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  2. Wennst du mal irgendwo ein Post von mir liest, das ist auch das was ich oft schreibe. Mir geht es zwar meist um sinnlose Eilgang Bewegungen. Cura hat sich jetzt schon etwas verbessert, aber so richtig optimierten Druckreihenfolgen sind immer noch nicht zu sehen. Hast du schon alle Einstellung aktiviert die was mit Optimierung zu tun haben? z.B. "Reihenfolge des Wanddrucks optimieren" für das Infill gibt es glaube ich auch was in der Richtung Weiteres bring "Justierung der Z-Naht" auf Schärfste Kante auch unnötige Bewegungen, weil Cura immer an der gleichen "ecke" fahren w
  3. Me too - another reason for an UM2+ solution (one system) and against Octoprint (two systems)... But hey, I've allready found a very promising variant for using Octoprint (Raspberry Pi with appropriate HAT) without a PCB in the printer...
  4. Hallo, Es ist eigentlich das gleiche wie oben, ja sollte Problem los gehen Cura macht es aber nicht Ich zitiere mich mal selber: Wennst du die Layer Vorschau genau anschaust Druckt Cura die mittlere Linie auch zweimal und einmal wahrscheinlich mit sehr sehr wenig Flow je nachdem was übrig geblieben ist von der ersten 0.4 Linie. (Ich habe es mir jetzt nicht ganz genau betrachtet) Kann vielleicht sein das man es bei diesen Teil vermeiden kann, aber so aus den Stegreif kann ich es dir nicht sagen Gruß
  5. Octoprint is just one way to connect a printer to a network. I haven't tried anything else, because I am lazy per definition 🙂 and just took an unused Raspi and put the Octoprint image on it and never looked for other solutions. In combination with the Octoprint plugin in Cura, there is no big difference in my workflow. The biggest difference is that you have to double check that you have removed the previous print from the build plate before you send the next, because there is no confirmation to click before you send the next one.
  6. Hallo, Also ich weis jetzt nicht genau welches Plugin du verwendest hast weil bei meiner Installation gibt es kein "PAUSE AFTER HEIGHT" Nach kurzer Suche scheint ja dein Drucker "Anycubic i3 Mega" eine Marlin Firmware zu haben, dann musst du auch ein Plugin nehmen der für Marlin geeignet ist. Dan ist die Wahrscheinlichkeit höher das es funktioniert, ich schreibe wahrscheinlich weil da viele Hersteller seine eigene Firmware Pause Funktion implementieren. Bei den Script wo ich in meiner Installation habe kann ich folgendes auswählen: Vie
  7. Thanks Chris, some of that is helpful, but you prompted a few more questions... 1. Can you tell me what circumstance might be creating a pop-up notification that might prompt a user to group a printer? I would like to recreate this and screen shot it with some instructions for the users on how to proceed in those cases. 2. If the printers are connected via the cloud does this pose any network security risks? I would like to inquire with our IT department about this and see if they have any concerns. Can you provide a link to some documentation that explains how this works (
  8. Don't get me wrong, I'm totally sure that Octoprint is a brilliant Thing and I do not expect any issues while using it. But a combination of an UM printer and Octoprint has way more possibilities for problems than a solution like the UM2+ where it's all from one supplier. And that's why the Octoprint solution is not a safe process. But you're right, since I'm not expecting any upgrade ever for the UM2+ (SandervG, you killed my hope! 😉 ) I will go with Octoprint. But perhaps with an DIY PCB... That's also not a safe process, but I can make it "a bit safer" than with the original PCB... But
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  10. Personally I have not issues with Octoprint, I use it frequently with my UM2+ and the UM2Go.
  11. Do you know anything about process optimization? A solution with an UM printer and Octoprint is far away from a so called "safe process". It's safety - it's comfort - it's life quality! Oh, I wish I was unknowing and could be satisfied with Octoprint... (not that Octoprint isn't a brilliant product...)
  12. Hallo, So nach 6maligen versuch die Datei runterzuladen habe ich nun eine geschafft, warum sind die STL Dateien so groß? Ist doch total unüblich? Aber egal Erhältst du keine Fehlermeldungen beim öffnen?? Wenn man was aufschneidet muss man es auch wieder an den Schnitten verschließen sodass ein geschlossenes Volumen entsteht. Gruß P.S.: Habt ihr eigentlich auch, seit 2-3 Wochen Sicherheitswarnungen von Antivirenprogramm beim Versuch Dateien runterzuladen?? Diesmal konnte ich auch nicht "einfach" auf erlauben drücken we
  13. The name certainly makes a big difference. I can't remember a single post where somebody grumbled with a UM3 when the S3 was launched that he wouldn't get an upgrade kit. But I generally do not understand the excitement. I think if someone wants to connect his printer to the network, he has done so for a long time with Octoprint or other solutions. So the added value with an upgrade kit would be very small and then the next ones would come and say that a Raspberry with Octoprint only costs a fraction of the upgrade kit.
  14. I recently installed Cura on my laptop on a Manjaro/5.4 LTS, on KDE 5.20, I installed Cura from the official repositories and for some reason on the welcome page I can't select/click anything, therefore unable to continue and use the program. I have tried to click everywhere, restarting the app and the computer, full clean install. Is there a way to see the logs for search the error (if any), or a way to dismiss the modal by creating a conf file somewhere.
  15. Hi @GregValiant, Yes I'll remember this one -and sure this was a small error in the X/Y axis.. Sometimes I thought also the Z axis was off -but I was just fooled as Cura, as it “sometimes” did not want to go into real spiralized mode. I found this by studying the gcode files in preview mode, -as every next line it jumped up to next level height. I thought this was probably some issues, as Cura steadily increased the number of new function/adjustment possibilities that’s needed some attention to make this function work. However, later on I figured this “might” have been s
  16. When you go into printer settings if you tell it you have 2 heads you get more options. You can modify those options and a few seconds later tell cura you actually only have 1 head and those hidden settings remain at the new values. Just try it and you will see this happen yourself. Machine settings are usually here: go to left side of screen in PREPARE mode. Click on your printer, then do "manage printers" then "machine settings", notice that there are 2 or 3 tabs including one called "extruder 1". When you change the qty of extruders you should see a 3rd tab.
  17. Hi everyone! I'm currently trying to print a model that after Slice shows some small weird print moves that I want to get rid of so it prints a bit faster. I attached a photo so you can better understand what I am talking about 🙂 What can I do to change it or is it completely necessary? Thanks!
  18. And there it was the problem! I printed 2 tests: 0.2 and 0.3 layer height, and everything worked great! Thanks everyone!
  19. Im also a long-time owner of an Ultimaker 2 that I upgraded to the 2+. I was immediately excited when I heard about the connect and then disappointed that there wont be an upgrade path. Perhaps it should have been named something different or even a limited upgrade would have been appreciated. Just my initial thoughts.
  20. My layer height is 0.2mm. The wall is not razor sharp at the tip it is flat with a wall thickness of 0.8mm and a hole in the top of 1.9mm.
  21. How are these objects made in FreeCAD? It doesn't look good at all. Nothing more than a few thousand "flying" triangles that are not connected. In addition: The wall is razor-sharp at the tip. Which kind of printer can build this...? It should look like this: cone3.b.stl
  22. That sounds like a nice option. How much would be involved with casting the model in a food safe plastic like HDPE or PET? Specialty equipment, operating space requirement, etc. Casting moulds would be a whole new world for me.
  23. Ok, I haven't seen something in the preview. Which layer height have you used? Maybe I can reproduce it.
  24. hi I have the same problem with the lines G92 E0 G92 E0 G1 F1500 E-6.5 What do you mean by: modify printer settings temporarily?
  25. Thanks I will give it a try. FreeCad says it is fine. I saw the problem when I printed them and then checked the Cura preview and found the layers that were causing the issues in the preview
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