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  2. electromu

    Ultimaker 2 hors service

    Salut, Le schéma de la carte mère ici Lorsqu'on parle de D16 il s'agit de la diode sur la carte mère. Le bloc alim Meanwell est très robuste. pas encore vu de panne à ce niveau. Il y'a la led bleue dessus qui peut t'indiquer si le courant de sortie est stable. --> si la luminosité faiblit lors de fortes demandes de courant c'est que le bloc à du mal à fournir. Quels sont tes symptômes de pertes de puissance ?
  3. Yesterday
  4. cloakfiend

    S5 bed leveling issue

    Really? is it that sensitive? my laptop is usually right next to the s5 when i kick it off, i guess im lucky there. But unlucky with the out of print area message. But i think that is to do with scaling my models up 5000% from zbrush. the cura does not like moving these scaled up objects one bit! as for levelling I've not had any issues maybe one?, I usually carefully scrape the sides of the nozzle with a scalpel edge. seems to keep it clean. Also make sure the plate is clean from the last levelling if there is any left over tiny little dots, as it goes over the same spots each time think? It would be good if they say randomised it a few cm. I hope i never have to solder anything!
  5. zerspaner_gerd

    Glasplatte getauscht

    Verstehe ich das jetzt richtig, das du hinten zwischen "FR4" Platte und Heizbett einen spalt hast? Wenn ja, ist das nicht zu empfehlen da man ja so keine wärme Übertragung zur "FR4" Platte hat! Hast du zwischenzeitlich gemessen? Gruß
  6. zerspaner_gerd

    Hohler Würfel wird nicht gescliced

    Hallo Sebastian, Die Wand ist nur 0,4mm, und das ist das Problem. Wies du schon an den Kommentare auf thingiverse lesen kannst hat da Cura Probleme damit. Im allgemeinen hat Cura mit einwandigen Objekt (also wo nur eine Linie nötig wäre) große Probleme, es gibt zwar seit einiger Zeit die Funktion "Drucken von dünnen Wänden" aber so wirklich gut ist diese Funktion meiner Meinung nach nicht gelungen, aber für diese teil könnte es evtl. ordentlich funktionieren. Meine Empfehlung für dein Vorhaben ist das ganze per "Spiralisieren der äußeren Kontur" zu drucken, somit hasst du keine Z naht und kannst alles schön messen. Diese Funktion hat aber aktuell auch ein paar bugs aber die kann man umgehen wenn man das Teil etwas skaliert. (Habe es auf 102% skaliert konnte keine Fehler mehr erkennen) Gruß
  7. yellowshark


    Line width? I think the setting is called Infill before walls, under Infill. Infill overlap is the amount that the infill overlaps the walls, in my usage that means the inner wall. Skin overlap - well I have never seen a post where it is stated what the skin is. It was never referenced in 15.04.and it appeared sometime in 2.nnn; I have 2.7 and it is referenced in that version. I assume that the skin is what used to be called the outer walll and I assume skin overlap is how much the wall next to it overlaps.
  8. eric992

    3D recognition

    Hi guys and gals, has anybody had problems getting your desktop to make contact with your 3D Ultimate 2 printer I load my printer with an object to print, it loads the object into Cura and shows it as excepted on the screen,the printer is warmed up and ready to go,no matter how many times I press Ctrl P it wont move although the print time and material used is displayed. I can print from the SD card but cant control the printing speed as this is sometimes to fast to lay the foundation layer to build on,even if I could control the print speed it would help but only on very limited parts,the important pen holder for 2D drawing is a precision part to print. I would be very grateful if someone can help,I a 75 year old hobbyist who want to learn a new skill Thank you Eric
  9. bobstro

    Feature request: Custom G-code in profile

    Ah, thanks. I had enabled all settings in my preferences prior to installing the plugin, but apparently needed to go back in and re-select the option to show all settings. I'm not sure if this is documented anywhere, but it's worth noting. Thanks for a great feature. One of the really interesting features of IdeaMaker is to allow individual material profiles to selectively over-ride system-wide settings. This is great for allowing things like speeds & accerations to be adjusted for filaments using otherwise-similar profiles.
  10. 3D-Ken

    Need Z axis offset before print

    Thank you. I found it.
  11. drewoprea

    Feature request: Custom G-code in profile

    Settings Visibility > Materials > Linear Advance Factor must be enabled, then there's a box in the Profile sidebar for it (under the Materials heading) I thought I typed that out in my comment above, apparently I skipped it.
  12. bobstro

    Feature request: Custom G-code in profile

    Where does one set {material_linear_advance_factor}? I don't see it in the material profiles.
  13. egoaudio

    Hollow out object

    Perhaps this has been discussed before but I have not found answer to my specific question. It seems this experimental option is not available anymore. I am trying to minimize material (infil) for a very basic design (cone with flat bottom) and don't want to use use infill on those areas which do not need it (support). How to I add support to the inside of my object without using infill? is there a way currently? Does other slicer software allow this?
  14. thejules

    Ultimaker 2 hors service

    Bonjour, Je suis nouveau sur le forum, j'ai une question plus ou moins similaire. J'ai une alimentation qui semble ne plus donner de puissance. Vous parlez de diode d16, pourriez vous m'indiquer si vous parlez des éléments de la carte électronique ou de l'alim ? Avez vous trouvé des plans/schémas ? Est ce que cela vous est déjà arrivé de bruler une alim ?
  15. RobyRob

    Delete useless support

    I'm using Cura 3.6.0 I wonder if it is possible to eliminate the useless support generated and leave the support only in the hole. Cura generated a support starting from plate but it is useless Many Thanks Ugello.3mf
  16. SebastianM

    Hohler Würfel wird nicht gescliced

    Guten Abend, ich wollte mir gerade diesen Flow-Calibration Cube (https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1796601/comments)ausdrucken, aber leider sliced cura nichts... Meine Vermutung ist, dass es an den dünnen Wänden (0.8mm) liegt, aber egal was ich an den Settings drehe, es klappt nicht. Hat jemand ne Idee?
  17. RudydG

    Which one to buy

    I had the same "problem", i have 3 and was on the fence for another 3, or an S5. In the end, i bought a S5. Glad is did, it is a very mature printer, with a wide range of supported materials, and a superb support of Cura. For the last week i only used Cura's recommended settings, nor 1 fail! HAppy!!
  18. Calluway29

    File not showing up

    It has sliced that is why on one of the pictures it is showing the supports. If I print the file it will only print the supports. CCR10_upper1213181.gcode
  19. gr5

    File not showing up

    I am guessing you are on slice view and it hasn't sliced yet. Is that correct? If so try clicking the button in the bottom right corner, "Prepare".
  20. I don't understand the question. Are you asking how thick a wall has to be in order for Cura to slice it? In general if the wall is thinner than 2X the nozzle width then it won't slice it. But there are work arounds. Or are you asking for Cura to look at every wall in your model and tell you which walls are too thin? Can't your cad software do that?
  21. gr5

    S5 bed leveling issue

    There are many causes for this issue. For me personally, both times it happened, it was because first one, then a few months later the other wire inside the head broke. Swing open the front door and look inside the head (pull the head to the front of the printer so you can get close). Inside there is a metal plate painted white. This is the capacitivie sensor. There should be a small red and white wire. Give them a gentle tug. On my printer they came loose. I soldered them back on and all was good. Other possibilities: this sensor is extremely sensitive to electrical noise. So stay a meter away while leveling is happening. Keep laptops and cell phones and other EM transmitters at least a meter away as a test. Make sure nozzle tips are clean and bed is clean. Watch the leveling. If it stops before the nozzle hits the glass it's probably noise. If it hits the glass and keeps going and going and going then it could be the loose wire thing or the spring in the core is too soft and the core goes up instead of the bed getting pushed down. Normally it should just barely kiss the bed and immediately jump away from the glass.
  22. gr5


    Is it a single static spark/shock or is it a continuous voltage? If it's static then you should be getting static shocks on everything that are metal when you shuffle your feet on the carpet or remove your sweater. If it's a constant AC signal from the power supply then have an electrician take a look at the wiring of your room power. Sometimes an electrician hooks up wall power backwards by accident.
  23. Definitely send all 6 back for 6 new ones. To Carl. There definitely were dodgy issues with the ptfe back in April due to a vendor changing I.D. size of teflon but it only affected about 1% but still - get the latest version. The leveling issue is also a vendor issue - one lot of springs were too weak. So when it levels instead of the bed pushing down, the core pushes up and it levels completely wrong. This is fixed in the latest version or you can simply remove the screw through the clear part, stretch the spring, and reinsert it. Or do manual leveling. Or loosen all 3 screws a bit so that the springiness of the bed is gentler than the springiness of the cores. The "size" issue is more complicated. The clear part on the core is thicker and on some S5's and UM3's it hits the door when the door closes. if you slide a piece of paper between the clear plastic part and the door and there is no gap then that's the problem. Again - only a problem for a small amount of printers (and I think only on S5s). This is fixed on latest version (clear part is thinner). Also the cabling that goes to the heater and sensor are much stiffer on the 3dsolex version and that can hit the door. But you just shove them up into the core a bit and recheck the door until it closes solidly. I check all the 3dsolex cores I ship by putting each one in an S5 and a UM3. All of these 3 issues have been a problem for a small subset of people. UM cores have similar issues and resellers tell me they tend to have more issues with UM cores than 3dsolex cores. Which is a kind of weak excuse. The above 3dsolex issues are resolved as of about a month ago. Carl is very very good about warranty. UM will not warranty cores as they are "consumables". Like filament.
  24. I have also found some other threads in multiple forums, but nobody I talked to has found a solution or even a cause! Most have given up. Currently I am also out of ideas what could be causing this. In the meantime I have switched from stock to a titan extruder, but the issue persists. I therefore rule out the extruder as a cause with relative confidence. If anything, my current working hypothesis is that retraction distance could have something to do with it. Still figuring it out.
  25. liba


    @yellowshark HI 😃 nozzle is 0.4mm i changed now the wall width to 1.05mm or better 1mm as proposed from cura? what is the difference between skin overlap and infill overlap? Inner wall before outer wall; OK walls before infill; where can I find this setting? thanks;)
  26. yellowshark


    Inner wall before outer wall; walls before infill; print slow; print cool; 1.5 is a strange wall width - what is you defined nozzle size, line width and number of walls?; 15% infill overlap. Personally I would swap to blue for moment until it is perfect and then try the white which as @Smithy said is often more difficult
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