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  2. Bonjour, Lors de l'impression d'une pièce fine, j'observe une impression à l'aspect dégradé sur le côté gauche de ma pièce, alors que le côté droit est normal. Auriez-vous une explication à l'origine de ces vaguelettes et une solution à me proposer pour retrouver un joli aspect des deux côtés? (pièce qui avait déjà été imprimée, sans problème notable. Côté gauche Côté droit
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  5. Just curious but my s5 frame lights are off now for a while now, in the settings. I got my wish!! Yay! So I'm sure they'll be switch off able. Had a lot of burglars about lately so thats a welcome upgrade!? I reckon that is a dry box and lid, or else room for a mega wide spool. But seeing as no one makes mega wide spools I doubt it lol. And the spool joiners/plate rotator? I may be thinking too crazy though!
  6. Does this problem only occur on Windows systems?
  7. I just found out that PrusaSlicer can export gcode to an obj file:
  8. Those two lines work fine on my multi monitor setup. I wouldn't know of a way to detect setups where it does not work. There could be a preference to not store the window position on exit.
  9. Hi @ahoeben, I've seen this fix mentioned a couple of times recently, would it make sense for Cura on closing to either detect when those lines should be deleted because there's more than one monitor or just delete them anyway?
  10. Ok, now you should be able to move the Cura window to other monitors, but remember to move it back to the primary monitor before you close it. Or else you have to edit the config file again.
  11. Merci de m avoir repondu. C est ce que j ai fait , ça a résolu en partie le problème . Mais le gros du soucis a été résolu avec un séchage intensif de la bobine , pourtant neuve .
  12. I think it was @ClausJ that had gotten the kit. I had originally commented that some 2.85mm filament is nominally know as 3mm...and thus there could be suppliers you might have missed if unaware of that. Good luck!
  13. Sorry, I thought you also had Ultimaker 2+. Thank you very much for your orientation and indication of the 1.75mm kit! I will get more information about this kit! If anyone has used this kit on Ultimaker 2+, please share if everything is working out or if you had any problems. Thanks.
  14. Yeh - that cured it, thank you 🙂
  15. So, I have tried now to start a print and paused it after some layers. The head goes in a parking position in left front corner and the print core cools down. After some time the hotend fan in the middle of the head stops (this is when the temperature of the core is < 40°) The noise I hear after that is in my opinion a mix between the two back fans and the stepper motors, but I have the feeling that the bass or the "body" of this noise (I hoper you understand what I mean, I have no idea how to explain it better in English) comes from the fans on the rear of the printer. I mean I can hear also the steppers but when then they are very silent compared to the two fans. Maybe the two fans also stop after some time, but I haven't tested it. The sound itself, I would say it is unusual, but not alarming, so I have not the feeling it sounds unhealthy or something like that. It may sound like someone has the engine running from their car, but this car is relatively far away. Somehow it has something of a dull engine noise. I hope it helps a little bit.
  16. Could you try the following: In %APPDATA%\cura\4.2\Cura.cfg, in the [general] section, remove the lines starting with window_left and window_top. Then start Cura. This should start Cura on the primary display.
  17. I have downloaded Cura 4.2 and now find that it won’t run when I have 3 monitors connected which I generally do as the computer is used for more than just Cura. it is definitely a Cura issue as when I disconnect a monitor Cura runs again, but with all 3 connected it displays the startup screen, goes to the main Cura screen but it is all white and then closes without showing the actual program. what could be wrong - every other program runs correctly? Windows 10 Pro 1903, 16gb
  18. Hi, Vielleicht solltest du doch mal das Teil einschicken, auch wenn´ es erstmal Ausfall bedeutet... Was mir auch noch in den Sinn kommt - Wenn die Stangen, durch Transport oder was auch immer, einen "Schlag" haben, kann das zu Verspannungen führen - das überträgt sich auf die schwächste Stelle, bis diese kolabiert. Das Plastikteil ist dafür nicht ausgelegt. Muß gar nicht mal so viel sein, aber führt zu einem leicht vibrierenden Druck auf den Sitz - im Prinzip eine kleine Oszilierende Fräse... In der Richtung ginge meine Vermutung bei sowas... Wie gesagt, Entweder der Lagersitz im Gehäuse hat was, oder die Stangen laufen nicht exakt Parallel und rund, was dann zu dem Problem auf Dauer führt. Aber ist nur eine Vermutung aus der Ferne. Ich würde mir wirklich überlegen, ob man nicht doch einmal in den sauren Apfel beißt und das Teil mit Fehlerbeschreibung einschickt. Dann müssen die Großteile halt erstmal hinten anstehen, aber ich denke, die Chancen stehen nicht schlecht, daß er danach so zuverlässig ist, wie er es sein sollte und bei den meisten wohl auch ist. Gruß, Digibike
  19. You might also want to have a look at the e-nable project. They make prosthetic hands for kids. The use case is not as extreme as this, but it has some of the same problems (Fit, comfort, sturdyness) that you face.
  20. Found a few old threads saying it wasn't possible back in 2017 but was wondering if it's now possible to set up a Cura to print 1 or 2 exterior layers with a 0.4-0.5mm nozzle and 0.25 layer height and print the infill and maybe a couple more perimeter layers and the infill with 1mm nozzle and 0.5mm (a multiple of the finer layers) layer height? I'm guessing if this is possible we could then progress to using the large nozzle for most of the print and just using the finer nozzle on threads on other parts that need higher tolerances and finer detail? I print a lot of large parts where detail isn't important over 95% of the print as they are purely functional parts but finding 1mm nozzle quite hard to get the detail on the 5% that needs it - I've tried printing with a 0.4mm nozzle but found the 20h+ print times too long (4-6 hours with the 1mm nozzle)
  21. Hallo zusammen! Nach gerade einmal 2-Monaten sind die Blöcke erneut so ausgeschlagen, dass sie die Y-Achse nicht mehr halten können. Also entweder waren die Ersatzteile von schlechter Qualität oder die Ursache liegt an einer anderen Stelle. Hat jemand eine Idee für die mögliche Ursache?
  22. Sorry if i misread it wrong but is it something like a cast, then you might get some idea her. https://www.sculpteo.com/blog/2019/04/29/can-additive-manufacturing-heal-bones-with-a-3d-printed-cast/
  23. Never heard about it, that the message comes up during a print job. Should not happen and seems that this is a bug.
  24. There's a lot of good tips on tuning the Cura support on this page. https://ultimaker.com/en/resources/52663-support Try and take a look at the * Support distance priority and * Minimum support x/y distance
  25. Ok, donc, le vrai souci, c'est à cause de micro-moisissures qui apparaissent à la fabrication et/ou à la mauvaise conservation de la bobine. Pour pallier au problème, il faut augmenter la température de la buse à 255°C, dans mon cas, ça semble être la solution.
  26. Pretty sure you are printing with a too high temperature. which courses stringing. The mid air print is probably som structure part that ditten stick to the build plat, and then the printer still tries to print it "in air" or again just extreme stringing that gets deposited somewhere along the printhead travel route.
  27. Hi all, I have recently bought a second hand UM2. The very first time after the seller demonstrated me the working printer (but after transport), it gave a heaer error. A followed the tips on the troubleshooting page of Ultimaker: - The firmware was updated via Cura - The nozzle and temp sensor were checked for full insertion - The nozzle is nicely centered and does not make contact with the bracket - Then I replaced the heater block (which looked quite worn out) but still the same error. The last tip UM provides is that the heater cartridge is not strong enough. Does anyone have experience with this issue? Thanks in advance! Miron
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