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  2. same issue. Cura 4.0. first layer complete with E1. First layer should be mixed, E1 and E2 for support. This way adhesion would be much better. Any help?
  3. A bit late but do you need really a support setup for this? I had seen this some time ago too. If I remember correct, this behavior came from enabling support in combination with an additional experimental setting. But I can't remember what exact, maybe something with tree support?
  4. Thanks a lot for your suggestions, will try that :)
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  6. Look for PI Printer Settings via marketplace for more detailed settings. Once you have install it you will find all possible entries right hand in custom view below experimental settings.
  7. Hi, Found two things that I wonder if they are malfunctioning: 1. Added the printer Anycube Chiron, and I can't see any possibility to edit neither Machine settings or Update Firmware (as I can with the Creality Ender 3). /Settings/Printer/Manage Printers... 2. I think someone already mentioned this but the plugin Sidebar GUI doesn't work. It installs but have no effect. Other than that all seem fine for me! 🙂
  8. Not sure what machine you are using, but as far as I know, the priming tower is for dual nozzle prints. I could be wrong, but, it is my understanding.
  9. Because it never purges the previous color it just retracts the previous color and runs in the 2nd color and starts printing instead of going to the priming tower, so you have the purge or contaminated color in the model. After that all other extruder swaps it does correctly.
  10. ?????? you are only using one nozzle? How are you getting a 'mixed' colour on the model?
  11. Bonjour, Je rencontre exactement le même problème. Tout essayé mais rien à faire.
  12. Deselect "infill before walls" in the infill tab. Also disable "compensate wall overlaps". That worked to me and to everyone I helped with this issue, which are a lot.
  13. Ich habe einen Vergleich am laufen zwischen G-Code Ulitimaker 2 und Marlin. Außer dass Merlin deutliche mehr Einstellungen bietet gibt es am Druckprodukt keine Unterschiede. Was meint ihr dazu?
  14. Hmm, that is strange, I never had to restart the printer itself. So I guess the printer has lost the network connection for whatever reason.
  15. Solved... I resoldered the smd-thermistor (PT100) as the guy in the youtube-video and now it seams to be fixed (i am printing now over 2 hour's without problems). While the heat bed was "cold" the PT100 worked fine, but when i gets warm the values (ohm) wets wired (i tested it carefully with a heatgun). Opticly everything looked fine and in "cold" condition i wasn't able to get wrong values (pushing on it from different directions and so on...). so not knowing if it helps i just put two ugly solder-clumps on both sides of the PT100 and from that point on i wasn't able to reproduce the problem.
  16. Having the same issue here! Also using the A10M and as long as i dont switch the extruders its all good. I am using Cura 4.0.0 can someone help`?
  17. Anycubic i3 mega默认设置了“填充支撑”选项,把这个取消就好了。
  18. OMG! Swiss spam!!! Somehow I have a bad conscience now... https://www.youmagine.com/stevenbalmer/designs
  19. Hello @nubnubbud. In theory it's just a matter of cloning the cura-build-environment repo and following the instructions to build that and then cloning the cura-build repo and following the instructions to build that. However, I have found that I cannot build a working cura using the master branches of those repos. In my forks of those repos I have my own branches that I work from (mb-linux, mb-windows and mb-osx). I am no longer able to build a working OS X binary but the mb-linux and mb-windows branches work with the current master branches of the cura sources. So, you could try cloning my repos and trying to build from them. See https://github.com/smartavionics/cura-build-environment and https://github.com/smartavionics/cura-build. Hope this helps.
  20. I have attached a newer file in a .zip this time. This file needs to be placed in (assuming the default installation location): C:\Program Files\Ultimaker Cura 4.0\plugins\PostProcessingPlugin\scripts You will see all the other scripts if you are in the right place. I have also attached (in a .zip) the Gcode file for a 3DBenchy generated on my system using Cura 4.0, Tevo Terantula, with pauses at layer 10, layer 20, and height 3.3mm (approximately layer 30). There are lots of parameters to be set with this version of the script and the defaults should do something sensible but you will have to experiment. PauseAtHeightorLayer3.zip TT_3DBenchy.zip
  21. I've been trying to build the program so I could add some functionality that's sorely needed, but I've been sitting here for 2 days, building dependency after dependency, so that I can use those to build the dependencies for cura's dependencies, only to learn something is wrong from an indecipherable error. I'm at wit's end and now is as good a time as ever to ask: What am I doing wrong, from a technique standpoint? am I using the wrong build? why are there 4 different ways to build it, and which is the correct/current one? do I build the environment, and how do I manage that when following the directions don't produce any results? do I build all the dependencies manually like it says in the other guides?
  22. I understand keeping the tower the same height, but when it switches for the next color change on the 1st layer it never goes to the prime tower, it just switches and prints the mixed color in the model.
  23. You have set a Change at Z-Height (Extensions - Post Processing - Modify G-Code), you set the temperature at layer 1 to 210 °C, the default print temperature is at 205 °C. I would remove the Change at Z-Height, that doesn't make sense to me. Another cause may be the activated cooling fan, I would uncheck that and give it another try.
  24. Thanks ahoeben, Now I found it. But for some reason under Ubuntu Gnome the menu bar does not look like it is part of the application, may be because of the large Cura logo band just below the menu bar is overwhelming it. See attached image I spent two day looking for a way to access the Extensions Menu but did not see the menu bar in spite of it is in front of me. Thanks anyway for your quick response.
  25. That's a great looking piece of work. Thanks for showing me the way you've used different solutions.
  26. hi peterbrown77 I now have the same problem. How do you fix it? Thank you
  27. tomnagel

    S5 Active Level

    In firmware release 5.2, Active leveling has become a lot faster because only a part of the build plate is measured (the part that is printed upon)! Model-based active leveling. We've boosted the efficiency of active leveling on the Ultimaker S5. Instead of probing the entire build plate, only the footprint of the model is measured before a print starts. Disabled print cores are skipped to speed up the process. To make use of this feature, prints need to be prepared using Ultimaker Cura 4.0 or above.
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