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  2. Definitely, Windows 10 is shutting down Cura? It happened again where print had stopped and Ultimaker Cura was not open on PC? Something Is going on where Windows 10 is closing Cura?
  3. Dann ist ja gut wenn es nur am DWC gelegen hat 😊 Hatte nur den halben Bildschirm in Gebrauch. So sieht es aus wenn ich den Browser über den ganzen Bildschirm offen habe. Aber he du bist ja echt super🙂 Natürlich hatte ich da keine Jumper eingesteckt.🥴 Jetzt funktioniert auch Home X/Y/Z/All. Ich musste nun einfach den Motorprozentsatz wieder herausnehmen, sonst hat der Drucker nur vor sich hin gestottert. Hier bekomme ich jetzt auch was schönes heraus: M409 F"f" K"sensors.endstops" {"key": "sensors.endstops","flags": "f","resul
  4. No doubt embarrassingly obvious, but I'm just starting on editing 'profiles'. Suppose I've changed a setting such as nozzle temperature. While printing on my Ender 3 V2 will I see that on its monitor? Ditto other parameters?
  5. Vieleicht die Zahnräder falsch rum eingebaut, oder die Stopper an der falschen Seiten oder vergessen?
  6. Hi, at last i could find the reason for all my problems: the hot-end cooling fan didnt run fast enough. After years it was worn out, so it didnt cool the cooling rib enough and so the material was too hot above the hot end isolator and stuck there. When i rised the temperature it worked, because then the temperature in the isolator coupler was high enough to melt the material there. Now i changed the fan (the last part after changing feeder, bowden, pt100, mainboard, heater, nozzle, isolator coupler, hot end isolator [some of these multiple times]) and it works! Gr
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  8. Und wenn man an die Treiber was an oder absteckt soll man das Board immer Strom los schalten, habe ich gelesen. Weil sonst könnte es die Treiber Chips beschädigen
  9. OK, dachte mir schon was du mit gcode meinst. Entweder ist dieser auch durch der neueren Version vorhanden! OK, so groß dachte ich mir jetzt nicht, den bei dir schaut das Temperatur Diagramm so gestaucht aus aber egal, wenn du dieses in der Konsole eingibst: M409 F"f" K"sensors.endstops" Solltest du auch die endstop sehen Ausgabe: M409 F"f" K"sensors.endstops" {"key":"sensors.endstops","flags":"f","result":[{"triggered":false},{"triggered":false},{"triggered":true},{"triggered":false}]} Würde ich auf jedenfalls checken ob der
  10. Hi, i am using the creality ender 5 printer. The standard setting in cura are not working. I changed the first layer width in to 150% and the printing temperatuur first layer into 70° after the first layer into 60°. That works wel for the first 3 layers. After that the forth layer isnt barely sticking. The rest of the layers do not stick at all. What do i do wrong? Regards Willem S
  11. I don't see anything wrong with this. What makes you think that this is wrong?
  12. Oh ok... maybe it's not a bug then. Where is this? Do I have this turned on?
  13. Yep. You can go to preferences -> profiles -> import profile -> select the g-codes you want to import Also note that Cura comes bundled with a backup plugin. You can find it under extensions.
  14. It is being respected; it's just that some other profile might override it. You can find more info about this here: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/wiki/Profiles-&-Settings
  15. Thankyou so much. 🙂 This has really helped me. Your first solution is the right one for me. I don't know why I didn't think of it myself as I am always doing this with gcode for my CNC machine. I guess it didn't occur to me to do this as it's not usually something we do with 3D printers ie. re-zero one axis after a print has commenced but it's a great and simple solution until the bug is fixed. I have reported it through the link you sent me. 🙂
  16. Am Bildschirm liegt es nicht (34“), es ist wie du vermutet hast… Ich bin auf Duet Web Control 3.2.2 So sehen die Plugins aus: So sieht es bei mir aus, wenn „gcodes“ auch ausgewählt ist: Und so wie bei dir (ohne „gcodes“), dass wird mit Duet Web Control 3.2.2 zu tun haben nehme ich mal an: M569 P2: Habe ich die Drehrichtung geändert. M203: Habe ich den Speed von 180 auf 1800 aktualisiert. Deine „homex/x/z/all“ habe ich hinterlegt. Zum Testen habe ich auch einmal den Motorprozents
  17. @RuCad Selecting CPE is indeed the easiest way to solve the problem, since PETG is a CPE (co-polyester).
  18. Haha wel it stuck alright.... 🙂 I bet the finish is awesome, if i could get there. Managed to get most of it off, only the last support layer is near impossible to get off. At least not without damaging anything around it. Guess I'll have to split the part and print the inner part separately.
  19. That looks pretty normal. Those blue lines are non-extruding moves. They are also divided into dark and light blue. The darker blue are non-retraction, non-extruding moves. The lighter blue have retractions. Just above those colored squares where you can enable and disable the colors, it says "color scheme: line type". Click there to show different filaments in different colors. Although I much prefer this way of viewing the print.
  20. I'm fairly new to 3D printing but I've quickly come across the snag of not being able to add a generic PETG to the list of filaments in the Ultimaker S5 Pro's material handler. PETG does come up in the generic list, but It keeps telling me that the print core is incompatible?? both the AA-0.4 and the BB-0.4? So, from what I understand in the above posts, All I have to do is trick the material handler into thinking I have a generic CPE and adjust the nozzle & bed temperature accordingly. Am I on the right track here? Someone with vastly more knowledge than I have please correct or nudge
  21. Hast du vielleicht zu wenig Arbeitsspeicher?
  22. Yesterday
  23. Guten Abend Ist dein Bildschirm zu klein(schaut so gestaucht aus)?? Blende mal links das Menü aus, kann man oben links auf den drei waagrechten Balken Welche DWC Version hast du? Steht bei Allgemein, ich bin auf Duet Web Control 3.1.1 Scheinbar bist du aber auf einer neueren den das Plugin Verzeichnis habe ich nicht, schau mal dort rein was da drin steht. Ich mache so auch immer ein Backup: 3 ist ein rechtsklick Ich habe für M569 P2 (müsste die Z-Achse sein) noch eine andere Dreh Richtung du
  24. Hallo zusammen, ich möchte die vielen Kabel von meinem Creality Drucker Cr10 verlängern. Wieviel Meter kann man wohl bis zur Steuereinheit die Kabel verlängern? Hat da jemand Erfahrung?
  25. Hello everyone, New Cura user and this is also my first-time posting. I was curious about the behaviour if Cura on my Mac running High Sierra. I attempted to search the forums and only found one or two posts on this forum related to Cura running slow on High Sierra, which is not what I am experiencing. Cura (latest version as of this post) runs quite fast -and very smoothly- but my slicing preview has become distorted. The first few times I ran Cura, there were no issues and everything was clear and concise (and actually pretty if I may say so), and I even had access to
  26. I lost all settings I had in my Cura, is there a way to have some settings imported from the Gcode generated from this settings? I still have some models I generated using some of my setting. Thanks in advance
  27. No you cannot move the head, the steppers are active and this is also important to find the exact place to continue. But it should be no problem to put a magnet to the object, a lot of users do it, put a nut into the object and it is working. I have done it only a few time and cannot remember if the head moves away during the pause, could be - maybe someone else knows it better. But you cannot move the head during the pause.
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