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  2. Oui machine sous tension les 24V doivent être présent quand la commande de chauffe est activée
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  4. Das Limit ist in der Firmware, d.h. du musst dir eine eigene Version kompilieren und installieren.
  5. Hallo allerseits 😀 Ich habe folgendes Angebot: Große Menge Form Futura Easyfill ABS-Filament 750 Gramm. Verschiedene Farben Alles noch in einer versiegelten Box. Normaler Verkaufspreis 19,95 Euro pro Rolle. Jetzt das ganze Los für 1000 Euro (7,00 € pro Rolle) oder 8.95 € pro Rolle. Ohne Versandkosten. Kostenloser Versand über 75,00 € zzgl. MwSt. Eine Abholung ist ebenfalls möglich. Ich höre gerne von dir! Grüße Patrick Patrick@iopbv.com
  6. es läuft gerade ein Tempcube und es scheint dass am Druck eine Grenze von 260°C eingestellt ist ?
  7. Hallo! ich habe umgebaut und möchte meinem UM2+ nun höhere Temperaturen zulassen, ohne dass Cura gleich das blanke Entsetzen bekommt 😉 wo ändere ich die max. Temp. in den Settings / files ... ? wo Cura zu meckern anfängt ? Vielen Dank! BG
  8. I am also having this problem, on Mac Big Sur 11.0.1 with Cura 4.8.0. Can't select, rotate, move with mouse, whenever I click onto an object it de-selects it.
  9. Bonjour J'ai eu le même problème. J'ai tourné le clipbleu qui tient le clip de verrouillage et depuis plus aucun problème
  10. Hello! I would like to give you a heads up that on Tuesday December 1 between 5pm and 6pm CET we'll host an 'Ask Me' event on Twitter with one of our application engineers to celebrate episode 16 from Talking Additive; 'Metal FFF and performance polymers'. Our Application engineer Andrea Ciappi will be online for at least an hour to answer questions you have regarding these filaments. Make sure to post your questions with #TalkingAdditive so we'll be able to find them, even if you send them our way prior to to the event. We'll try to answer all! If you are interested
  11. What if you change slightly the line width in Cura?
  12. As long as you are happy using ssh via terminal/putty then yes, and the instructions are fairly clear. Alternatively if you have a windows pc, Bondtech have released a handy installer that will do the changes for you. And yes this needs to be done everytime there is a firmware update, tho those are few and far between now with the older UM3. However, I was surprised we had one recently to bring it up to date with the digital factory and I read somewhere there might be one more early next year, which is encouraging cough cough intent profiles!!!
  13. Not sure, but I think a gap of 0.5mm might be a little bit too big? Maybe make a small test piece with gaps of 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, and 0.5mm. Print that and compare what works best for you? It will also depend on the material, cooling, printing speed, printing temp: obviously, hotter will melt things more together. It will also depend on the width of your support: wider will be more difficult to remove. I usually take "one nozzle-width" for such supports (thus 0.4 to 0.5mm wide for a 0.4mm nozzle): that is still easy to cut off. And gaps between 0.2 and 0.4mm, depending on the model. My fixed
  14. OK. I'll do the changes one by one so I know what the efect is.👍
  15. If this is the normal setting, I would only reduce the bed (if I'm right, it's Y?).. How much? Don't know, but 25% less should do some changes.. 🙂
  16. Il faut faire le test avec l'imprimante sous tension ou non? Je suis sur Tours et je vais voir pour le fablab.
  17. I haven't check this setting. Now I put it ON and all the values are 500 mm/s2. Isn't that too much?
  18. Just forgot one thing.. As the bed is moving the print object, it might be a much smoother ride if the acceleration is decreased. Just to mention. Torgeir.
  19. Thank you Geert, I didn't know of that trick with the gap. I made my own support that I removed but will put it back again, only with a gap of may be 0,5 mm. Regards Stan
  20. Hello Torgeir, thank you for your reply. I fully agree with your suggestions. I understand that these "shells" are challenge to be printed. Especially in the positions I had placed them. The fact is they are three for the detail. At the beginning I have included supports on the back side of each one. But when printing the model with the white PLA and the support that Cura made for them was fine, so I removed mine. One thing I have to admit. The original shells were 1 mm thick and the black CPE are 2 mm. Obviously the extra thickness is playing big role. I dec
  21. Well at first I did that. But some issues were rising. So starting with a working set of parameters was a good idea, and then converge toward my parameters. I will try again, but that does explain what is the issue with the current set.
  22. I think you will need to provide images of the models, of the cross sections, and of the layer-views while slicing, and project files and parameters. Otherwise it would just be wild guessing.
  23. Hello community, how are you? First of all I would like to apologize for the poorly written English. I'm from Brazil. I have a big problem. Please, would anyone have any idea why the fill lines are unable to connect correctly? This happens not only with this piece of the image, but with any other. I've tried to change all possible settings and nothing changes. I also have a Simplify3D license and this problem does not happen there (I put an image of the slicing in Cura and another in Simplify3D), however I prefer to use Cura due to its numerous additional features. Ps: I'm using vers
  24. If it's a full custom printer, it's probably better to start with the custom fff printer.
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