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  2. https://support.ultimaker.com/hc/en-us/articles/360011545559-Update-the-Ultimaker-S5-firmware And check if your network connection (ethernet) is really working, because normally there is no need to update via USB. But if a network connection is not possible, then download the FW on the USB stick and the process should be same. Firmware update is done only from the printer, no Cura involved here. So on the printer in the settings menu - maintenance - update firmware
  3. I guess the problem here is that the Ender profile has changed and now everything behind the profile has now different settings. With UM printers and profiles a simple export from Cura is enough. But the profiles for 3rd party printer are contributed by the community so they are not well tested for backwards compatibility.
  4. The only thing you do in the initial setup routine is to level the bed. But for sure no XY calibration. But can you explain what you mean with this calibration? Maybe you can remember some parts.
  5. Hallo, ich starte gerade mit dem 3D-Druck und bin dabei auf folgende Frage gestoßen: Ich stelle die Nozzelhöhe über dem Druckbett mit Fühlerlehre auf 0,1mm ein. Ich gehe davon aus, dass das dann die Höhe für Z=0 ist. In Cura hat die erste Schicht eine Höhe von 0,2mm. Jetzt wird ja die Menge des Filaments für eine Schichthöhe von 0,2mm durch den Extruder gepresst. Die Nozzel befindet sich aber doch auf einer Höhe von 0,1+0,2=0,3mm über dem Druckbett. Spricht es wird zu wenig extrudiert. Lässt sich der 0,1mm Offset in Cura irgendwo hinterlegen?
  6. Thanks Smithy, I did try that but electronics don't really need sleep, a power off might let some power holding on the circuit board or the power supply to dissipate but that's a matter of minutes at most. What I ended up doing was a turning off wifi then doing a factory reset. Only then would it find the firmware update on the USB drive and it installed fine. I re-setup the printer and have a print running now. phew. thanks for you help.
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  8. Hello everybody, I am a design student from Jaipur, India and I have been assigned to write a research paper on the topic - 3D printing. If I may please ask 3D printers to fill up this 2 min survey form which would very much help me in the paper. Topic - 3D printing survey Link - https://forms.gle/tsXsctTNavBFXYRh9 Thank you for your time!
  9. 2018 version S5, new owner, already had a Prusa. New firmware 5.8.2-R1, current version 5.4.27. Fails to verify by USB stick. Connected via ethernet to my computer but not sure how to get that to work. The instructions from Ultimaker lack detail such as specific menu selections or screenshots. Do push from the Cura to the printer? The firmware doesn't populate in the maintenance menu from ethernet connection, also can't get wireless connect to complete. I tried updates from Cura via Extensions/Update Checker/Check for Updates but said no updates available so I'm thinking that's just for Cura.
  10. Looking for a reasonably priced UM3, local would be awesome, but shipping is ok. DM me if you have one for sale please.
  11. I need a great help, I need to know that the number or the code that has the diode that is next to the connector of the temperature sensor, is that orange color that says ec5. Above that diode some number appears, I beg you can give it to me. Since I have infinitely appreciate . my printer burned that electrical part and I need the code to replace
  12. Much better. The Z seam can be hidden, kind of. It looks like you had it either "front" or "back". On the benchy the best places are at a stern corner, or the bow. I prefer the stern. With the bow of the boat facing to the right - Shell / Z seam alignment = User Specified then Z seam Position = Left Front. That will put the Z seam at the right stern corner. You might try Shell - Outer Wall Wipe Distance = 0.1 as well.
  13. Thanks, I've already installed 4.6.2, I didn't have many settings to change anyways. I'm just learning everything now. But yeah, with 4.6.2, all the little bumps are gone with the exception of the layer seam. I stopped the print early b/c of that. Any idea how to get rid of that? The interesting thing is that I used both of creality's versions, 1.2.3 and 4.2.1, and 1.2.3 had only a handful of minor bumps and no seam. It had some uneven layers lower on the hull along with a few more bumps around the cabin and a few other minor defects. 4.2.1 had a few more bumps all over
  14. This feature was indeed requested a short while ago, in this thread: I've brought it to the attention of the product owner of the Digital Factory. By the way, was there a specific reason to have the lights turned off in the first place? Chris
  15. Hi, Can you tell me what the printer was actually doing at this moment? Was the object still on the build plate, waiting to be removed? The Digital Factory merely displays what the printer firmware is telling the status is, so in order to debug this we'd have to find out what was happening on the printer. Could you maybe upload the printer logs, or send them to me in a private message? Chris
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  17. From what I can make out from your screen shot, you are using an older version of Cura and a Custom profile ?. The little bit of info I can see on your settings shows your are also using some experimental features ( coasting enabled ) so at this point I'm going to say I'm out of my depth in advising you in any useful way beyond what I've already suggested, sorry 😞 If you manage to figure out what the issue is, please do update everyone here as it may help someone else out in future.
  18. Yes. I have metta tagged photos from the evening of Sun, Dec 18, 2016 when I received it. Attached is from about 20 mins ago and proves that I do have an UM2+ Extended. I also have purchased an additional hot end during the + upgrade period (`~$400) and have had some success running 2 materials with Tinker-Firmware. I do remember running the XY print as part of the unboxing. I can share more photos if needed to prove my story.
  19. That helped. It would be useful if there was a way to do an export of a profile that contains ALL of the settings, instead of just the name of the base and modified settings. It shouldn't be necessary to go rooting through github to figure out what changed between two versions of the profile
  20. The machine definitions and quality profiles are normal json files, so also plain text. But check the Github page here https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura There you should find all configuration files to compare and you can also switch back to the 4.4 or 4.5 branch whatever you need.
  21. the user configuration files are plain text, but they only contain the changes from the original base they started with. The actual base files are binary, although they contain a lot of text strings... The update to 4.5 made a LOT of changes in the base configurations, including things like changing the print layer heights. Unfortunately, a number of those changes have had severe effects on my print quality
  22. Not sure if it is the same with the windows version of Cura, I use a Mac, but when you go to your Cura configuration folder (Cura Help menu - show configuration) then the current configuration folders should open. When you now go one level back there should be still the folder for the older version. There you should find all the config files you need and they are plain text files, so should be easily to compare them.
  23. is there an explanation of the file formats that define the default settings? sometime after my computer updated Cura from 4.4 to 4.7 (I think it was the update to 4.5 that broke it) the default Ender 3 setting have totally broken on slicing Benchy for my printer. I want to compare the settings between the two, but the defaults seem to be written in files in ~/.cache/cura/4.7/definitions/4.7.1/... which are some sort of partially binary format, so it isn't obvious how to export them. In the case of the current version, it is likely not too difficult, but I don't see any way to export the 4.4 v
  24. Do you really have an UM2+ Extended? Because XY calibration is needed for the dual printers like UM3, S3 or S5, but not for single extruder ones. So there is no XY calibration for an UM2+
  25. Hello, I remember printing an XY calibration print when I first got my machine. I would like to do this again after all this time and having just done some serious maintenance. Would someone be able to link me to those instructions? I enjoy using this machine and would like to get it back to how it was when I first got it. Thanks in advance. Regards, Matt Blair
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