part if you've been using this for a while (hundreds of hours). Anyway the bottom layer thickness defaults to 0.3mm so assuming the future layers are .2mm or .1mm obviously you are printing significantly more plastic on the bottom layer. That is part of the issue. The other issue is how much you are squishing the filament into the bottom layer - leveling. I know you said you re-levelled but there are many choices as to where you position things for the bottom layer. I personally like to level such that the bed is extra close and I get extra squish. But that also means I have the danger of happening what I see here. Anyway I have a um2go with the original black feeder and I always do 0.3mm on the bottom layer and I squish the bottom layer badly so I think something is wrong with your printer most likely. How old is it? You can check hours printed in the menu system.
  9. Perfect! This is called a cold pull (but with a second material) and it's also easiest to remove the bowden tube from the print head before doing this. but not mandatory.
  10. You'll have to learn how to get parts to stick very well if you will be leaving your printer unattended: You can get all that plastic out using a hot air gun but it's going to take you a long time. A hair dryer might work also - not sure. You need to get it up to around 60C.
  11. Did you play around with the fans in TUNE menu during the print? Maybe you didn't experiment enough? How do they do at 100%? What is the minimum speed if you start at 100% and go downwards? What is the minimum speed if you start at 0% and go upwards?
  12. specific print shifts layers on same point

    Living dangerously is the only way to go!
  13. Nach UM3 Update USB lese Problem

    Ich trinke dann ein Bier auf Dich ;-) VG
  14. Today
  15. Hello SandervG, thank you for your reply & the infos! Regarding the experience with Raise3D - that is something I do not want to have again. So I'd be interested in learning how Ultimaker has set up it's product care? Would I always need to contact the reseller? Does Ultimaker have a fixed partner for that per country? Which then would have to contact Ultimaker? Or can I contact Ultimaker directly to solve (hopefully never happening) defects? Having to send in the printer to a reseller who then may or may not sends it to the manufacturer and vice versa is a time consuming procedure. As I am mechanically and electrically experienced, I quite often would be able to fix things myself with the right parts being made available by the manufacturer. But when it comes to major mechanical defects, I will depend on the manufacturer for sure (e.g. exchanging and re-calibrating a Z-axis might be tough;-) Do you know PolyMaker's PolyFlex? Is that printable with the UM3e?
  16. Fan doesnt't work at low speeds

    Thanks for your answer. I just tried with 35 and 40 percent and nothing happens. Afte the fitst layer the fans starts turning for half of an second and the they switchbof and stay off for the hole rest of the print. I can try higher speeds, but this would be to much for abs.
  17. Printer Head Completely Filled with PLA

    Thanks for your help. I think you are correct Erin. I checked the part before leaving for the day, 1 hour into the print, and it looked great. In there morning there was no trace of the part. The build plate was completely clean.
  18. Bonjour, Tout d'abord, je tiens a m'excuser si ma question a déjà une réponse sur le forum, mais j'ai cherché via la barre de recherche et via Google sans rien trouver. Je suis actuellement en train d'expérimenter avec des filaments non-UM, donc, à chaque fois, je crée des matériaux custom dans Cura, puis des profiles customs au fur et a mesure que je fais mes tests. Sauf que, pour une raison que je ne connais pas, je ne peut pas avoir a la fois un material custom et un profile custom dans CURA. Quand je sélectionne un material custom, CURA me met 'no profile available' dans la case 'profile', et le menu déroulant me dit 'not supported'. Et si j'essaye de créer un profile en ayant mon material custom sélectionné, il ne se passe rien, aucun profile n'est crée. Donc je dois choisir entre profil custom ou material custom, ce qui est assez embêtant car des informations manquent dans les deux cas. Par exemple, on ne peut pas régler la vitesse d'impression dans le material, et on n'a pas le calcul du cout d'impression via le profil. Si quelqu'un a une idée du pourquoi de la chose et une solution, je lui en serai extrêmement reconnaissant.
  19. Cura y pausa a una altura determinada

    Hola Tengo el cura 3.0.4 el menú para configurar la pausa en altura está en: Extensiones/PostProcessing/ModificarGCode luego añadir secuencia de comando, pausa el altura.
  20. Problème remplissage avec cura

    Bien vu, j'avais pas fait assez attention aux lignes...
  21. I tried all solutions from Ultimaker website but non of them work. Here is my solution: First heat the stucked nozzle to 200-215 degrees. (To melt the material) Put a segment of PLA material in to the stucked print core/nozzle until it does not go in anymore Keep the material in the nozzle and apply some preasure Lower the temperature to 80-90 degrees while keeping the PLA material in the nozzle (To let both stucked material and PLA cool down so they become a whole) Pull the PLA out and the stucked material should come out See Picture Below The pink thing is PLA material I used to pull the material out of course I cutted it, the brownish translucent thing is the PVA material stucked in the nozzle.
  22. Problème remplissage avec cura

    Non c'est bien un raft. les lignes ne sont pas concentriques. Peut être une astuce de possesseur d'UM3 --> ils font un raft en filament soluble et à la fin de l'impression ils mettent l'imprimante toute entière dans l'eau . Comme ça le print se décolle tout seul
  23. Un petit café (ou autre) entre amis

    je pense attendre le 31 janvier pour mes vœux
  24. Problem with outerwall not printed

    I Have a hacked Anet A8 and I'm currently on making my own printer
  25. I have an Ultimaker Go and it is not printing the first layer correctly. (See photo.) It appears that the filament stops extruding in places. The feeder motor makes a clicking sound when this happens. It only happens on the first layer. Other layers print correctly. It never happens when printing the first layer of the outer wall, only when printing the first layer within the outer wall. I tried raising the temperature to 230 and lowering the print speed to 75% on the first layer, and that helps a lot, but it doesn't completely stop the problem. (The photo was taken at 210 degrees and 100% print speed.) I've had the same problem with different colors of PLA from different vendors. Relevelling the bed didn't help. I've also tried the atomic method to clean the nozzle and that didn't help either. Can anyone tell me what's wrong and how to fix it?
  26. Problème remplissage avec cura

    On dirait plutot un brim.
  27. Un petit café (ou autre) entre amis

    Au fait, bonne année a tous!
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