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  2. I'm roughing out a printer concept, and I have one nozzle significantly offset from the other on a dual nozzle set up. Is there some way of making CURA aware that one nozzle covers the entire bed but the other misses the left 50mm? I set the offset on the printer settings, but it clips off from both sides, which is not correct.
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  5. I used Google Translator to read the above-linked thread. It appears you can use the start/end gcode provided in the initial reply by @Guillaume777
  6. Awesome, thanks, I'll try the Beta.
  7. Salut lekid ! Non, je n'ai pas regardé cela. Que dois-je vérifier concrètement ? Cordialement, Zant67
  8. I am having trouble with Ultimaker Cura 4.1.0 which i have just installed and does not launch at all. I am using Windows 10 64 bit (a Toshiba dynabook as it is).
  9. Yes, you can download the 4.2-BETA here. Otherwise wait +- two weeks before 4.2 proper is released.
  10. About the oval shape, I already replied to your other thread, you have to align your axles. About the problem with the top layer, it would help if you can post a picture here, that we can see what's wrong. Additionally it is also helpful if you save your Cura project as 3mf file and upload it here too, then we have the object and all your Cura settings.
  11. It seems your axles are not correct aligned, but you can solve this easily. Check this https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/19953-aligning-the-axles for instructions. There is also a page on the UM website with pictures. It is from the UM3, but the axle alignment is the same for all UM printers.
  12. Thanks for the feedback. Is there a known remedy, or is the S5 just not usable with breakaway support at the moment?
  13. Confirmed this behaviour in version 4.1 for the UM5 file at least. I also tried to slice it in the 4.2-BETA (I remember something we changed for a bugfix) which _does_ seem to have the first layer support 🙂 ... so, it seems unlikely the problem was on your end!
  14. If you want relatively easy to remove supports, you might want to try the (sadly still experimental) Tree-support: Disable normal support, and enable 'Tree Support' in the experimental tab (you might need 'show all settings' first). It'll take a longer time to slice (but not nescesarily print), but most of the time its worth it. Other than that, it's a bit of a trade-off between what'll actually print well and your particular model.
  15. Please can someone help get Cura working on the raise 3D pro2?! We need a single slicer that works across all our printers. Ideamaker is not that. If Cura cant we will have to abandon it also. For the same settings ideamaker takes roughly double the print time than cura (bad travel move choices), creates supports that fall down, and has far fewer advanced options.
  16. Hy there, I am trying to print a calibration test piece which has a cylindrical component, unfortunately the printer is printing oval shapes instead and does not print a closed top layer. Does anyone have a clue about how to solve these issues? Any help is very much appreciated. F
  17. I am trying to print an easy circular calibration pieces on my Ultimaker 2 but it is printing oval shapes instead. Can anyone give me a clue about how to solve this issue? Any tip is very welcome. Thank you
  18. Instead of increasing flow and making the feeder push even harder (potentially turning the filament into powder) try 1X or even 0.8X nozzle diameter - just to see what happens.
  19. Are you concerned about losing the configurations you see on the right for printing? If so you can go to "Manage Profiles" by pressing "Ctrl+j". In this menu, select the settings you want to keep and then select "export" in the TOP MIDDLE of the screen.
  20. I'll give it a burl. Will return with my findings soon. Thanks.
  21. Thanks Wraypa1 and gr5 ! I will try both solutions 🙂
  22. Hello! My name is David, and I'm a long-time 3D printing enthusiast (rocking a CR10 at home). I recently started a new job at a manufacturing company as a program manager, and I am in charge of bringing our company a bit more into the 21st century by integrating 3D printing into our manufacturing process. I have settled on going with the Ultimaker S5 for our printer, but my boss has asked if I could get a sample part made up to take a look at before we buy the entire unit. I've already reached out to Ultimaker (waiting on reply) and a number of 3D-Printing-by-order companies (not much luck). I was wondering if any community members would potentially be interested in printing a part for us (of course paid), in case we can't quite find another option. Dimensional accuracy of features and general surface finish are most important to us, as we will be using these prints to investment cast in aluminum, and most of our clientele require tolerances within a order of magnitude of a few thousandths of an inch. Of course, we machine critical dimensions in (holes, sealing faces, etc.) but we still need the as-cast walls and 'standard' parts to come out clean and to a reasonable accuracy - we don't want to machine an entire part, only sections. So if anyone has an S5 and would be interested in helping us out a bit, I would love to work with you. Also if anyone has recommendations on what companies I could reach out to to get this handled, please feel free to put them below as well. I'm willing to give almost anything a shot, I'm just not as familiar with this side of the printing world. Thanks! David
  23. Those are called "retractions" and are normal. If you look carefully you will see that even though the extruder goes backwards and forwards, it slowly proceeds forward. Your issue of "not printing at all" is something else. Please use some other forum where people who own your same printer can suggest what might be causing your "not printing at all" issue. If the company that makes your printer doesn't have a forum then try facebook. There's 100s of forums on facebook.
  24. @dxp - all those and more are in that link I posted. And in a few seconds it narrows down your options to just 2 or 3. I went with DSM because I don't like to rely on web based programs (every web site I have relied seems to have gone out of business). And it takes hundreds of hours to get learn a CAD such that I don't think about what I'm doing - I just create.
  25. Hallo zusammen! Mir ist aufgefallen, dass sich das Füllmuster automatisch ändert wenn man die Fülldichte anpasst und wenn der UM2E+ ausgewählt ist. Wird der S5 ausgewählt ändert sich das Füllmuster nicht automatisch. Wo ist die Einstellung für dieses Verhalten versteckt? Beispiel UM2E+: Fülldichte 1-25% = Gitter Fülldichte 26-100% = Linien Beispiel UM S5: Fülldichte 1-100% = Immer gleich je nach dem was ausgewählt wurde. Da 100% bei Gitter nicht funktioniert und ich das in letzter Zeit häufiger verwenden muss, wäre es ganz praktisch wenn das Verhalten von Cura bei allen Druckern gleich ist.
  26. Salut, Est-ce que tu as vérifié l'état du coupleur TFM? (La pièce où le bowden rentre au niveau de la tête d'impression)
  27. I hope to learn all the tricks quickly about it.
  28. @Astrofreak85 We did pull in something that was previously available as a mod by one of our community members (the 'Creawesome' mod) that could have changed the Ender definitions, but I'm not sure those are the intended changes.
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