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  2. I need assistance too..I contacted my distributer here in the UK and they are asking me to pay to send my printer to them to flash via post for a problem caused by early release of Ultimaker firmware. I do not understand why i should burden the cost as it is not my fault (i did not cause this crash) so i hope there is a solution your link can provide me without having to send my printer? I need it operational for obvious reasons
  3. OK @Ray722 it's right from the Ghost's mouth. I believe you have a little light reading ahead of you. I'll look at it too and if I see anything I'll chip in.
  4. I am using the most current version of Cura...I have sliced a domed object and printed it out. The dome of the print is not as smooth as my original image. How can I smooth out the dome of the print so it doesn’t have stepped rigid’s to create the dome? Thank you
  5. Hi, I use Cura 4.8.0 and have a small part placed on the builtplate. Now I want to scroll closer to the part. If I use CTRL and Plus (on keypad) then it zooms in a huge step. The same happens if I use the mouse wheel. The following screenshots show one single scroll step: If I rotate or pan the movement is much smoother compared to zooming. Is there any way to make the zoom happen in more finer steps? Thanks...
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  7. Hey. I can share what I know of the X3G conversion. Thanks for the ping, Greg. The X3GWriter calls upon an executable called GPX to convert g-code to X3G: https://github.com/markwal/GPX The X3G files work slightly differently than g-code files and they need slightly more information. Sometimes this is where mistakes sneak in. GPX accepts extra settings as parameters and Cura translates most of those to machine settings that you can modify through the Printer Settings plug-in on the Marketplace. This means that *machine settings may affect the X3G conversion*. In pa
  8. I'm running Cura 4.8.0 and and hit exactly the same problem. I also remember what preceded it and hope my experience below will be useful to the development team and others who hit the same issue. Essentially, similar to Meich, I also run a dual screen setup at home and his solution of using --> Windows Key + P --->then selecting 'PC only' to switch to only one monitor for a minute did the trick and got past the blank screen. My computer is a relatively maxed out Alienware running an i9 with a beefy Geforce GPU. As it may help in diagnosing the fault
  9. I have not updated my firmware to 6, but my connectivity seems to have fixed itself. I'm guessing it was more to do with our internal networking than the firmware.
  10. Just browsing through the forums to confirm my concers. Natural PVA cannot be handled by the material station. Every 10-15 minutes there is a feeding error and the printer pauses. We have quite some issues with the MS. Also won't load BASF GF or CK fillaments.
  11. The cura documentation said "You can mirror your model along its X, Y, and Z axes". A model can mirrored by a plane. How can it be mirrored by an axis? Thank you for some clues!
  12. Ah, post-processing script is probably sufficient! Thank you... I will look into how to do that.
  13. You could change the initial layer speed. Also you could use the post processing script: change at Z. But if you want it gradually you need to add a lot of these scripts 😉
  14. That is good to hear, thank you for following that route. If I understand it correctly, your issues have been resolved and your printer is now successfully updated to 6.1 Again our apologies for the inconvenience and we're happy we've been able to help you on such a short notice. Have a great day!
  15. i can report, the recovery procedure has worked, my S3 is back up and running
  16. 1000/25.4 = 39.37 So sometimes it's probably meters, and sometimes it's something other. At any rate as ahoeben says it's likely in Solid Edge either in the drawing units, or it's an STL export utility setting.
  17. Would I be right in assuming that if the PSU was the root cause then there would be failure in the 24v components also? If the failure is limited to the 5Vdc then the root cause must have been in the Ultimaker machine? Playing Sherlock Holmes here, ha ha. I'm searching the machine for another root cause failure before I power anything up.
  18. Thank you very much, i will give it a try this evening. ☺️
  19. Yes! The feature is called "skin expand distance". If you set it to 100 for example it will completely close those or you can set it to say 4mm and it will give much stronger attachment between top skin and walls sitting above.
  20. Hallo ich lasse auch immer "fast" alles drin. Auch PA. Nur PVA nehme ich jeweils wieder raus. Das nutze ich sehr selten und ich habe den Eindruck das es in der MS mit der Zeit brüchiger wird.Wobei das auch am PVA selbst liegen kann. "Nichts Genaues weiß man nicht" 😉 Viele Grüße
  21. You can change the Z height to 0.28 mm or another layer height. You will have than one layer printed. See the example below. Please let me know if that will work for you.
  22. Hallo zusammen, ich habe noch nicht viel Erfahrung mit dem Drucken von ABS und habe seit einigen Bauteilen eine Fehlermeldung am Drucker, die ich in der Anleitung nicht direkt finden konnte. Falls dieses Thema schon mal jemand hatte, tut es mir leid, aber ich konnte nichts finden, das auf mein Problem passt. (in diesem Fall bitte einfach den anderen Titel oder so verlinken) Zugegebenermaßen, ich drucke aktuell mit dem UMS5 ein ABS Material von Formfutura. Drucktemperatur 250 Betttemperatur 120 zur besseren Haftung am Druckbett: Haarspray + selbstgeba
  23. The angled part of the wheel is in shadow so I can't see it. The working part of the wheel is the angled area (as it moves in the track). If those slice marks do not extend onto the angled portion then it is not an issue. The print looks good. Overshoot can be caused by loose belts or other forms of backlash as well has high print speeds. Enabling Accel and Jerk control with low values (like 500 Accel and 8 Jerk) can help by slowing the print head before a turn, but with short runs like on that part it doesn't come into play very much (unless you have Accel and Jerk control tur
  24. Thanks! Now I'm getting it. It seems I should spend time looking for an overload demand or short on the 5Vdc as a root cause.
  25. no sorry, thought i had replied !, yes, UM S5
  26. Is it possible to set cura up that the top under the wall are closed? So that the printer not need to make little gap fills and the top looks nicer.
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