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  2. Let me start off with what I was doing - Making a stl file of a lithophane from 2 different sites to see which would produce a better final product (which I thought were the same settings in the online program as I used on the 11th) Loading files into Cura 4..3.0 to have the file not watertight (never appeared after loading but the plugin to evaluate file would run) Repairing stl files online with MakePrintable.com due to file size and poor cpu/gpu on laptop Loading files into Cura 4.3.0 (they were watertight but still never appeared) Loaded files into Slic3r with no changes and I got the top picture below Now I am trying to print from Slic3r but I am use to (and like a lot) Cura while I try to get help with whats going on Below are 2 files that both would not appear after loading into Cura 4.3.0 and before trying to slice. As you can see in the bottom picture, no dimensions show up for the x, y, z but there is a shadow and you can only select the object thru the edit tab in the upper left. It would not slice even though the option was there (slice in dark blue in the lower right). I displayed the about tab in case that was needed by anyone. I am truly at a loss for this strange occurrence and I know I will feel a little less then when someone points out the obvious for the solution. The last time I used Cura, was on the 11th of Oct and it loaded with no problem. I was able to print (had minor tweaking to do to it). I also loaded that same file from the 11th of Oct and Cura produced an image after loading. I have been trying to do troubleshooting for a couple days, but no luck. I think I went down the wrong path because I though it was a file setting problem. I tried 2 different sites for lithophane making - 3dp.rocks and lithophanemaker.com and got the same result. So I tried a different slicer (Slic3r). Well, Slic3r had no problem completing the task, I just had to figure what settings I needed to change for a lithophane. We will see in a few (OK, a lot) of hours worth of printing (150X150X3.5 w 20mm base with a layer height of 0.1 laid vertically). Please HELP!! felicias mom 2 B&W w trees edited slic3r_flat.stlfelicias mom 2 B&W w trees edited slic3r_flat.stl felicias mom 2 B&W w trees edited slic3r_flat_fixed.obj
  3. Sorry DarthJenius, I should have said look for the plugin because yes it appears there's no search function in there. No problem - I like to help where I can. Especially when it comes to being able to use equipment that has been orphaned by the company that made it. I've gotten a response from the developer of the plugin with some further info on how to force the plugin to use the Replicator 2 profile so will write another post when I've got a chance to do that so that people don't have to hack up the plugin to make it work. In the mean time I'm happy to have been able to help Happy printing! Jesse
  4. Hey @dfrez I recently got a roll of eSun PLA+ Grey as well, and noticed the stringing was so much worse than standard PLA (and I was having under-extrusion issues too which fits with your problems, but didn't notice that at first). I did a full clean, replaced the nozzle with a new one, even replaced the bowden tube, still giving me hassle. I swapped back to standard PLA and that was totally fine. I specifically got the PLA+ because I was printing D&D minis and it was recommended because of the higher strength. I have read through your posts and (even though I am using the standard brass nozzle not a hardened one) I will test the temperature sensor and then see if increasing the temp to 240 will help it print like normal PLA. Thanks for your posts listing your troubleshooting and the updates, I hate it when people fix a problem or find an issue and don't update.
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  6. Can someone please have the full version of the CREO 6 Direct Modeling Express please help me export it to a STEP file please ? I have a packages file that is stuck inside CREO and would like to export to Step to work it on Fusion360.
  7. Beste Maarten, bedankt voor je reply. ik heb het een en ander opgelost door de repetier software te verwijderen, en Cura opnieuw te installeren: ik heb nl een Sangui feeder geïnstalleerd ivm slechte doorvoer van de oude originele UM2 feeder. Bovenstaande feeder werkt nu uitstekend, moest alleen de stappenmotorsteps in cura aanpassen.
  8. I recently moved and this started to happen on my Ultimaker 3. Prior to moving I use to always print over ethernet. In my new office I setup to print over Wi-Fi. Printing over Wi-Fi causes this problem both for the screen glitch and the random pauses during printing. Within seconds of the print head centering and preparing to print over Wi-Fi the screen glitches. After taking things apart and cleaning, performing a factory reset, uploading firmware again, the problem persisted. On a hunch after reading this thread that it might be tied to printing over Wi-Fi, I attempted to print from a USB stick with success. So the issue appears to be tied to enabling Wi-Fi.
  9. SO I use maya to create my projects and when I go to open the folder it says it cant open it so anything that can help please tell me. Thanks you❤️
  10. I really just use it to periodically check that there isn't a catastrophic print fail, its good for that and its nicely tucked away at this angle.
  11. Thanks to your write up, I was able to get x3g files written! I'm on Windows 10 and used Notepad to edit the py file. Note, I had to make sure that when I commented out the "return machine if machine..." line the '#' symbol was lined up with other lines that were being commented out, and got the text of the line lined up with other such lines. You helped a ton, kind human.
  12. My reseller didn't mention anything regarding a shipping delay so I hope to get the bundle this or next week. It was announced to be available at the 18th October, so I hope that we don't have to wait that much time.
  13. Do you use UM material or any other brand? If any other brand you have to choose Generic CPE (which is actually PETG) and the same in Cura. The notification message occurs when you have different materials specified during filament loading and what you have configured in Cura. When you have added your own materials then it is important that the material typ is (in that case) CPE. Then the internal GUID is the same for your custom created material and the Generic CPE material on the printer. Here you can a more deeper explanation:
  14. Which height is configured for the first layer in Cura?
  15. I think the smart resellers have not shipped it yet and are waiting for the next firmware version but a few resellers have shipped some material handlers. I have no idea which resellers are willing to ship it already. This is just my opinion. I don't work for Ultimaker.
  16. That's normal. It won't load until after you start a print job. It might not even load until after autolevel is complete (not sure).
  17. In which country has the station already been shipped? I'm still waiting here in Germany...
  18. I have been wondering why my first layers are not sticking well. I checked my manual leveling using a 0.06mm feeler gauge and it seems fine. I then tried printing a part and turning the printer off at the first layer. I then measured the height (gap) with feeler gauges and measured 0.38mm. I looked at the GCODE file and found that the Z Height was being set to 0.3mm (G1 F600 Z0.3). See the code below: Why does Cura do this? ;FLAVOR:Marlin ;TIME:1127 ;Filament used: 0.595774m ;Layer height: 0.2 ;MINX:79.2 ;MINY:79.2 ;MINZ:0.3 ;MAXX:120.8 ;MAXY:120.8 ;MAXZ:2.5 ;Generated with Cura_SteamEngine 4.3.0 M82 ;absolute extrusion mode G21 ; metric values G90 ; absolute positioning M82 ; set extruder to absolute mode M107 ; start with the fan off M140 S105 ; Set bed temperature (no wait) G28 X Y F6000 ; move X/Y to min endstops G28 Z F1200 ; move Z to min endstops ; raise the nozzle M190 S105 ; wait for bed temperature to reach target M104 S220 T0 ; set extruder temperature (no wait) G29 ; auto-leveling M420 S1 ; enable bed leveling compensation M109 S220 T0 ; set extruder temperature and wait M300 P200 ; beep to indicate that the temp is reached G0 F5000 X10 Y10 Z0.3 ; move to start G1 F500 X60.0 E9 ; start purge line G1 X150.0 E18.5 ; finish purge line G92 E0 ; set extruder to zero M117 Printing from Cura...; message G92 E0 G92 E0 G1 F1200 E-0.5 ;LAYER_COUNT:12 ;LAYER:0 M107 G1 F600 Z1.3 ;MESH:Nozzle Fan Spacer.stl G0 F2400 X81.795 Y83.534 Z1.3 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER G1 F600 Z0.3 G1 F1200 E0 G1 F600 X81.749 Y84.028 E0.02475 G1 X81.804 Y84.495 E0.04821
  19. Anybody know why this message appears? Thanks in advance for the support! Best, Daniel
  20. What do you mean about right clicking and save the new file? I am confused on what I save and where to?
  21. Hallo Ja es sollte cura 4.3 verwendet werden die verlangten Informationen sind wie folgt. Intel Core i7 7500U CPU @ 2.70GHz 8GB 7.88Verwendbar 64Bit x64 basierter prozessor Windows 10 Pro Version:1903 18362.418 Es wird nur 1 Bildschirm benutzt. Es ist nur die Intel(R) HD Graphics 620 verwendet. (Ist die einzige) Grafikkartentreiber ist aktuell(suchte gerade noch nach update) Viren scanner hat keinen Alarm geschlagen oder irgendwelche Dateien Blockiert.
  22. I have not seen a material station in action yet, but I guess the loading process is how it should work. You load the material into the station, not into the print core. The idea behind is, that you load for example all 6 spools with different materials and as soon as you send a print job to the printer, the needed material will be loaded from the material station to the print core automatically.
  23. Naja, es gab erstmal ne längere Pause der (wie soll ich 's sagen) gelinden Fassungslosigkeit.😞 Experimentierphase schon lange vorbei und plötzlich streikt DER Drucker der superverlässlich drucktunddrucktunddruckt... auf einmal... menno 😭
  24. Das ist meistens so, dass es im unpassendsten Moment auftritt 🙂 Mit Ruhe und Geduld an die Sache ran gehen ist dann immer am Besten.
  25. Hello, Maybe you're right...though I would be surprised to have got a defect one...at least from what I can see the Material Station is in good condition, and seemed to work in terms on loading material and displaying data from coils. But after loading the filament tip ( sharp cut) with its motors. It does not drive the filament through the bowden to the printcores... I gave up, and moved back to 5.2.11... ...If any one has a video of loading a coil and starting print with 5.4.6, please share... HW
  26. Hi Smithy, der mittlere Lüfter auf der Rückseite des Druckkopfes funktioniert bzw. läuft. Müsste aber mal dabei bleiben und checken ob er auch wirklich (immer) anbleibt.... Es gab bei einem anderen Thread mit dem selben Thema eine schöne, lange Liste was alles der Grund sein könnte. Bin leider gerade länger nicht im Workshop. Das meiste habe ich aber schon "abgearbeitet". Zu viel Feuchtigkeit (s. Maguras Tipp oben) war aber z.B. nicht dabei. Wenn ich zurück komme mache ich mich (mit etwas mehr "Distanz") nochmal in aller Ruhe an das Problem. Denn NATÜRLICH passierte das als ich kurz vor einer längeren Geschäftsreise war (argh!) Vielen Dank erstmal 🙂
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