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  2. Any hat that requires a video to explain it is ridiculous by definition. I've built 12. The fire helmet has 6-AAA batteries, 1-9 volt battery, 2 music speakers, 1 speaker for the bell, 5 circuit boards, 210 LED's, 70 rivets, somewhere around 60 feet of #26 wire, 11 switches, a variety of ostrich plumes for various holidays, and it weighs just under a kilo. I didn't bother getting the blue-tooth to work since I refuse to give up my flip phone.
  3. First, determine which part of the model it is where you want to pause. Typically there is either some visual transition or you just want a somewhat arbitrary color change. Load up the model and then slice it. This will give you access to preview which will then give you a slider bar on the right where you can slide all the way down to the first layer and then iterate up the layers until you either find your transition or you determine enough of the model has been built to warrant your desired color change. The horizontal bar at the bottom simulates the printing of the model at the given
  4. I'm just writing here to people who confused like me. What I understand is part has different coordinate system than build plate. Its not about the origin at center or not. Also part Y axis and bed y axis are opposite. Part coordinate system has relative coordinates not absolute. When origin at center selected also same. That's why i confused. I created an issue here. If anyone who wants to know. https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues/9363 @gr5 @GregValiant btw Thank you guys!
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  6. If I added the following to my cura starting g-code, would it lower my nozzle .25mm and build up from there? G1 Z -0.25 G92 Z0 is .25 millimeters a good place to start or would .1mm increments be better?
  7. This can happen when you have two sort of concentric patterns that touch the build plate, and support required inside of that. Uncheck "Brim replaces support" and away you go. I realize this is an old thread but its still an issue, so maybe will help someone else in the future.
  8. 🤣 ooohhh, do not mispronounce that one 😜
  9. Das ist korrekt, der UM2+C hat weder ein Webinterface oder APIs noch kann Cura Printjobs direkt an den Drucker schicken, das geht nur über die Digitalfactory.
  10. When you are talking about your print cores then yes, they are the same.
  11. Hi Installed yesterday. Works, but The Filament will be pulled back after 2-5 minutes. Every time. I've made a "curcuit" reset, I've made a "Digital Factory"-Reset and I've made a reset of the "Factory settings". Nothing helps. Since 5.8.0 and before 6.1.x, the wait of unloading after print works fine. Since version 6.1.x not. What do you have for an idea? I used UM BreakAway and 3rd party material (but material from the marketplace and with this material, with Versions 5.8.x, this worked fine). Roli
  12. Ja, du kannst es mit dieser Zeile machen: G1 E-20 F200 Statt -20 nimmst du soviel wie du möchtest und wenn dir F200 zu langsam ist, dann kannst du auch hier höher gehen.
  13. Not yet. Building my large printer has been on hold, my fault for being too busy & having too many projects on the go.
  14. Super basic question here: I'm just getting started using the "pause at layer/height" extension, but... how do you know what layer you want to pause on? Is there some way UC can show you the layer you've indicated, or can identify a layer or height you click on in "preview" view so you can identify this? I've tried tinkering with the display options but can't figure this out. Seems like there should definitely be an easier way than measuring the height in my modeling software, doing the math to convert to layers, and then entering this in UC. Thanks! Alex
  15. Cura v4.8 crashes on install on two different machines. One is Windows 10 based with an Nvidia graphics accelerator and Intel graphics. Neither graphics engine will allow the program to continue. On a Win7 64 bit machines the same result, that machine just has integrated graphics. Given up on V4.8 moved to the Aarachni engine and that seems to work (alpha version). One thing that's odd is the program constantly polls the USB ports of the machine. I'm into Ham Radio and this version of Cura cause the radio to briefly transmit for about a 1/10th of a second once every three or four seconds
  16. Ok, here it comes... The outcome seems to be ok for a first print. But I have probabbly dissolved the PVA in too hot water, so after the PVA came off there was a warping of the upper levels (not that I previeved that) but I was kind of curious if it would last for a while. Now I will have to disassemble the machine and see for myself, if I can adapt my print with e.g. thicker walls, supports on some of the upper levels that will not "hurt" the installation itself. Then I´ ll have a second print... Last step then will be a print with ABS...
  17. I am thinking of applying to be rewarded with such a fire helmet .. 😁 Cause..
  18. Hallo zusammen, kann ich im Editor für meinen UM 2+ den G-Code so ändern, dass er mir nach dem Druck, vorm abkühlen das Filament komplett entlädt? Danke im Voraus und liebe Grüße, Tobias
  19. Hi @CarloK, Thanks for this information. As for 5.8.1 and 5.8.2, I'll think most S3 users (including me) thought that this two firmware versions only matter to the S5 and pro bundle versions. If my memory serves me right, I'll think this was mentioned in one of the tread following the issue of version 5.8.2.. Is the firmware version 5.8.1 still available? Thanks Torgeir
  20. Well, it has been quite a while, but I am finally launching on the 6mm to 8mm rod conversion. The beam deflection numbers are compelling enough to try it out. Basically, for a simply supported round beam, with a point load in the center, if you move from a 6mm rod to 8mm the reduction in deflection is nearly 70%! I have already redesigned my XY blocks and print head to support the 8mm rods, and am printing them now. Stay tuned!
  21. Yes! This. When exporting to STL it's tempting to do high resolution (more detail, more triangles) but this can cause problems for Marlin which doesn't have much memory and can only plan 16 moves ahead. Also Cura will throw away some points/gcodes if you have too many - this is adjustable in cura. See these 3 settings in cura and read their descriptions: Maximum Resolution Maximum Travel Resolution Maximum Deviation
  22. If you email ultimaker they will send you the UM3 marlin source code. I tried it. They sent it to me. I can send to you if you want. I forget where I put it but I'm sure I labelled it and placed it carefully such that I could find it again. I just found it. It's from 2017 but I'm 98% sure they didn't touch the path planner. They have never touched the path planner so it's the same as regular Marlin from many years before 2017. The sort of things they change are gcodes and features like reading sensors and stuff like that. Not the path planner. Send me your email
  23. After finally having some time again I decided to look into an issue with my Ultimaker 3 where the nozzle keeps jarring with very detailed curves, causing blips. I wanted to look into the source code of Marlin running on the printer, but found that my copy of that source code (Marlin) is outdated, or at least not the same as what's on the printer now. Where can I find the source code of the "jedi.hex" file on my printer? It was last changed on January 27, 2019. According to Marlin's GPLv3 license, you need to: provide source code with every binary distribution, or
  24. thanks, I have complex printouts with functions that this version has not integrated 😞 this version you sent me, however, is not for windows, how do i run it? thank you
  25. Been struggling for a while to get a good slice of a model that has an upper lip on it that I need to be as thin as possible (within reason). I modeled it in Fusion360 to have a uniform thickness of 0.4mm to equate to exactly one nozzle width when slicing. Using Cura v4.8 I am getting all sorts of strange behavior when it tries to slice this lip. At first with default settings (line width at 0.4) it tries to print the lip as a top/bottom surface indicated by the yellow lines in the preview as opposed to the red wall lines below the lip. Additionally it adds multiple tiny little infills in the
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