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  2. Yes see the thing is that I use these for clay so they do need to be as sharp as possible, when they are 0.4 mm thick it leaves you with alot of clean up at the end.. I have bought some that are 0.2 thick at the top and they dont break so I am trying to achieve this myself but they keep breaking..
  3. I've learned that even though the steel is paper thin - it is steel after all. It can take 0.5Nm of torque without breaking every time which is more than my bare fingers can generate without tools. So it's tougher than I originally thought. Before you take it apart. Did you do your own cold pull? Remove the bowden - heat core to 200C, stick PLA down in there until it comes out the tip (or doesn't). Put the head in the corner (any corner) so the rods through the head don't get permanently bent. Push pretty hard - like 5kg/10 pounds. At this point strongl
  4. Sorry what do you mean by slicing the arachne version? See, I use these for clay so I really do need them as sharp as possible, the 0.4mm nozzle ones do work ofcourse but there is alot of clay left uncut because its too flat. I have bought some cookie cutters with 0.2mm top parts and they dont break so im trying to achieve this now myself although not getting very far unfortunately
  5. Weirdest thing -- today, I see that the Digital Factory shows a "Finished" state, with a green bar, even though we haven't yet pushed the "Print Removed" button on the printer. This is great!
  6. The coating might be as simple as spray paint. It is dependant on the material it has to bond to. Whatever material you decide on will determine the coating used. It would be best to consult with the manufacturer as to what coatings would be compatible with the product. So the dive belt has a pre-existing carrier that requires a specific diameter to fit? A domed end avoids the exterior corner and would be stronger. You might need a cradle to hold them upright when you set them on a table.
  7. I do believe you are correct sir. Their first attempts will be the dog, cat, and pig included with the printer. The STL files for those three were exceptionally fine and sliced by professionals using Simplify3D. They print flawlessly. Then those new printer owners start downloading poor STL files from Thingiverse or someplace. They don't know how to slice, the prints are a mess, so they ask for help on Reddit or Facebook and change everything on their printer. The predictable result is that the printer doesn't work right either. All of that will be somebody else's fault - including
  8. Traceback (most recent call last): File "/home/pascal/.FreeCAD/Macros/thopiekar.FCMacro", line 14, in <module> import MeshPart <class 'ImportError'>: libnglib.so: Kann die Shared-Object-Datei nicht öffnen: Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden
  9. Hi there, My UM3 Extended doesn't want to connect to anything remotely anymore. It all started with that the Cloud Connect stopped to work, but Cura and the Ultimaker Android app could still connect to the printer. Then Cura gave up its connection to the printer. And now the Android app has lost its connection as well. In the first scenario, where only Cloud Connect did not work, i tried to connect the printer with the cloud but the process got stuck as shown in image below. (I did this several times from both phone and computer and it always stopped here and I let it load fo
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  11. ohhh sorry - busy week. havent seen your reply till now. printer is at my friend's place. will look into it at the weekend. thanks for your patience!
  12. So i've been using Cura slicer for several weeks now and I'm starting to experiment with adding a webcam to make time-lapses. However Cura loads the STL file facing the back of the printer and I end up having to remember to rotate it 180 degrees or my camera ends up just getting a timelapse of the back of the object, Is there a way to change which direction is the "front" of the build plate in Cura?
  13. I just got an e-mail about a sweepstake for an Ultimaker S3. When filling out the form I noticed that the fields for company, company size and company phone are required fields. However, when checking the terms and conditions, they mention nothing about entering on behalf of a company being a requirement. Is it possible to enter the competition as a private individual, or do you have to enter on behalf of your company/employer? Thanks for any guidance.
  14. Bonsoir, Je viens de faire une bonne révision de ma machine avec le remplacement de la carte mère et du moteur de l'axe X. J'ai démonté l'axe Z pour bien nettoyer la vis. Au redémarrage, pas de souci avec la position basse du plateau, par contre lorsque je veux calibrer la tête / plateau ou que je veux lancer une impression, le plateau vient percuter la tête lorsqu'il monte. Il ne s'arrête pas.................on dirait qu'il ne reconnait plus la limite haute qu'il ne doit pas dépasser....................... Comment résoudre ce problème?
  15. Don't worry I wouldn't try it as the website has made it clear it won't work. I uploaded 6.0 again and the printer seemed to behave better but still no luck with ethernet. I also tried factory reset per @SandervG but still no luck.
  16. Thanks! Any specific extruder diameter to be used with this filament?
  17. Thanks for the suggestions. What coating do you have in mind? Epoxy? Is there a specific product and if yes, what filament should I use with it to achieve the end result I am looking for? Unfortunately I cannot make the whole surface oval. I could make the bottom round though. It would not be possible to use it. This canister is placed on the waste belt of a diver, It would become too inconvenient with that shape.
  18. This 20x20x20 cm cube comes out pretty well. X and Z are spot on. I really couldn't ask for any better precision. Given the accuracy of those, the measurement for Y surprised me. If X and Z were off by half of that deviance, I'd call it close enough for FDM. But this is repeatable. PLA, Tough PLA, ASA, and this CPE. Smaller than 10 cm, and X is smaller than the dimensions in the model. Larger than 10 cm and X about right, but Y is larger than the model by about 10% of the model's dimension on the Y axis. Print speed (30mm/s to 60mm/s) does not affect the tolerance by anything my tool
  19. Hi, I was wondering if anyone had any insight as to why our UMS5 would have a significantly worse print quality than our UM3 Extended? As shown in the picture (sorry if it is a little blurry), there are visible horizontal lines along the whole height of the print in the UM5 along with a vertical seam, whereas in the UM3E neither is present. Also, the indent in the cone towards the top is part of the print. I have double checked every setting in the advanced settings tab and they are the exact same on each printer, aside from I think the travel speed and one of the material temperat
  20. My S3 behaves like that. The last few days I have to start it two times every time I start it. First try i hangs at logo and second time it is fine. No other issues.
  21. As discussed with @tomazslapsak in an email conversation, it happens on R19 only. I remember that the plugin has been used with R19 before. Can someone confirm problems here? 🙂
  22. I improved the export script to convert all volumetric and shaped objects. Wasn't happy with the results some time ago when I was working on something in FreeCAD, so I gave it another try. One thing that definitely needs improvement is that I can check the objects' visibility. This is not available within FreeCAD's headless mode, because people might have thought: "Why caring about visibility, if you have no UI and can't see anything anyways." Well, good point, but stupid if I would like to convert all visible objects (because theoretically you could have made some invisible because somet
  23. Perfect. Thank you for the response. I will try printing tomorrow and see how it goes.
  24. I was finally able to get a better look inside the core with a borescope. I wasn't able to get as far as I would have liked, but there is debris there that is resisting removal with the cleaning filament. I think what is going on now is that whatever is down there is either wedged or was baked at high temp from before and is not coming out with the cleaning filament, but rather is causing the filament to break first. Due to the small diameter of the nozzle orifice, I'm not going to be able to push the debris through. I will need to try something different.I'm wonderi
  25. My S5 has never worked on Wifi. Exact same issue. Stays on for some minutes. It has been like this on three separate locations with totally different network setup (one corporate office, one home with fiber modem supplied wifi and one house with a home wifi router) I have read so many posts here with people experiencing the same. I have never read that anybody has gotten wifi to work on the S5. Is it totally broken? The two last locations I solved it by connecting a LAN cable. But at my current location that is not an option. So back to the old days of USB stick :-/
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