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  2. This happened to me yesterday on my UM3. I searched and I found this post, I am a quadriplegic so doing the repair described above is a little above my physical capabilities, I was going to get my wife to help me fix it. I was so frustrated because I was needing to print. My wife wasn't going to be able to help me for awhile. I reasoned that if this was just a poor connection issue I may be able to give the white cable feeding into the printhead a little wiggle and a light pull. That is all I can manage anyway. Well sure enough, it fixed the problem, I didn't need to bother my wife and I was happy on my way back to printing. Thank goodness for this forum it has helped me out many times. By the way, if anyone has some physical capability issues, I spend most of the time using my UM3 to create custom assistive devices to help myself or others to more successfully cope with our individual environments. 3D printing is tailor made for this role. I would love to communicate with others either in this situation or just people just trying to help. I apologize for the hijack at the end.
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  4. I run a pair of Bondtech QR’s on my Ultimaker S5. I added M92 E492.45 ; set E-steps to 492.45 M500 ; saves value to the start G-code in the printer’s machine settings. It isn’t elegant, but it works. The only time I have to send the gcode manually to the printer is when I restart and want to do an xy calibration. (Getting the E-steps right doesn’t matter for filament changes.) Otherwise, the E-step values are stored on the printer. I did have to disable the flow sensors in the printer settings, but I’m almost done prototyping a housing that adds the UM S5 flow sensor hardware to the Bondtech QR’s.
  5. Oh! I thought you were complaining about the flow sensor. But I see you are complaining about a core. Just get a new one. They are consider "expendables". Like filament. Some of them are bad. Usually I think there's something wrong with the teflon - maybe it wasn't cut long enough or the inner diameter is too large. Maybe consider trying a 3dsolex core? (disclaimer - I sell 3dsolex cores). 3dsolex has had many issues with a small percentage of cores and asked for "bad" ones back and researched all the issues and I think all 3dsolex cores work every time perfectly now. Everything that could go wrong is now known (they've been selling cores for a few years) and inspected for.
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  7. Normally I would agree with you on that, however I just got this print core back from Ultimaker. We sent it off to them to have them clean it, because even after I cleaned it it still would not work so Ultimaker wanted to try and clean it. When we got it back it ran fine for about 40 hours then it started to do the same thing again. While it was out at UM getting worked on I ran one of our other 0.4mm AA cores and it just kept trucking. This morning I finally aborted the print to change out the core because it would run for 5 minutes then it would stop throwing the error, I even did 9-10 hot pulls on it and about 6 cold pulls to make sure that it was clean. Every time I would restart the print it would push filament out normally so that tells me it was not clogged, if it were it would not be pushing anything out? however after changing the core to the spare it took off and printed without an issue and has not had any issues. I have been on and off the phone with our re-seller trying to get this situated it would be interesting to see if this core would re-produce the issue on another printer.
  8. Same for me: turning on prime blob did solve the issue (with brim).
  9. Your problem is probably a clogged print core and you get the message from the filament sensor and if disabled, under extrusion. The sensor measures also the flow of the filament, not only if there is one or not. So you should clean your print core regularly with some hot/cold pulls and everything will be fine.
  10. After running the same file that I uploaded that doesn't work correctly I thought I would try it with the Ultimaker S5 and guess what it does the exact same thing (does not move to the prime tower and purge the old color on the first exchange, just changes color right in the middle of the print). Of course, since it has 2 different nozzles the contamination (or in the S5's case blob) isn't as noticeable but it's there. Just run the Cura simulation and you will see it never goes to the prime tower. Make sure you turn off brim or skirt. Cura 3.4.1 is the last version that does not have this behavior.
  11. Ich kann dir nicht weiter helfen, habe selbst kein UM3 und es scheint mir kein gcode Problem zu sein Genau der sollte dir doch helfen können??
  12. Ok nice end to this topic
  13. Hallo, Problem noch vorhanden? Auf Anhieb nur eine Idee, hast du ein Laptop mit zwei Grafik karten? Wenn nicht brauchen wir die cura.log/stdout.log/stderr.log diese befinden sich unter Roming\Cura. Kann dir aber nicht versprechen das ich dir Helfen kann. Gruß
  14. I was going into this forum with the hopes that each and everyone who reads a "bug report" knows cura and is more or less an expert, and it is more than enough to provide an object with a link and a description that scaling by percentage (providing also the values) seems weird/doesn't work. It's more than uncommon, that rookies read the bug reports (And I again give you that one - I should have seen/found it by myself). Let's agree to disagree and hope that cura will be even better ;-)
  15. zerspaner_gerd


    Hallo, Was willst du den da Individuell ändern? 🙄🤔 Das einzigste was man da ändern kann ist der Start-Code und der End-Code dies würde ich aber direkt über Cura machen. Oder über Post Processing Scripte dazu sind aber Python Kenntnis notwendig, da lassen sich komplexe Änderungen umsetzten. Nur optische Unterschiede. Ich habe notepad++ und ein eigenes dunkles Design/Sprache erstellt bzw. es gibt auch online profile für die Darstellung von gcode Dateien. Kann mir nicht vorstellen was du da umschreiben willst Gruß
  16. Look at your first post at the begining of this thread, and put yourself in the shoes of someone who hasn't worked on the subject. Is your description accurate, with the necessary information available. The sentence ' welll... hard to explain ' is far from useful to find the solution. Myself, I try to help to the extent of my knowledge, on my free time. The minimum for someone seeking help is to provide the necessary information so that those who can help you do so without spending too much time,
  17. I believe you mate. I just felt...well.... ignored (or taken for a derp/rookie) when you have asked me for printscreens, configurations and what felt like evidence even though the initial report was easily replicable etc. etc. But I've biten my lips, posted what I felt is necessary to prove that his is indeed a bug. BTW - this is feeling a little ... ridiculous to say it politely.... When checking the github (in order to submit a proper bug report) I have found this old issue which remains still unsolved since... Cura 3.2.1 at least... https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues/4136 I will provide the link to this forum thread... in the hopes that this might eventually help to solve it... Well... at least provided the repeatable case...
  18. I do'nt scream as myself I did the same mistake but i think in a different 'spirit' Look at : https://community.ultimaker.com/topic/28025-bug-advice-slice-button-not-disabled-immediately/?tab=comments#comment-239483
  19. Ahhh... yeah I give you that one. P.S. No need to scream 🖖
  20. You have not really try to find, in the HELP Menu there is a 'Report a bug" with a link to the relevant place !!!! So try not to give a judgement too quickly
  21. How many screens do you have? There’s a known issue on some combinations of gpus and multiple monitors.
  22. We have also been having this same issue with our S5 that we purchased in December. The machine says it is out of filament but there is a full spool. I have been able to trouble shoot the issue with some luck. I believe that the issue is actually in the print core. We have a few different print cores, when this issue started we contacted our re-seller and made arrangements to send it back for service. They cleaned the nozzle from what I understand, while the this core was out for repair / cleaning I ran one of our other 0.4mm AA cores without any issue. After we got the repaired core back I switched back to that care to make sure it was working. It worked fine for about 40 or 50 hours but then started throwing the same error again. I then switch out the print cores again and it has been running perfectly without any incident. After this issue initially started I checked the extruder and the flow sensor connections and everything checked out fine. At one point I even disabled the flow sensor, to see if it would have any affect on the error. It of course did not throw the error but the core began to under extrude and then just stopped extruding, all the while the extruder kept trying to push the filament and ground the filament generating quite the mess I had to clean up. There is no way that the spool can be dragging I have it on a spool holder with bearings so it is very low friction. At least in our case the only thing I can guess is that the thermistor may not be reporting the correct temp causing the filament not to flow correctly. I have contacted our re-seller again and going to try and have this issue further diagnosed. If you have a different print core you may want to try swapping them out and see if this resolves the error you ahve been getting.
  23. I work for a plastic bottle manufacturer. I print a lot of bottles with various neck finishes. I work in SolidWorks. Try adjusting the Horizontal Expansion setting in the Shell menu. I find a -0.125mm (negative 0.125mm) setting brings most of my neck finish I.Ds to an acceptable accuracy compared to the model.
  24. Hallo, Ich überlege gerade ob du evtl. meinen kannst das es bei einen großen Durchmesser die Druckbewegung langsam ausschaut und bei einer kleineren Bohrung zu schnell? Aber du schreibst das du es in der Layer Vorschau sehen kannst, und diese Geschwindigkeiten kann man normal alle in Cura einstellen (evtl, muss du diese Einstellungen einblenden). Jerk und Beschleunigung sieht man in der Layer Ansicht nicht. Gruß
  25. Hallo, Man kann auch ganz gut und schnell die Düse selbst beschädigen, wenn man z.B. versucht das letzte Fädchen mit der Pinzette entfernen will aber das Druckbett schon auf den weg nach oben ist und sich die Pinzette dann zwischen Nozzle und Druckbett eingezwickt wird (ist mir mit den UM2 passiert) Nun ist die Öffnung nicht mehr rund 🤔 wenns blöd läuft Gruß
  26. Recently bought a UM3 to go with the UM2 that I've had for a number of years. Still playing around with Cura settings to get the best prints when using dual extruders. What hasn't helped is I've noticed that Cura doesn't seem to "copy all changed values to all extruders" when using that right-click option, so I've had to go through each setting and use "copy value to all extruders" instead which is a real pain. I'm using Cura 4.0.0. Hopefully this will be fixed soon?
  27. Might be, yeah... Not a biggie, but I do use the percentage scaling from time to time and this is making the life hard... but I never thought on narrowing it down... I just switched to other slicers (just to be sure). Now with a brand new printer I started to tune it & investigate this problem a little bit more... (registered just to submit the bug - pity there are any real bug-trackers ... at least not one I am aware of).
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