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  2. Die ersten Teile sind fertig mit Proto-Pasta HTPLA Carbon Fibre
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  4. I had no issues with ASA, but I printed just a few parts. It depends on the part (shape) of your model, but for me, CPE+ works better and easier than CPE. With CPE or normal PETG, I got a lot of zits and stringing. You can only try it. Regarding Print Tower, you can also try to manually put the tower near to your object. The default location in the back right is often not the best choice.
  5. Smithy

    Tough PLA bed adhesion

  6. Let's say I wanted to create a new Ultimaker S5 generic PLA profile with the initial layer speed (speed_layer_0) set to 40/70ths of the print speed (speed_print) instead of the 20/70ths from the profile provided by Ultimaker (speed_layer_0 = =math.ceil(speed_print * 20 / 70)). How would I do this? Things I've tried: 1) Putting my changes into the extruder_left file for the profile in the quality_changes folder of my Cura configuration. This almost works. The calculated value shows up correctly when initially switching to the profile, but if I change the print speed the initial layer speed does not get updated like the other calculated values do. 2) Copying one of the built-in quality files from the Cura installation into my Cura configuration quality folder, changing the name, and making my changes. This also almost works, but in a different way. Instead of showing up as a new profile in Cura (with the new name) it seems to overwrite the built-in profile I based it on. For example if I copy the "Fast" profile, even if I change the name to "Fast2" it doesn't show up as a separate profile but if I select "Fast" in Cura my settings changes are applied. Is there some key to getting this to work that I'm missing? I'm interested in knowing how to do this partially out of curiosity and partly with an eye toward making improvements to the generic profiles better tailored toward my preferred print settings and the materials I print with with more flexibility than using absolute values as Cura does when making changes in the UI.
  7. RudydG

    Tough PLA bed adhesion

    Testing right now!
  8. I paint my ABS parts to protect them from UV damage, however it would be nice to try printing with something more forgiving. Is CPE+ more/less challenging to print with? From the what I've read on ASA, it seems more difficult than ABS. Printing the prime tower eliminated 90% of my ABS issue btw, thanks.
  9. kreeser1

    Cura Nearest Neighbor Question(s)

    Anyone able to help with this topic?
  10. I would rather have 2 UM3s than an S5. Or one Um3 and 2 um2gos. Because "quantity has a quality all on it's own". Using the S5 is a nice experience, true, but it costs a lot more. Also bigger is slower. Only slightly slower. But slower.
  11. haosen


  12. What does you extruder starting code look like? What version of Cura are you running? I have a Creality CR-X and do not have a M104 T0 S0 until the very last line in the Gcode and I am using Cura 4.0 beta
  13. Small fans are often very noisy, so test it before you buy more.
  14. I don't know yet; I plan to order it on next month's purchase list. Good point though, something to consider. Les
  15. starbuck

    Texas A&M MakerPlace & the Ultimaker S5

    We often print small parts, less than 2 hours, on the S5s because they have a lower failure rate than the UM3s. Mostly because of the filament sensor I think. I think it's overall a better experience using the S5s. It totally depends on the slicer settings. The F400 (the model I have versus the F410) prints faster by default at around 100mm/s while the Ultimakers default to much slower around 60-70mm/s. When we use the F3s, we print XL models so they take a really long time anyways. But a benchy takes around an hour and a half on each printer.
  16. Bigbrit

    Tough PLA bed adhesion

    I print TPLA with hairspray, print is loose after cooling
  17. Greybucket

    Texas A&M MakerPlace & the Ultimaker S5

    For prints that would easily fit inside of the UM3, would the S5 be better than an UM3 if the goal was simply less hassle and faster output? Between the UM3, F410, and UM3, is there a difference in real-world print speed?
  18. Yesterday
  19. Ghene

    rPET filament

  20. Smithy

    Idea for Rotate Setting

    Yes, that's right...
  21. starbuck

    Texas A&M MakerPlace & the Ultimaker S5

    Hey there. I would use the S5 without a doubt. If you need consistently large print volume in your prints, get the Fusion3, but the UMS5 has plenty of build volume for most prints we run through. I like how many UM3s can fit all together and we rarely use the Fusion3 anymore due to ease of switching printers in Cura versus using Simplify3D for the F3. And I suppose, even if you only have consistently small prints, I would probably still use the S5 since it's the newest bestest product.
  22. I have the same problem with my Geeetech A10M (one nozzle two extruders). It's very frustrating, I cannot print a bicolor model with Cura. My printer works in bicolor models in Repetier-Host using Cura profile where the gcode is situated in one place for both the printer and the extruders. The dual extruder is configurable (one nozzle for 2 extruders), while in Cura this configuration doesn't exist....
  23. Steverc1572

    Idea for Rotate Setting

    It does just the opposite if you have snap rotation unchecked. Still not as good as a box to enter the rotation amount.
  24. Smithy

    Idea for Rotate Setting

    No, without pressing Shift it rotates by 15° and with pressing Shift you rotate by 1°.
  25. Greybucket

    Texas A&M MakerPlace & the Ultimaker S5

    @starbuck If you could use just one printer for relatively simple, high volume prints--with little hassle--would it be the UM3, S5, or F410?
  26. Steverc1572

    Idea for Rotate Setting

    What version does that work in?
  27. neotko

    Idea for Rotate Setting

    Afaik that can be done pressing Shift while rotating?
  28. diettelo

    Bondtech QR 3.0 Ultimaker 2+

    Ja werde langsamer drucken probieren obs dann auch noch so ist. rantasten. Falls wem die Fähigkeiten der Wolfram Carbid Düse intessiert. Wolfram Carbid Düse Kickstarter Wenn ich die hab probier ich wieder schneller.
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