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  3. Hello Burtoogle, Happy 4th of July! Wonder if you can offer me some more advice. I keep getting an error when I downloaded Cura 4.6.1 pic included. That is causing some issues I think with printing. Issue- I must print my part using the standard Brim. However when I do that the part wont stick to the plate. I've printed many of these and never had this issue. This is a brand new printer, same model I used b-4 Monoprice V2 mini with no Brim Issues. I looks like to me that there isn't enough filament coming out on Brim mode. Is this adjustable, does it need to be adjusted. It shows 100% But, when I switch to Raft it sticks no problem. Raft is not a strong enough hold for this part. I really need to fugue out what is causing this. Is it the error I keep getting when I down load Cura, Is it a setting that I am missing? Any help is appreciated. MSMV2E3D_rev11 (3).3mf
  4. Hello An idea. The FET from LED_PWM is broken on our board. Best wishes Christian
  5. Hello Already tried(?): 1 firmware update on the printer. (Maybe something is shot) 2 Another print file. (It's unlikely, but maybe it's a bug in the parser.) 3 A hack. Exchange motor for X and Y. (I have never done it before. Don't know if that fits. But if you can, try it.) 4 If it stays, the board may be broken. This is sometimes offered as a replacement. Best wishes Christian
  6. Well, there have been no suggestions so I ordered a replacement hot end fan. My current theory (theory #41a) is that some strings have wound around the shaft of the fan rotor and it isn't putting out what it should. I arrived at this theory because everything besides the fan has already been replaced. I ordered a Delta 4015 and will put a 1/8" spacer behind the metal cover to move it outboard 3.2mm. That should allow the 12cfm fan to fit inside. Theory #41b states that Creality put all the cheapest stuff they could get away with in the machine along with cutting the physical requirements as close as they could. I figure you can't over-cool the hot end. If 80% more air doesn't cure the problem I'm gonna design a dry ice system.
  7. Forgot running win 7 64 bit
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  9. Gracias por responder La base nivelada = si te digo que ya nivele manualmente más de 30 veces me quedo corto. Diferencia entre print = Cuando dice que las alturas entre ambos print core es poco realista. Suele pasar antes del nivelado. Desplazamiento de Tobera = Lo primero que hace al imprimir. El problema no es que me salgan los errores y como solucionarlos. El problema es que son falsos positivos. Si pudiera evitar esos 3 chequeos al iniciar cada impresión no tendría esos problemas. Pero de ultimaker no me dicen como hacerlo.
  10. I had reinstalled Cura and now I get this error no disk and it won't just go away, even tried the Task Manager and no go. Anyway it was Cura 4.6.1 so i tried Cura 4.6.0 and still the same problem. Anyone know the work around? tia
  11. Hello, It was shipped with the wrong firmware. To fix this, I installed Cura 15.6.4 and updated it using the installer. It all worked fine from there. Weirdly, the newest version of cura still didn't recognize it. It's like it doesn't have the drivers? Anyway, I'll stick with using the old version or a different slicer. Which is the best that you recommend? Thanks for your help. Ben.
  12. The official re-sellers even is the don't list the part on the store interface, will order you in parts you need if you email them. So i would contact the re-seller for the region you are from via e-mail or phone and they will sort something out for you. I had to do this with parts for my S5's and you can be sure you getting official parts then.
  13. Hi, With copper fill filaments, they are hard wearing on the nozzles and feeders. Also it’s better for most to use a 0.5 nozzle due to the little bits inside the filament they can block a 0.4 If you plan to print with it a lot I would look at getting hardened nozzles and also feeders. If you only going use it now and then then you should get away with just a 0.5 nozzle, but keep in mind a brass one will wear faster using copper fill.
  14. Unless you've turned off active levelling, the printer will measure and take care of the height offset between the two cores. To be a bit pedantic, the UM3 can also use Breakaway. The material was launched before the S3 and S5 existed.
  15. you only see one layer because you have "selected only the last layer". at the bottom you have the progress of the currently selected layer while to select the layer you have to use the bar on the right
  16. Hi @IRobertI I agree with you here, but the thing is that I've tried to explain the "break away" in general, this since the filament type breakaway from Ultimaker was mentioned a little higher up in this tread before. So, sorry for any confusion.. The filament Breakaway from Ultimaker is is a special filament to be used in S3 and S5 variants only. This filament is to be printed as PVA in general, however if it stick to your primary filament you may put "some" more air in between the support and the printed object. I've read some place that one can use (0.1 to 0.27) as space here, but I have never printed with Ultimaker Breakaway filament. Thanks Torgeir
  17. Hi, I personally always print Breakway with a roof and floor with 0.0 gap because that's how its meant to be printed. If you find its sticking to hard to PLA or PLA+ than i would wait for the print to cool down a bit more if you are trying to remove when it's still warm. You could also check the manual level of the print bed to make sure the core 2 of not a bit tighter (lower) down then core 1, because this could mean it might be printing abit into the PLA+
  18. Was auch noch sein könnte, dass dein gespeichertes Projekt "zerschossen" ist und dann unerklärliche Phänomene zeigt. Das kommt hin und wieder vor. Auch gespeicherte Profile können solche Probleme haben. Also zum Testen einfach einmal von Null anfangen.
  19. Hallo! Danke für die Info. Ich habe das bei mir zuhause nochmal versucht nachzustellen - da geht es plötzlich (das Problem habe ich auf der Arbeit - ich habe privat keinen S5). Keine Ahnung woran das liegt. Einmal hatte ich es noch dass das Profil wieder umgesprungen ist auf "Fine", aber die anderen Male ging es. Hmm, werde es bei Gelegenheit jetzt nochmal auf der Arbeit probieren. Ich werde mal noch berichten und evtl. gleich schreiben wie ich da vorgegangen bin. Scheinen ja noch andere Interesse daran zu haben. Ein schönes Wochenende 🙂
  20. Hi All, First post here, I've searched for an answer here and found nothing conclusive. I'm working with a fresh install of Cura 4.6.1 on Windows 10 Pro. Encountered this issue after a couple successful prints, and uninstalled/reinstalled Cura fresh. Issue remains. Cura seems to be slicing and generating correct g-code , but preview shows ONLY the TOP layer printing. The actual text of the g-code looks okay to my illiterate eye, or at least there seems to be way more there than just a top layer. Physically at the printer we have the same issue. It homes, warms, then reports 100% print completion, as it's apparently too smart to just print in the air. I'm not sure how this could be a settings issue, as I've literally changed nothing since my last prints, and the issue remains after a fresh install. I'm completely stuck here. Attached a copy of the sliced g-code and a screenshot of the part in preview mode. Please help. e5plus ddrvmnt.gcode
  21. ty for answering.... while I was writing the answer I understood what was wrong ... I always thought that the origin of the axes (green circle) was what "cura" thought was the home point ... when in reality it is only a "visual effect" and not influencing on nothing 😅...mirrored prints must have another reason 😬
  22. Hi All, I am about to purchase a Ultimaker 2+ and was wondering what else I need to purchase to be able to print Formfutra Copper Fill? Thanks
  23. Hola @Bioshock84 Entiendo que tienes la Ultimaker S5 con el Pro Bundle. Para poder ayudarte lo mejor posible, tanto yo como cualquier persona de soporte de Ultimaker necesitará que le digas el error que salta en la pantalla. Suelen tener varias soluciones para cada error. En cualquier caso te dejo algunos enlaces a contenido que te puede ayudar. Están en inglés, pero los miré en Google Translate y se entienden muy bien. Nivelar la base: https://support.ultimaker.com/hc/en-us/articles/360011433680-How-to-level-the-Ultimaker-S5-build-plate Te recomiendo personalmente nivelar manualmente una vez y después tener el level activado. Diferencia entre print: No entiendo muy bien a qué te refieres. Desplazamiento de Tobera: No entiendo muy bien a qué te refieres. Si ves que alguien no te responde en el foro, contacta con el servicio de Ultimaker, que tiene soluciones para todo.
  24. It's done already, the 20200703 release has the fix.
  25. I appreciate the help, when will the fix be implemented in your build? Thanks!
  26. I would buy the steppers from your UM reseller, than you can be sure to get an original part and not a fake stepper from Ali.
  27. Sounds strange and is not normal. Are you sure you bought an original replacement board and not something from China?
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