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  2. If you try using the ironing function you may find that will improve the top surface for you. I have only tried it once and in parts of the model it was gobsmackingly good but in other parts it was poor. But I was using Cura 2.7 and I suspect it has been improved in later versions
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  4. Who would have thought ? What are GLOBAL settings then and why they are shown by default ? Thanks for a hint.
  5. For the first issue, check out the “Extruder 1” tab in the profile dialog.
  6. Hi all, I thank you help. Cura 4.0 2 extruder printer. My printer is stopping many times in the same position for most of gcodes. In one of them I looked for the error using gcode.ws analyzer and I found the problem. The first 3 layers (raft layers) are printed with same material (220ºC): -First layer printing ok. -Second layer the printer stops. ("Temperature error"). The command included in the gcode in the middle of 2nd layer: M104 S195 Extruder temperature modification was not needed. So, due to the extruder was printing at 220C, and should continue at this temperature (not 195C), extruder temperature drops down and the printer stops because the feeder can’t push the filament. Why Cura included this command? What can I do to avoid this problem in a long print? (hardest to find the wrong command). Another issue is the Preview of the printing process, it is not real. First layer in Preview is showing extruder 1 but in real it is printed by extruder 2 (what I had decided). I guess these 2 issues have no relation.
  7. thanks, yes i think you are right. I do find that the priming options available on the S5 are not great, the blob does this and with no blob you get streaks of material dragged across the plate !
  8. I experience a problem situation. When i use Polymaker Polymax (the toughpla equivalent), the end of the filament is often quite hard attached to the reel, so it doesn't come off; the printer stops, but at that moment i already have a small "defect" in the print. At this moment i unwind the last meters of the reel manualy, and remove the end. With a full roll, when i don't forget, i try to drill a hole, just at the place where the end is attached to the reel. How do others cope?
  9. I am stil on my first, but had to clean it last week. Used about 30kgs tough pla + pva.
  10. hey hey, our UM2 has just developed this error. often during a print the screen lock up with a couple of lines through it and the interface will stop working. when this happens the print will still _finish_ but the nozzle never retracts so it just sits melting wherever it stopped. i’ve updated the firmware (a couple of times) and tried with new SD cards but the issue still occurs, and i haven’t found any useful way of getting data out about how/why. my gut feeling is that it’s a hardware failure somewhere, but, i’m just wondering if anyone has worked out _what_ that is likely to be or been down this path already? it doesn’t seem to be a reset, because you’d expect printing to stop and the ui to function again, so i’m wondering whether it could be a power supply issue / brown-out, but there’s also not much in the way of power circuitry on the board that you’d expect to go wrong and i’d kindof hope the firmware would detect that. i’d much rather repair the existing mainboard than replace it if it’s possible, but, i’m grasping at straws at the moment as to _what_ would cause the problem.
  11. I'm using a 2 in 1 nozzle so I need it to purge even if it's for support material, but it never purging, since it's switching extruders it really should follow the same rules even if it's for supports. Makes it hard to use PVA supports if I don't get a purge on extruder switch. I assume for 2 colours this is working find but for supports it's not registering the nozzle switch it seems. Unless I'm missing an option that I can't find. Any help in this matter would be great, I can upload a code file if that helps to show there is no prime on support switch. Oddly enough in the preview the prime tower looks to be 100% support but it's only ever printing supports with E0 which is the main colour. The print it's self looks right and it is trying to print with E1 for supports but since there is no prime it's just not working.
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  13. When i edit settings from viewport, i set wall thickness to what ever i want, but when i manage profiles, it always shows 1mm thick. Why is that ? Why every profile i click in the profile manager shows same thing ? Why i cant create PLA or ABS profiles without #'s added to them ?
  14. Hmm, let's just do a quick test of that speculation... Firstly, I used infill line width of 0.6mm and this gives an extrusion rate of 0.075 mm/mm I then sliced again with an infill line width of 0.7mm and now I see an extrusion rate of 0.087 mm/mm 0.7/0.6 = 1.1666 0.087/0.075 = 1.16 OK, so the ratio of the infill line widths doesn't quite match the ratio of the resulting extrusion rates but it certainly doesn't look like a gross error there. At worst, there's a small rounding error but that may just be due to the short segment lengths used in this example.
  15. But all non-infill extrusions are not underfilled at all. Infill only ends up being grossly underfilled when I set a larger infill line thickness (e.g. 0.6 for a 0.4mm nozzle). Whereas Simplify3D produces G-code that makes proper infill lines when I use a default line width of 0.48mm for a 0.4mm nozzle and have the infill line width further inflated by around 130%. People have speculated that there is a bug in Cura that causes it to not increase the fill rate commensurate with how the infill line thickness is increased.
  16. Still using the one that come with my S5 here and it's still fine and i have 108 days of run time on the printer. It's likely you are using prime blobs at the start and you get left with a bit of filament on the cover around the nozzle due to how the prime blob works. So without seeing any image i would say its just burnt filament what you can just clean off.
  17. I sorry, but for me, the sliced model looks complete, nothing is missing in my opinion. If you just mean the texture, then this is a usual texture of a top layer in 3D printing.
  18. Zu 1: Kann ich denn nicht einfach in der jeweiligen Zeile den F Befehl und den Platzhalter weglassen, sodass nur noch der G Befehl und die Richtung vorgegeben ist? Also als Beispiel G1 Z0.6 anstatt G1 Z0.6 F{travel_speed} Zu 2: Genau das macht der Drucker auch er zieht nur 16mm vom ersten Extruder zurück und dann 137mm vom zweiten Extruder vor was die folge hat dass das Filament vom zweiten auf das erste auffährt. Das Projekt hab ich mal dran gehängt hoffe das passt so. Zu 3: Der Code selbst wird direkt von Cura auf einer sd karte ohne Nachbearbeitung gespeichert. Ich will eigentlich auch nicht unbedingt im Gcode was manuell ändern weil mir das ein wenig zu kompliziert und zu aufwendig ist. Hab mit G Code Programmieren seit der Ausbildung nix mehr gemacht und müsst mich erst mal wieder einlesen.😅 Test 2 Farbig.3mf
  19. Hallo, so Dein Cura Profil ist leider nicht zu verwenden, du müsstest über "Cura -> Datei -> Speichern" gehen. Ab Cura 3.6 muss die Dateiendung ".3mf" heißen. Mehrere Sachen sind mir in gcode aufgefallen, Dein Platzhalter {travel_speed} ist falsch, und für Vorschub gibt es soweit ich weis auch keinen Platzhalter der mm/min in gcode einträgt. Müsstest also dein {travel_speed} gegen den direkten Vorschub austauschen Es werden nur 16mm zurückgezogen, aber 137mm vor?? Ursache kann man vielleicht mit Hilfe von Cura Projekt finden Ich habe solche Fragmente in gcode gefunden "p�" oder "��" Das ist meist ein zeichen dafür das die Kodierung nicht stimmt (bearbeitest du den gcode manuell nach den abspeichern von Cura) oder irgendwelche Zeichen (ä,ö $ usw.) die nicht unterstützt werden Gruß
  20. Hello @Timbe, it's still not obvious what the problem is. It would help a lot if you could save the project file (File ->Save) and attach the resulting .3mf file to this thread. Thanks.
  21. Yeah, but don't forget to calibrate your extruder as discussed above!
  22. Sorry, I was on basic fuctions all this time, switched to Expert and the intial layer thickness you mentioned earlier popped up and upon changing that I got my 90 layers. That you for the your time and help Gr5. Gratelly appreciated.
  23. I have the exact same Ultimaker (2 upgraded to 2+) and the exact same problem (back left higher than back right) and no way to level the back. It causes my latest large print to fail every time. Why oh why did they only put ONE adjustment in the back? I hope someone at Ultimaker has ideas about how can we fix this.
  24. Here is picures from cura and pictures from 3d model. Missing top "textures" Hope this help.
  25. I don't understand your problem, so please explain in detail what you mean.
  26. Hello, bon le concentrique c'est pas top car la pièce est fragile niveau paroie, je suis repasser en triangulaire + flow 105%... on verra? Autre surprise impression foirée après 9h (merci AnyDesk pour arrêter la tache à distance) à cause de ce p- - - de PVA de m - - - ! en fait il à bouché ma buse BB à tel point que j'ai du la démonter. Le PVA sortait jaunâtre avant. Voici l'expérience en photos, cela se fait sans problème en étant calme et avec 2 clés de 7mm 🙂 une qui tient au dessus du thermistor et l'autre pour dévisser la buse. Le tube et la buse étaient remplie de PVA cramoisi impossible à retirer en atomique, du coup plongé 2h dans l'eau chaude, hormis l'électronique du printcore, j'ai pu déboucher le tube au cure dent et en soufflant de l'eau chaude dedans comme une paille, mais pas totalement la buse, le fil inox de 0.4mm ne rentrait pas. J'ai donc laissé sécher le tout et remonter la bête sur l'UM3 pour la réchauffer à 225° et déboucher à l'aiguille le PVA devenu fluide. Ensuite bobine PVA directe au four à 40° / 1h, rechargement, et méthode manuelle en poussant le fil pour purger la buse bien dégeulasse. Baisse de la vitesse à 30mm/s et là miracle ! ça remarche impec avec un PVA bien transparent sans crépitements d'humidité. Eh bin si on m'avait dit que le PVA c'était tant la galère... ? Je testerais l'ATLAS PVA FORMFUTURA pour voir si il est mieux que l'Ultimaker ? Aller je relance mon print de 20h doigts croisés + l'oeil d'AnyDesk
  27. Looks like Cura 4.1 Beta doesn't add this feature 😪 Simplify3D has very few advantages over Cura, but proper, fat infill lines when you assign a fat line width is one of them. Seems like an easy fix, hope this feature gets added.
  28. I make some model for 3d print but when i prepare for print got this problem. Model got sliced on top.
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