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  2. Here's another thread with the same issue (U6 burned out):
  3. Quick update: after upgrading to 5.6 I have not had any space or network connectivity issues.
  4. Is the part available somewhere in exchange Part number?
  5. Thanks for the review, I’ve been on the fence for a while now and while I have a printbite surface, this looks like a better solution. Quick question - any reason you used the 220x220 size instead of the 235x235?
  6. Diode D16 was also broken, as @Torgeir suggested. Will replace U6 and D16, let's hope this will work. I found a few "classic bugs" on the PCB... Could they sufficiently conduct to kill the regulator? I assume a component failure is more likely...
  7. Not sure I follow your comment but I’m happy with the part and haven’t had any disasters or ‘head flood’ moments since, even with print adhesion fails. Each to their own
  8. All clear and dry. I thought it would be done with an explanation at first, too. I can well understand the -rmerlo- and many others here. That's why I like to measure up a little. I cannot explain it. The situation of the people is, like my own, difficult to transfer. You have to experience that yourself. I've been printing many thousands of hours with UM2+ for five years. No problem at all. But the S5 Pro is unfortunately a different matter.
  9. Today
  10. Ok, if you're the type that struggles to set the clock on your microwave, UM's flavor of Cura is for you. But you're flat wrong about S3D not handling dual extruders well. My son and I both have dual machines (mine is similar to UM's - his is dual directs sharing the Xaxis. ) S3D handles them both quite well, which is yet another reason we use it. Cura isn't slow, UM made it that way... Features? you gotta be kidding me.. I already listed some things it won't do... there are others.
  11. Same problem here... UM2+ is about 6 years old. @Riboflavin did you solve your issue? The chip would be easy to replace, but if it's just a symptom and not the cause, we should find the cause first...
  12. Hi Suffolksails, Did the sliding blocks have cracks? Torgeir
  13. Hi Torgeir, Result!! Yes we had a closer look and came up with a similar 'fix'... Looks like we need to order new ones and take the machine apart 🤔
  14. Hi Folks, No problem, -it's sure subjective.. 🙂 I've been measuring this temperature a long time ago and found this temperature to be between about (50-70) Deg.C. during "normal" use - printing all the ting from PLA to Nylon with my UM2E+ (-with geared X/Y steppers). This all will depend of your filament type, printer setting and length of operating time in order to print your object. Sometimes we need to close up our printer to make sure that the temperature stay hi and steady, in such situation the stepper motors become very hot and this can lead to lubrication problems in the stepper bearings (grease leak out from the bearings). But if you need to print "exotic" thermoplastic like peek etc., -an Ultimaker printer is an excellent individual to use solving such problems. This is true as you can install the X/Y steppers outside the printer and keep it away from this hi temp area inside! However, this is probably of more interest for special purpose project and experimenters. Hmm, about mechanical geared steppers there is some interesting issue. When you do this, the need for torque decrease but the need for speed increase. A stepper that is doubling it's speed loose torque as the magnetic field build up take time and this is a constant for iron cores used in here, so as a result the magnetic field strength become to be weaker and weaker as speed increase. So it cannot go as fast as other electric motors. Anyway, interesting. Thanks Torgeir
  15. EDM wire- funny that is exactly what I use. not too hard it will scratch or break, but strong enough for the job. I did not mention it, as most people would have no idea what you are talking about!
  16. Hi @Suffolksails, There is an emergency fix for this, but only works if there is no cracks in the the "black" sliding blocks.. I've been using "post it labels paper" cut to match the width of the block (13 mm or 1/2") actually like a rectangle.. A "shims" like this will increase the clamping and is a permanent solution for my UM2+ (been for 3 yrs). Here's a picture of how I did it. Don't use to much paper around the axe, -if, it will be hard to snap on and the block may crack! Try to adjust so it become like the ones that's ok. Hope this helps until you have got a new replacement. Good luck. Thanks Torgeir
  17. I missed this post, but Netweaver reached out to me. I posted my spacer on youmagine: https://www.youmagine.com/designs/sanjiu-spacer-for-um2 I don't think it's good for flexibles.
  18. Hello -- new 3D user. I bought 2+ late last year and been looking at a dual extruder upgrade. I see references to Mark2 but that doesn't seem to be active anymore/or no longer working? What is the possible dual extruder upgrade path for 2+? Thanks much.
  19. My printer don't have the second extruder yet, but I'm wondering if it's possible to slice in Cura to use Extruder 1 for interface layers only. The use case in my mind is PLA/ABS/common material on E0, and E1 would either use expensive filament such as water soluble PVC, or devices that don't actually print such as a felt pen on a solenoid or some frickin' lasers to process surfaces anyhow. End result is you get to print almost everything in same cheap materials but interface at top and bottom layers between the object and the support will be clean and easy to separate. Inspiration is from here: https://forum.prusaprinters.org/forum/english-forum-general-discussion-announcements-and-releases/new-method-of-printing-perfect-supports/
  20. Hello, i have had this printer for little over 2 years. I have hardly used it. Am willing to sell it for 3000 flat. Thank you this printer does not deserve to be collecting dust.
  21. Ok, I put it here and see if this works. I don't know why the dropbox will not work. It shows it allows. Try this one: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TYkTCjCF_0aJT-3i3OEw_nrTM-1miRC0/view?usp=sharing
  22. Print thin walls works on an experimental model but not on the part I downloaded. Bizarre! I used .5mm line width with .4mm nozzle and Print Thin Walls checked. My experimental model has a 0 width then 0.1 then 0.2 etc. walls where circle holes are close to outer wall. Grateful for the help. CuraPrintThinWallsTest.stl sample_riser_LS10.stl sample_riser_LS10.3mf
  23. If the block blocks don't fit tight in your printhead shafts...they may need to be replaced. The plastic can get soft if there's too much enclosed heat. The front/back blocks are going to get impacted by this before the left/right ones due to the orientation (the front/back pair have the opening closer to the bed, plus gravity is worse on those since it's an upside down U to hold the printhead shaft). I recommend replacing the block halves/sliding block set.
  24. Sure - building a well adapted firmware should be part of the team project anyway, shouldn't it? The usual steps for this case are: download the firmware source files from https://github.com/Ultimaker/UM2.1-Firmware make your changes to Configuration.h compile a new *.hex file upload the new firmware to the printer But you're not limited to the Ultimaker Marlin. One can use newer Marlin versions (or even a completely different firmware) that support more features (think of additional sensors, assisted leveling, filament detection and such stuff...) Since you obviously have a team and a fablab at hand... let it grow and think bigger! 😁
  25. Hello i had an Geeetech A30T with 3in1 Extruder. (by the way a integration in cura were fine). now i had read, that cura only suport wipetower for two extruders. what is understandable because next colour would be a higher layer on tower. but what if you make smaller tower for each single destinationcolour instead of one big for all.(does't matter wich colour was before only whitch should come next) so it is relativ if you have 2, 5 or 9 extruders at your printer and it should be posible to use mixed colours in diamondextruders and co. (like blu red and violette) in multi-part-models
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