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  2. Furthermore, I can no longer unload any material. The button is not active via the material itself and the wizard in the printcore menu starts via the print core (s), but stops and does nothing even after 30 minutes.
  3. 3dprntz

    Ultimaker App

    With Digitial Factory, you have to be on the same network for it to work? Or is there a way that I can be away and off the network and remotely print something?
  4. Is there any support (even one that has to be paid for). I haven't been able to work productively for 2 weeks. And about the "normal" support I have to specify everything 10 times.
  5. Great!!! It appears that canceling a print no longer works properly. It's now necessary to disconnect the printer from the power and restart so that the "cancellation" works. And it's necessary to have to cancel because the use of the Original BreakAway has not worked properly since 2 weeks. In a nutshell: CHF 11,500 thrown in the bucket. Or: The Ultimaker "engineers" (or rather hobbyists) should really start to feel ashamed. But probably everyone of the Ultimaker Team in this forum will say again that they never - never!!! - make a mistake and are
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  7. Labern

    Ultimaker App

    You can access digital factory using webpage on your phone. I use both app and digital factory for UM3 as digital factory lacks features that the app has. It's a pain but I think the focus will be put more into digital factory and hopefully gain more features there for UM3.
  8. Hi, Was curious, what power supply did you use? As I am going to attempt to overhaul my Ultimaker 2. Thank you,
  9. Seems paradoxical to include a method for creating a new material within the UI of Cura that is so convoluted and incomplete for something that should be simple and commonplace. Also, I put the "obligatory disclaimer" there for a reason.... I don't dispute that this method is "unintended" as far as developers are concerned but if a user wants to add their own materials while retaining the default profiles to work from as a starting point, this "trick" works extremely well, especially when were are talking about similar or near identical materials. For some of us, buyi
  10. Yesterday
  11. This is great. I'll give it a try. This forum is hands down the most productive one I visit, and threads like this are why. Cheers John
  12. Please add the ability to create and store a longer text description for print profiles. This will provide a means for the user document certain profiles, add creation dates, record changes made to the profile, etc. Ideally this long-text would simply appear as a tool-tip, when the mouse is hovered over the profile in the drop-down menu.
  13. I just plug my ACR122U directly into the windows PC. Windows recognises it as a smartcard reader and Python then interfaces with it directly, no Pi needed. This is correct, you must have the material installed in Cura first if using the GUID. (or for PolyWood I created a new Material which generates a new one) The GUI searches for all installed materials, including custom materials. If you use the main function from the command line, technically you could give it whatever GUID you like, but if it's not in the printer I imagine nothing would happen. I find it best to bac
  14. This is very timely. I ordered the ACR122U reader, which arrived today. I'll run this within Visual Studio Code as well. While probably off topic, as I am new to running an NFC reader, am I right to assume I have to set up a Raspberry Pi to bridge the reader to my windows desktop, or is there an easier way? A second question - when you loaded the PolyWood and overrode the tag with the 'correct ID'. I'm assuming one can only use IDs that are recognized materials in both Cura and the machine firmware? (I have a UM3 very reliably running very old firmware and a similarly old but
  15. Mind you I don't print that many items, so a 24Hrs print is not an issue for me, and I print hollow, so to have a real nice print that needs very little clean up after 24hrs, means its worth the wait. also I rarely ever get failed prints. If ever. So no time wasted there either!
  16. Has anybody been trying any of the various carbon fiber materials available out there? We are currently using Polycarbonate, but my boss is wondering about carbon fiber reinforced filaments. Up till now we have been doing rapid prototyping of small electronics enclosures, but now they want to try prototyping large pump impellers (7-8 in. dia). We are going to try PC to start, but are also wondering about the carbon fiber. Any practical hands on stories/experience would be helpful to hear! 😁 Thanks, Johnny
  17. For my Creality machine with Marlin firmware the Pause at Height plugin sends "M0" to pause the print. That requires a button click to restart and as far as I've been able to determine, the Ender doesn't support anything else - it has to have a button click. It's probable that the "Paused for user" message is telling you to click the button on the LCD. "M999" will (allegedly) restart a print (but it doesn't work on my Ender). M24 will restart a print that was paused with M25 but not one that was paused with M0.
  18. Another explanation is that it changes more. It did also change the PID settings for heating the buildplate (5 to 10 degrees constantly off target depending on whether it's heating or constant) which won't help you if you don't know about it but yeah it would solve some issues. But just bringing it back as is sounds not great either IMHO.
  19. Could you also add the files that are called something like: ultimakersystem-ccbdd300129b. Those are the main log files. (the forum might complain about uploading them if so you can unzip them with tools like z7)
  20. Possible but a huge pain in the neck to do it. You use the feature "per model settings". Basic steps: 1) Set the majority infill for your model (the infill that is more common). If it's half and half then pick either 20% or 40%. 2) Add a cube to the build plate. Select it by clicking. Click "per model settings" icon on left edge. It prompts for mesh type. You can use normal I think but definitely you can use "modify settings for infill of other models". Set the minority infill in the settings (e.g. 20% or 40$). Consider removing all other infill settings from the mesh
  21. airmanager_data.log dmesg.log airmanager_data.log flow_Ultimaker.log misp_data.log process_data.log sensor_data.log
  22. All the contacts are clean but I am still unable to get a print even started. I tried to revert back to 5.8.1 firmware (I have the older model with the robot on the side), But that didnt fix it either. I also tried a hard reset as well as many reboots.
  23. Hi Ultimaker Community, I would like to know if it's possible to change the infill density layer by layer. For instance infill line angle can be represented with a matrix of desired angles. If you input the following matrix [0,90] you get an infill pattern where every layer is perpendicular to the ones above and below. What I want to know if it's possible to change the infill density layer by layer. To be able to put in a matrix like [20,40] and get 20% for the first layer and then 40% for the second layer and so on. Is that possible? As of now, I think I'd
  24. Never mind! Apparently moving the model around fixed the issue.
  25. using cura's modify Gcode option I asked the slicer to stop the print after 100 layers to allow me to change the filament colour however once done the print would not restart (optoprint's terminal view keeps repeating " Recv: T:27.16 /200.00 B:60.00 /60.00 @:0 B@:28 Recv: echo:busy: paused for user and 1 am unable to return the printer back to printing again. Assistance would be greatly appreciated
  26. The standard M3x16 or M3x14 screws are still used for all purposes other than the casing. But not for the bottom cover. I would check inside the build volume for a missing screw, e.g. somewhere on the bottom of the print bed.
  27. Anyone who has a Mightyboard bot, Replicator 1, CTC Bizer, Flashforge creator pro, Wanhao Duplicator 4S and others. you can struggle with Sailfish or you can use Marlin. I am surprised how well buried this information is that since 2.0, Marlin supports nearly everything out there with it's hardward abstraction layer making it possible. It was still a struggle to get a working Marlin 2.0 on my Bizer, but well well worth it. Feels like a new machine. Anyone who finds there way here wanting to breathe new life into an old machine just ask and I will tell what
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