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  2. Vielen dank für die schnelle Antwort. Ja das hatte ich auch gefunden. Aber irgendwie habe ich das nicht hinbekommen. Habe es mit dem Entpacken nicht auf die Reihe bekommen. Habe dann ein Profil über YouTube gefunden. Das hat dann mit dem Einbringen bei Cura geklappt. Wie es sich bewährt weiß ich noch nicht. Mein Drucker ist heute gekommen und werde ihn gleich zusammenbauen. Bin echt gespannt wie es wird. LG Martin
  3. Maybe you picked the wrong firmware variant as a basis? This one is for UM2+ https://github.com/Ultimaker/UM2.1-Firmware
  4. I think a possible way could be having all settings linked to all extruders by default and then in the context menu, being able to toggle linking on individual settings.
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  6. I tried to print Nefertiti statue ,but i came up with two defects 1_ supports sticks too hard to the print . 2_ some of the top layers look like melted plastic >> I have attached photos of the print. Thanks
  7. Hi all again. Just thought id add that if you use 1% infil it helps a quite bit. But not perfect. Still needs to be eased in in cura in my honest opinion. Anything else is a ball ache. And it would mean perfect printing. Currently top curved hollow surfaces all suffer, and if you have any detail in them you wont be able to sand it out.
  8. That looks like infill showing through. You have a few options. One is to make the walls thicker - it looks like you only have one pass on the wall so maybe make 2 or 3 passes. Or maybe you already have 2 passes. So set: 1) Wall thickness 2 or 3X line width But probably the easier thing to do is just this: 2) check the box on "outer before inner walls" Note that cura claims this can reduce quality on overhangs. For some reason I don't get these lines without having to do #2 above. Or maybe I get them but they are too difficult for me to see. Note that shiny black filament shows imprefections more than any other type of filament but only if you hold it just right so the light reflects just so. As you did here. If you were to (for example) paint this with a flat matte color you wouldn't be able to see these lines.
  9. I downloaded Cura 4.5 on my Mac, but all my prints now have a pattern on the surface (see the benchy). They printed perfectly with a smooth surface in 4.4.1. I was using 4.4.1 as it came without any changes, and the same with 4.5. What do I need to change to get my prints back to what they were with 4.4.1?
  10. Hello! So you are in the market to buy an Ultimaker? Great idea! Ultimaker 3D printers are considered real workhorses, so looking for a second hand Ultimaker makes sense if you are starting or expanding your 3D printing capabilities. In order to ensure a satisfying conclusion for both parties involved, here are a few general tips: If possible, look for a 3D printer available in your local area. Being able to see it in real life and avoid shipping with a courier is usually in your advantage. If a pickup is not possible and the printer needs to be shipped the seller can contact a local Ultimaker reseller and they should be able to provide original Ultimaker packaging to ensure safe passage. Before you commit to buying a 3D printer, it is recommended to see some pictures of the printer itself (like the print head, X/Y axles, build plate, print hours) and some 3D prints. If there are any mechanical defects, they usually surface in print quality. Unsure about the quality? Ask our community for their opinion. When all is to your satisfaction and the final step is transaction, we recommend to use a payment platform that provides buyer protection, like Paypall. Are you looking to sell your Ultimaker? We’re sorry to see you go. Hopefully we’ll be able to welcome you back into our community again at a later moment!
  11. In the situation I am talking about the wall thickness is 1.2 mm, the line width is set to 0.4 mm, and the number of lines is 3. So the line width should not vary, it should stay at 0.4 mm. If the perfect world what I just said above would be true but thinking about it, I think it does need to vary the line width due to the nature of the STL and how circles are not perfectly round and some places are going to be slightly thinner than others. In Prusa Slicer I can see it can vary the line width when filling out gaps between walls. I can also see some lines from my above pictures are no longer printed when I disable fill gaps between walls. Edit: Setting Line width to 0.39 mm also 'fix' the issue.
  12. Bonjour oui je l ai verrouillé correctement , j ai coupé le cordon , et j ai mis une alim de laboratoire , je vais voir avec le revendeur pour qu il m en r envoie une neuve , surtout qu elle a fonctionner 5 mm ouah sinon marche nickel merci
  13. Yes. AFAIK, there isn't an issue on github specifically about this. The PR that could form the basis of the solution is https://github.com/Ultimaker/CuraEngine/pull/1210 You can see from the comments there that it still has some way to go before becoming a reality.
  14. Salut, Juste parce que c'est déjà arrivé à d'autres: - est tu certain d'avoir bien connecté le connecteur d'alimentation. c'est un connecteur qui se verrouille avec une bague qui coulisse. sauf si c'est une UM bien sur
  15. J'ai exactement le même problème de sous extrusion sur ma machine 1, mais seulement avec le PLA anonyme bas de gamme. Avec du Esun elle fonctionne parfaitement, pourtant le Esun est affiché comme étant du 3,00 mm. Pour l'instant je la laisse tourner avec le Esun. Je me demande si ce n'est pas le coupleur PTFE qui est un peu fatigué?
  16. Comme les machines tournent presque à plein régime je vais bientôt tomber en panne de filament. J'ai de l'ABS en stock. deux bobines de marque NEOFIL 3D encore sous blister et une noname ouverte depuis érode. Vous pensez que je peux m'en servir? Même sur les machines qui galèrent un peu ? ABS avec une buse de 0.8 ça passe ? Sinon je vois avec les maker du coin pour récupérer du PLA ou PEGT
  17. Bon clairement ma troisieme machine sous extrude et je ne trouve pas pourquoi J'ai augmenté la t° et reduit la vitesse de 80% il y a du mieux même si c'est pas encore parfait. (fond noir après réglages). Je vous joint une vidéo du début du print VID_20200409_111428.zip
  18. So you are saying because it is 3 line widths instead of 4, that is the issue? Do you know the GitHub issue number, so I can track progress?
  19. Thanks SandervG, I'm on Anet A8 with PLA. It seems I can't put that information in my profile... I've set autolevelling on my bed, I'm gonna adjust it to see. What do you mea by colling optimization ? Here is what it gives on my mask's tries, if it helps. Thanks. Dom
  20. Hi, I have a Ultimaker 2+ which I love. I have had some success with uploading a version of Marlin to it so that I can change the Serial Port to #2 and baud rate so that I can attach an ESP to J22 (Serial). This worked well, as I can now see GCODE output etc, but the firmware I am using seems to run the feeder in reverse (ie material is pushed out of the printer instead of in) I was a bit worried that I was endangering the printer running with this firmware. Has any one got any experience of this, or could point me in the direction of settings I could change? What I would really like is just the bog standard firmware that I can adjust the two settings in, but there seems to be a whole minefield of different options now. Tinker firmware? Thanks for your time. Dan
  21. Good Afternoon, I'm Andrea from Italy. I'm starting to use Cura with my totaly customized printer with 6 estruders "connected" to just one nozzle but I can't understand how to configure Cura to use all the 6 extruders because when I add a custom printer it allows me to add only 2 estruder maximum. How can I do this? Thanks and regards Andrea
  22. This is all known behaviour for Cura. It cannot at this time make a good job of walls that are not close to an even number of line widths wide. I believe that the Cura devs are addressing this long standing deficiency.
  23. Hello, which printer are you using and what type of filament? It looks like your bed is too far from your nozzle when you start printing and perhaps there are is room for some cooling optimisation based on the stringing in between the pedestals at the top.
  24. In the marketplace, there is a plugin called Barbarian Units that converts imperial to metric, I wonder if it will work vice-versa...?? HTH...
  25. If you want full control over material settings in Cura (including setting the flow rate), change the gcode flavor from "Ultimaker 2" to "Marlin". You can then set the flow rate to anything you like.
  26. From what I can tell of the STL the wall thickness of this hollow cylinder is 1.2 mm which should be able to be divided by 3 with a 0.4 mm nozzle but I keep getting inconsistent extrusion causing a nasty effect on the outside of the print. The picture explains it better than I can. It does this on the same 2 sides of the cylinder regardless of how I have it rotated. I do not believe the cylinder wall thickness is thicker in these areas. I have looked through all the Cura settings and I have only been able to make it worse. Just tried Prusa Slicer and it isn't doing this. The STL has been attached. Can I get some community support in determining if this is a bug then I will submit an issue on GitHub? Let's see if all profiles do this or maybe it is a setting that is doing this. I 'fixed' the issue by setting walls from 3 to 1 and also setting 100% concentric infill. Which isn't a fix at all for obvious reasons. Edit: Also noticing when I do this it is extruding the outer wall, the inner wall, then the yellow wall... Then it is combing(?) back through the yellow wall after it is already printed before it starts a new layer. Turning combing off does not affect issue. Edit: I meant Combing not Coasting, fixed. Actually combing was turned on and didn't affect issue. IncenseTubeBoxThreaded-HQ.STL
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