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  3. Schau mal unter Hilfe->Konfigurationsordner anzeigen; wenn Du alles darin löschst, sollte Cura eigentlich wieder ganz von Vorne beginnen.
  4. Hallo Leute, grüßt Euch. Ich habe nach dem Update von Cura 4.1 auf 4.2.1 ein extremes Problem. Dieses hier so mal eben kurz zu erläutern würde zu weit greifen. Um dieses Problem zu lösen wollte ich Cura von meinem IMac 2011(High Sierra) komplett (alle Dateien) entfernen, so dass bei einer Neuinstallation keine "alten" Dateien mehr gefunden werden. Denn auch durch das normale entfernen der sichtbaren Dateien und Ordner hat auch Cura 4.3 beta alles Gefunden und somit ist das gleiche Problem immer noch da. Wo muss ich was 1. sichtbar machen und 2. was Löschen? Hoffe auf eure Hilfe, damit ich recht schnell wieder mit dem Prog. weiter arbeiten kann 🤗 LG Didi
  5. It sounds like it’s not using your video card properly. Whit video card do you have, and what OS?
  6. Just a thought: buying a .6 hardened nozzle would open your available choices a lot, and the lower expense of the other filaments may pay for the new nozzle.
  7. Hi Thanks all sensible but.... i have 4 steppers none will drive from either extruder output from either of the 2 boards. also the extruder stepper drives fine from any of the other x y z outputs. All very odd. the only part ive not changed is the ulticontroler
  8. Wohoo, good to have fixed this fairly long-standing and hard to reproduce issue!
  9. Go to the Marketplace and look in the "Installed" tab (on the right). Scroll down to "Rotate Tool" and make sure it has check in front of it.
  10. When I manually elevate nozzle temperature, I stays at ambient temperature. When I manually elevate the build plate temperature, error message ER03 occurs.
  11. Try to set your retraction to 0 mm at "pause at height options" then let us see if will works on you, otherwise let me know
  12. I'll be in contact with support (again) about this, but am wondering if anyone else has experienced it and possibly got it fixed. Sometimes when powered up my S5 will takes hours to actulaly power on. You hit the switch and absolutely nothing happens. Quite a few hours later (more then a couple, less then 12...) it will power up (switch was left on). When it does this, it doesn't make a peek; no fan spin, etc. It is .. bizarre. Anyone else see this? Sending my printer in for service will be a huge hassle. (if it would stay on WiFi I'd just never power cycle it... but it won't. Better then before, but still falls off occasionally)
  13. Yesterday
  14. Hello I am trying to print this model from thingiverse https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2837894 When I print the arms I notice that one side (right one on picture) of the arm is twice thinner than it should be. This is seen only on printed object, in Cura GUI everything is correct and both sides of the fork are of the same thickness. Where is the problem? What settings could be used to fix it? I am using Cura 4.2.1, printing with ABS.
  15. On Windows - or - iMac OS ???/
  16. Hello All, I've recently noticed that there is no Rotate Icon in Cura 4.2.1 that I have installed on my computer. I was wondering if any one knows how I can get the icon to show up. I have attached a screen shot of what my work area looks like. Thanks for any and all help!
  17. I just installed 4.3 beta. I have only done a brief look at this old issue. I am very optimistic that the issues I was having seem to be resolved! THANK YOU !!!
  18. When doing testing it's important to know that the extruder on 90% of printers out there will not move the extruder unless you either enable "cold moves" or heat the nozzle above a certain temperature (I think 170F). This detail made me think my stepper was broken for a while but it was fine. Anyway - assuming that's not the problem - it's probably one of the 4 wires that go to the stepper. If any of the 4 wires is broken it won't rotate. Disconnect the stepper from the PCB and measure the resistance of each pair. Each pair should have a resistance of < 24 ohms. Quite a bit less. And the pairs should be isolated from each other so measuring resistance from a while of one pair to either wire of the other pair should be infinite. I suspect there is a broken wire almost certainly at the stepper end or at the PCB end.
  19. Wowzers! That's a scary long and bunch of detailed settings right there! Thank you @burtoogle I guess because it's in Experimental the issue I reported has already been recongnised and will trickle down to default behaviour in a future release ?
  20. Thanks for the project file. The remedy is easy, just enable the bridge settings in the experimental section and the first bridge layer becomes like this... You will find there's a bunch of settings in there for tweaking the bridging behaviour.
  21. I have tried every firmware I can get my hands on and no difference
  22. For me, the selecting issues are fixed in 4.3 beta, haven't seen it anymore.
  23. Hi This will initially sound so obvious. Ive had my UO+ for several years and it works most of the time. I finished a print all fine. next print and the extruder stepper fails to move. So I change the extruder and stepper to my spare. no Joy I checked the extruder by plugging into another output x all worked fine. I then set the machine up as a dual extrusion and plugged into stepper driver 2 to check for a blown stepper driver. no joy. I then bought a new PCB assuming that the stepper driver is well and truly fried and has taken something else out on the board. New PCB and same story....... What the hell is going on???? Ideas please
  24. Those of you that are having issues selecting objects in Cura 4.0-4.2, could you check the Cura 4.3 beta? A fix was included for another issue which may also affect this issue (https://github.com/Ultimaker/Uranium/pull/518)
  25. I think PC filament is too "bendy" for what im looking for. Tensile strenght /flexular modulus are much to low on that spec sheet but thank you for the suggestion. I think ill just purchase fiber force filament.
  26. Thanks @burtoogle. Saved properly this time! Sorry. Please find attached. I tried using Top/Bottom line directions [0,90] but that did not influence the direction of layer 41. modified_MK3_fan_blower.3mf
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