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  2. When slicing a model that has some flat surfaces inside, the slicer creates that portion of the layer with many small segments of lines. Photo 1shows the "interim" stage, and 2 shows the end result. (Each of the "blank" areas have a wall or some feature that appears a few layers above or below that current layer.) The next layer is turned 90 degrees but still leaves the same blank spaces to fill in. Is there some way to get it to print the 100 or so lines in one pass instead of breaking it up into so many short lines, with all the associated 'travels' and retractions?
  3. Thanks for sharing, do you have any photos mounted to give me an idea of how it looks?
  4. I have the same issue from time to time and I think it can have several reasons. When PLA gets too dry it breaks easily. So maybe the room is too dry - check the humidity there. Another reason could be how old the filament is. PLA gets brittle over the time. And from my personal experiences it depends on the filament type/brand. For example a spool of Colorfabb matte PLA is brittle as hell and I opened the spool some weeks ago, so not too old. I am also sure the sun light is now the best for the filament. So when you only print from time to time, unload it
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  6. I have an Ultimaker 2+ that I've kept in my basement for years... Though it's not as dry down there as it should be, I never had an issue with leaving spools on the printer for weeks or months at a time.. Since last summer I moved the printer to a room upstairs... and since then, lets say I put a new spool on, print for a few days, and leave the spool on the printer for a couple weeks, What happens is next time I print the print fails because the filament became brittle inside bowden tube, and up to the first wind on the spool. So what causes that? It'
  7. Just to add to what the others have said - even if you were to print that there isn't any way to get the support out without destroying it. It would be like an eggshell and the support would be stronger than the shell.
  8. I got it to slice if I set line width to 0.4mm and check the box "print thin walls" but this is going to be very delicate. I think you might want to make it a bit thicker. Try making walls 0.8mm thick in fusion (and still check the "print thin walls" checkbox) and I think it will be strong enough for your needs. I'm just guessing as I don't know how strong it needs to be.
  9. With a little trial an error I managed to make it work using a 1uF Electrolitic Capacitor. I started with 10uF, but always showed temp above 170 °C, it was right on the 200°C range. I have been able to print for several hours with no issues. Still don't know which the original values were.
  10. I´ m agree with you, guys. @mechanic75 To give priviliges to folder and files add the user who should in the admin group to drive 😄 and submid all files and folders to add fullly rights. @DrCeeVee I´´ m going back to 4.8.0. Even I could really find some benefits the new release. At least I´´ m sorry to tell mostly using Prusa slicer with works through all releases perfectly.
  11. Can not get it to work on 4.9.1, any idea? First tried to copy old one from 4.8.0, but nahh. Then tried to download new version, but still nothing.. Tried to put in in both "Program Files\Ultimaker Cura 4.9.1\plugins", and in the config folder "Users\xxxxx\AppData\Roaming\cura\4.9\plugins", But guess what, still nothing. Not showing up under the plugins in Cura at all. Wierd..
  12. Hmm...also entweder muss ich auf 0,1mm runter bei der ersten Schicht oder es liegt an der Datei, beim Druck des Deckels jetzt grade trat wieder dasselbe Problem auf... Das komische daran ist aber, dass es trotzdem haftet wie Sau.
  13. I am trying to print an art asset sculpted with multiple meshes. It does not respond well to remeshing but tests using Union Overlapping Volumes look good. I also want to embed geometry created in CAD as a negative, but when I try to boolean the objects by adding a cutting mesh (set to 0 walls, 0 top, 0 bottom, 0 infill) the sculpt object slices as though the required union setting wasn't checked. Checking Union Overlapping Volumes in the cutting layer as well had no effect. I tried the infill subtraction mode also just for troubleshooting purposes and it does seem to function as e
  14. this my sterr Fatal Python error: Aborted Thread 0x00002568 (most recent call first): File "C:\Program Files\Ultimaker Cura 4.9.1\plugins\USBPrinting\USBPrinterOutputDeviceManager.py", line 79 in _updateThread File "threading.py", line 870 in run File "threading.py", line 932 in _bootstrap_inner File "threading.py", line 890 in _bootstrap Thread 0x00002244 (most recent call first): File "threading.py", line 306 in wait File "zeroconf\__init__.py", line 2117 in wait File "zeroconf\__init__.py", line 1434 in run File "threading.
  15. Will be following this thread with interest. As much as I love my Ultimaker S5 (and that's a lot), I will not be upgrading from Cura 4.8.0 to any other version, unless I see a unanimous positive reaction to the new version from the community. I've wasted two days trying to "fix" my printer, and it was all due to a buggy Cura 4.9.0. Most importantly, I unsealed a brand-new spool of Ultimaker PVA (I thought the old one was to blame) which is now slowly degrading and absorbing moisture. I know we should all be trying new things, helping out, etc., but I'm afraid I cannot a
  16. hi all . I hope I'm in the right place. I've now installed 4.9.1. now when I send print from fusion 360 to open cura it fails saying priverliges not available . works fine on 4.8.0. I've read lots about using custom and picking cura in applications. still no good. does any one now how to fix this.? or any advise that might help. thanks d
  17. same issue with win 7... before (cura 4.8) all is fine... all suggested windows update are alreeady installed... cleaned also appdata folder... no way to run cura 4.9
  18. What is the main difference between Ultimake 3D printers compared to other brands? I want to hear some opinions. Thanks!
  19. 1) I think you have an issue with your Z axis. I think it slipped too far vertically. This is a very common problem among 3d printers and could be caused by dirt in the z screw or lower quality parts - either znut, zscrew, vertical rods, vertical bearings. I could be wrong - it's possible the extruder stopped extruding for a layer. These gaps can also be caused by bad layer adhesion and cooling/warping but then the gap would be a different thickness in different locations. So I don't think it's that. Is this the type of printer where the Bed moves down as it prints? Or the type of print
  20. hi! I am rather new to the topic of 3d printing. I completed a project to cover my token that i have on fusion 360. However, when i tried to slice it with the newest version of cura (4.9.1), it did not slice the curved part. Could someone help me resolve this issue? If your managed to, please tell me what was the problem, and the solution to it. Also, send me the file that you had sliced. Thank you very much!!Joel_trace.stl
  21. Der fehlende Einzugstropfen war offenbar einer der Hauptgründe für 4.9.1. Ich kann bestätigen, daß er wieder wie gewohnt funktioniert; 4.9.1 ist eine Installation wert 😉
  22. Download the Cura installation files. Run the installation program. When it runs it should ask you to pick a printer. (If you have already installed Cura then go to "Settings | Printer | Add Printer") Under "Add a non-networked printer" scroll to Creality and click on it. Go to the Ender 5 and click on it. On the right will be a name box. I suggest you add or change something to make the name unique. Ignore the questions about using the cloud. After installation Cura should start. Look around the screen and learn the layout of the area and where toolbars and comma
  23. Me too! I have a UM3 at home and would love to get all the newer features on it!
  24. Hi, This could be caused by many different things, although it's unlikely the Digital Factory as that part of the system just transfers the files. Since you indicate the problem started after updating to Cura 4.9, I'll move this question over to that subforum. In the meantime, a few questions to help you debug: 1. Did you recently update the firmware version on your Pro Bundle? And if so, did the problem start after that? 2. Can you try slicing something again in Cura 4.8 (you can install multiple versions of Cura side by side), and see if the problem a
  25. Hi, The backups are securely stored in Ultimaker's cloud. You can restore a backup in any installation of Cura as long as you're signed in with your Ultimaker Account (for example you can create a backup on your desktop and restore it on your laptop, as a way to synchronise settings between Cura installations). There is currently no option to download the backups and store them on your own computer or cloud service. However you could quite easily achieve this by using for example the Selective Sync feature of Dropbox and selecting the Cura user folder as one of the fold
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