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  2. I print TPU on one of my Ender 3s all the time. Took me quite some time to get the settings right. I also have a direct drive one which needs some different settings, but is also working great now. I use a retrac distance of 2.5mm with a speed of 50mm/s. I also enabled z hop with a height of 0.4 mm to avoid any "antennas". All printing speeds are set to 20mm/s with a hot end on 225°C.
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  4. Actually, Magogoo for PLA and ABS is just spectacular! I am continuing to evaluate but so far the prints are perfect (well, 3D printer perfect). It sticks ABS really well and I haven't had any warping on the bottom layers and I have been printing gears and thin things purposely. Its just perfectly smooth. If I can skip the PEI using Magigoo then I am happy. Personally, I have never had a great deal with of success with ABS but if this continues my new favorite material is ABS. The fact that once it cools the print is just sitting on the plate, no longer atta
  5. Ugh, still in trials with the printer. I just solved the adhesion to glass problem (and everything is turning out pretty nice. Using the default profile at .2mm there is a larger variance than my prior printer but I don't think it is a squareness issue. Thanks for the help. I will keep and eye on it.
  6. Today I was going through the Ultimaker maintenance schedule. I noticed that information about the lubrication of the lift switch was missing. That made me wondering about any need to reapply lubrication, especially since the switch is visibly lubricated. An extra section about the lift switch lubrication (or a remark about the lack of any need to reapply lubrication, if that is the case) would be helpful.
  7. @Evavoo I'm amazed how many people claim they can't find filament in 2.85mm or 1.75mm. Every manufacturer (except maybe Prusa) sells both sizes. 1) Try searching for "3mm" as some sellers still call it 3mm or 2.9mm (even though the actual size is 2.85 or 2.9mm). 2) Try a little harder. If you can find a filament in 1.75 then the same store will have the same thing in 3mm. I have had MANY customers with the same complaint as you and it took me all of 5 minutes to find what they needed in the country or region they were in.
  8. Note that the Ultimaker 2+ Connect cover WILL NOT FIT your ultimaker 2+. 1) I recommend not using ABS - not sure which property you care about but PLA is typically and tough PLA is tougher. If you want higher temp filament there are other choices (depending on temperature) such as nGen and PETG that are easier to print and don't smell so horrible as ABS. 2) splitting is caused by bad layer adhesion. You can simply lower the fan. A lot. Experiment with the fans - in TUNE menu, bring it down to 0% and then up very slowly until it starts spinning. Note the minimum % w
  9. Naja da wurde scheinbar nicht richtig aufgepasst/gelesen:
  10. Hallo Schön von dir zu hören Ich weiß nicht ob du das schon gesehen hast aber man kann die erstellte config wieder erneut laden in den RepRap Config Tool, dazu must du die Use existing configuration + config.json auswählen. Zwecks Endstop: Es sind active-low. Also wenn ich das noch richtig in Kopf habe, im offenen zustand sind sie getrennt und in betätigten schalten die durch. Aber das kann man auch über die Web Oberfläche testen, da gibt es ein endstop Überprüfung ob diese schalten bzw. dann Dauer on sind. Das bitte auch vorher mal überprüfen
  11. Bonjour. Malgré de nombreux essais, versions différentes (avec un nettoyage en profondeur avant chaque installation), impossible d'installer Cura sur mon disque SSD. L’installation démarre normalement, puis plante au moment de choisir une imprimante. Ensuite, si je relance Cura, il plante tout de suite. Avez vous eu ce type de problème ?
  12. You should send an Email also to Bill Gates and ask why in the countries which are using coma as decimal separator when youn export a CSV file from Excel semicolon is the standard used as separator. As soon as Microsoft will change this behaviour, the separator will be change in the plugin 🤣
  13. Hi everybody, I am printing some parts with ABS and am encoutering some splitting. I guess I could use an enclosure for my Ultimaker 2+. I found the Ultimaker 2+ Connect Air Manager online. It seems though that it is marketed as a protection against toxic fumes. Does it also, however, keep the temperature around the build plate stable and warm, and does it protect the print against drafts? Hope you all can give me some advice. Lucas
  14. Hallo liebe Mitstreiter, ich habe vor ca. 6 Monaten einen gebrauchten Ultimaker 2 erworben und bin seitdem aufmerksamer Leser dieses Forums. Als Anfänger konnte ich seitdem viele Probleme mit Hilfe der hier veröffentlichten Beiträge lösen, womit den vielen Usern mit ihren Beiträgen meinen Dank gilt. Allerdings habe ich jetzt mit meinem Ultimaker ein Problem, welches ich offensichtlich mit den bisher hier veröffentlichten Beiträgen nicht gelöst bekomme. Wie anhand des Videos (siehe unten Dropbox-Link) zu erkennen ist, verbleibt beim Drucken von TPU-Filament seit 2 Tagen der Tisch na
  15. Entschuldige dass ich mich so lange nicht mehr gemeldet habe aber nach euren Inputs war ich doch ein wenig … Hmm… Geschockt… Übervordert, weiss gerade nicht was am besten zutrift. Musste „leider“ schnell feststellen dass es nicht nur mal eben schnell ein 30min Youtube Video schauen ist und 60min später läuft auch mein Drucker wie gewünscht. Letztes Wochenende hatte ich dann paar Stunden Zeit habe mir die komplette Seite durchgelesen. https://duet3d.dozuki.com/Wiki/ConfiguringRepRapFirmwareCartesianPrinter Wie immer, am Anfang versteht man nur Bahnhof aber es
  16. Das sind die Engineering Profile die es für die S-Line Drucker gibt. Bei allen anderen Modellen passt man selbst die Geschwindigkeiten an. Ich verwende zB am UM3 meist 35mm/sec für alles, auch Jerk um das zu eliminieren.
  17. The limit is only when you adjust the temperature on the fly during a print. You can set any temperature in Cura you want.
  18. They don't fit, the nozzles for the print cores are longer. And I don't recommend to do it, a print core is not made to replace the nozzle. If it is worn out, buy a new one and you are on the safe side.
  19. Better yet, close Cura before starting to manipulate the %APPDATA%\cura\4.8 folder.
  20. Can you manually copy anything to the sdcard `? Is it full ?
  21. Smartavionics fan control is buggy. I can't get it to do what I want it to do either (what it claims it can do with the "initial fan speed" feature). I'll just keep patching M106 statements into the gcode by hand. I could patch dozens if not hundreds of files in the time I've wasted on this.
  22. On Preview menu clicked on camera icon screen turns little whitish can't see anything ......also job finished printing on display of S5 but Cura indicates only 59% completed Print can out very good for draft settings..........my Fist Print on S5 and I am impressed Certainly easy set .........Thanks Ulitmaker
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    Neuen Zähler meinte auch keiner, soweit ich verstanden hatte... Es war nur die Idee von @Porkpie deinen Bereich und den Carport-Bereich Sicherungstechnisch aufzubessern, so dass dein Druckerbereich separat abgesichert ist und nicht mehr über die gemeinsame Carport-Sicherung... Bei mir ist es halt so, dass ich ländlich wohne - wenn da Strom weg ist, dann auf allen Sicherungen- da könnte der Elektriker höchstens ne Separate Leitung zum nächsten Kraftwerk legen - inkl. Umspannwerk... Ich glaube, da ist meine Lösung dann doch günstiger und praktikabler... 🤣Zumindest in meinem Fall. Kam jetzt i
  24. I'm not grasping the method for storing preset settings in Cura. I thought I had made a duplicate of a material preset with my own modifications, but the only changes retained for the duplicate material were its name and brand. For example, I would like to save a speed setting with a material rather than with a profile. Is that possible? If not, what's a workaround? Make many profiles and describe what material presets have been used with each? Vise versa?
  25. I'm downloading the smartavionics Cura. It's great to see ARM support too! The README.md says: * Initial Fan Speed At Height/Layer lets you specify the layer at which the initial fan speed comes into effect. Below that layer, the fans are off. Woo-whoo! Thanks, gr5.
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