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  2. Was much easier to solder small things when I was younger! Now, I have to wear reading glasses inside a jewler's magnifyer headset looking through a large round mag-lamp!
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  4. I that free and straight forward Im pretty new at all this 3D printing and only started a few months ago but really want to make some cool content thanks for the advice I'm going to look into it I have another question would octoprint work on a tevo tornado
  5. Thank you for the help, burtoogle. ­čÖé I'm pretty confident the problem is with the font. A different font solved the problem. I thought it might be Cura, since it slices fine with Slic3r. I can see the errors you indicate. Thanks for showing me this technique. I will play with the mesh and see if I can get this font working. Cura is awesome. I really appreciate this tool. Thanks to all who have worked on it. I've only sliced a few dozen things and already love it, compared to my old slicer. I don't see a way to mark this "SOLVED". If anyone finds this with a search, check your font. Cura is functioning fine in this situation.
  6. Hello @TomB19, I tried loading that obj file into cura and it complained saying the file was invalid. I then loaded it into FreeCAD and exported it as an STL which cura did load but then complained that the model wasn't watertight. I then checked the original obj model in FreeCAD and it showed these errors: So perhaps the model needs fixing before you can print it?
  7. Hello @Kramer, there isn't a different option but my implementation of the wall gap filling just works differently to the Ultimaker version. Have you actually tried it? Do you still get lots of shaking? If so, please save the project file (File -> Save) and attach the .3mf file to this thread. Thanks.
  8. I use TitanX of Formfutura and absolutely love this stuff. Zero warping, almost no smell, sticks to glass so much that I had to buy a new glass bed because of the cracks in the glass. The only disadvantage for me is rather limited colors choice - we print prosthetic hands for kids and they generally like colorful parts.
  9. Hallo ich suche auf diesem Weg einige Teile vllt von jemand der sein Druckkopf umger├╝stet hat .. Hoffe is hier richtig das Thema weil ich nix mit biete und suche gefunden hab ich suche die 3 Aluminium Teile vom Druckkopf dazu die Halterung f├╝r die Bauteill├╝ftung und die L├╝fter. Wer hat da was rumliegen was nen neuen Job bei mir sucht . wer was hat kann sich gern PN bei mir melden vllt mit Preisvorstellung . Gru├č
  10. Thank you for your message! After all I did not try to hack the board. I have soldering experience but not with SMD boards, it's just too small... After I saw a video on the new updated mainboard for the Ender 3 with TMC2208 drivers, I decided to go for that :)
  11. Merci beaucoup Moustique, je vais regarder ├ža ! Je reviens vers toi si j'ai un souci ­čśë
  12. Bonjour, Je fais ├ža facilement avec Fusion360 (dans mon cas : licence gratuite 3 ans ├ęducation) Dans Inkscape : export du dessin vectoriel en format . svg Dans Fusion 360 import du fichier stl, extrusion des parties ├á mettre en relief, et fusion avec le dessin d'un disque de fond ou tout autre forme pour le tampon. Sachant que dans Fusion, il est aussi tout ├á fait possible de mettre directement du texte en choisissant la police que l'on veut, ce qui ├ęvite l'├ętape Inkscape et l'import. Il y a des tuto sur Youtube du style " imprimer en 3D un logo"
  13. Could someone give this build a try? https://thopiekar.eu:5443/cura-cad-integration/CuraBlenderPlugin/-/jobs/1298 There are no major changes, but I worked on some features for the SolidWorks and Inventor plugin, which could have influenced this plugin, too. Thanks! - Thomas
  14. For future reference: you can hover over the SDK selector (that is also red) to get more details about the error message. In case of plugins, this message contains the exact file that is missing according to the package building code. We are working on portal improvements in the future, this will include a clearer UX for error messages.
  15. New testing release: https://thopiekar.eu:5443/cura-cad-integration/CuraFreeCadPlugin/-/jobs/1300/artifacts/browse I just touched some minor things when working on the SolidWorks and Inventor plugin. Would be great if you could give it a try. Thanks!
  16. Hello smartavionics Like "AmyTheBun" I wanted to prevent my printer from rattling while printing small infills, so I installed "Cura-mb-master-win64-20190519" from your dropbox-link, but i can't find any differences between the infill options in Cura 4 and your MB-Master Cura. Did I installed the wrong version? Or maybe I just overlooked the option. Could you please tell me where I can find the option you implemented to stop the printer from shaking?
  17. Tried to update today using the menu and a wired connection but just get the "Checking for Updates" screen indefinitely.
  18. I use polycarbonate (white or black, NOT transparent) or polypropylene for functional prototypes. PLA is way too brittle and cracks/shatters easily. I prefer polypropylene as it is the hardest to break and can handle a ton of fatigue. Polypropylene's layer adhesion is stupidly good, far better than any other filament I have tried. Polymaker PolyMax/PC Max is identical to the Ultimaker Polycarbonate if you want to save some money. Also Verbatim polypropylene seems identical to Ultimaker polypropylene.
  19. all the years the same problem, and i dont understand, why it comes...... i switched now to cure 4 and what did i get?!?! the same problem, i m wondering, why nobody else is writing about such a problem.... :( i went down with the bed,,,, increse the print speed a bid, and get more infill in it, we will see... but no idea why
  20. I think maybe nobody responded because your description of the problem is quite vague. You could provide additional info such as add pictures, describe the problem in more detail, mention what may have changed between when it was working and when it was no longer working, etc. Verbatim polypropylene is less expensive and prints identically to the Ultimaker brand, I am actually curious if they are just rebranding it. Matterhackers has PP spools for $50. They also have Natural SmartMaterials SmartFil PP which I have tried and it is much different. It is more brittle, a different texture, and does not stick to the glass bed. I would not recommend that brand.
  21. I have this happen too. It's weird that when I have to click refresh multiple times and it finally does show the printer, the connect button doesn't seem to do actually anything, almost like it is already connected at that point. The issue is sporadic, sometimes it will go days without having this problem. This problem appeared after the 5.2.8 upgrade, which required some kind of stepping stone firmware upgrade to finally get to 5.2.8 at the time. The same time as the drifting UI began happening for me.
  22. I've attached a sample of the problem. This object displays properly in Cura but the text is gone from the preview after slicing. DiskTest v0.01.obj
  23. The UM3 series did not and still does not have a feeder detection. So, it would not be expected to notify you when you run out or fail to feed filament.
  24. https://www.youmagine.com/thomasdocket/designs
  25. Probleem is opgelost: Zorg dat bij het verbinden van de Cura 4.0 en de 3d printer er een sd-card in de 3d printer zit.
  26. Same on my Ultimaker 3 with 5.2.11
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