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  2. So now that you know, you can add M302 to the top of all your print jobs and you should be able to print at 160C just fine.
  3. Why in this version, Geeetech printers as the A20M are not in the list anymore ???
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  5. I am starting to suspect that something is wrong with my Y axis positioning, but it doesn't happen in all circumstances, just in some special cases like this one. I am also having problems with bottom layer not touching some of the walls, leaving gaps very noticeable with Concentric fill pattern and to a lesser extend with Lines filling pattern (on the image of the fork a gap in filling the top layer can be seen too). This also seems to be Y positioning related. For some reason it all happens only with ABS filament. With PLA everything was just fine and I didn't have such problems, so I cannot figure out if it is something with my printer or ABS print settings. I lubricated hotbed sliding bearing and it helped a little, I am planning to order and replace timing belts and print Y-belt tensioner.
  6. Is it possible you made a firmware change? The “no cold extrusion” is handled in firmware on the printer.
  7. Are your gantry rods square? Others who have had uneven dimensions had slipped a tooth somewhere.
  8. In the left extruder, you have the z offset set to 0.15. In the right extruder, the z offset is set to 0.2. The Z Offset plugin currently takes the lowest of the two values. I'm guessing your initial layer height is set to 0.2; the first layer is corrected by the plugin to 0.2 + 0.15 = 0.35 (see line 46 of the gcode file you attached)
  9. The model has problems, here's what cura's mesh tools says about it...
  10. I also asked Aliexpress seller SANJIUPrinter 3D Research Center Store and he managed to source the insulator. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000192534992.html?spm=a2g0s.12269583.0.0.1e76454cuxyrYf
  11. It appears this has been fixed. Here are the code changes made to the PauseAtHeight.py script. https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/commit/6ed57838a9c35bb063b68bd609c6a5a452898aa9#diff-3e58768c03d7c85bf31b60e0ed2d51eb I made a backup and replaced the contents of that file with the new code found here. https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Ultimaker/Cura/master/plugins/PostProcessingPlugin/scripts/PauseAtHeight.py In the middle of a long print so I can't confirm but please post back your results. Thanks. RK
  12. The model does appear to have a solid bottom... Can you please provide a project that includes the profile (File -> Save). Thanks.
  13. When I slice the model, the bottom layer gets cut off, and the holes become filled... header.stl
  14. It could've been the case if I didn't get the same result 3 times in a row. I tried to change settings from 0.15mm to 0.2mm, Infill pattern, but that didn't change anything.
  15. Can't judge from the picture, but did the right arm come off the bed a bit? In that case you have an adhesion problem.
  16. Yep there you have it Im an idiot. 180c and printing fine. This all leads back to the fact that my pt100 on my nozzle under reads. So to stop burning filament Ive dropped my print temps. I couldn't understand why abs kept burning even at 200c printing brown colour. What is odd is that I changed my temps some time ago a month or two and all was fine. I have updated Cura recently and maybe that is the cause of the change in how the G code is written. Thanks V much for your suggestion.
  17. Sure I realize that but swapping nozzles all the time isn't something i want to do. I need to print at 4mm all the time and i really dont want to bother changing the nozzle / and manually releveling the bed constantly( i do run a ultimaker 2 that need to be manually leveled after every nozzle swap), Id rather just pay more for filament that works for my setup. Thanks though for the obvious solution, but for me that wont work.
  18. Thanks a lot! That solved the problem! You're absolutely right, the name is very misleading. Best regards, 0x5f3759df
  19. It was the value of Minimum Infill Area that was causing that skin not to be printed. It seems to me that setting has completely the wrong name and blurb because the effect it has is to remove areas of skin that have an area smaller than that value and it has nothing to do with infill.
  20. Hi yes I’m currently testing no filament. have tried all temps and doing a print. All is normal but no filament is extruded. ive tried commanding an extrude and noting happens. stepper is not powered. It’s free to move. ahh just read your message again I’m printing at 160c... and have been for a while. will increase the temp and try again.
  21. Ok, back to the newest. And here you are, Z offset at 0.2mm (also the first layer horizontal expansion to -0.5 to get a goot firts layer without the elephant foot 😉 Many thanks! UMS5_2x spacer for Y belt holder.gcode
  22. Hi yes I’m currently testing no filament. have tried all temps and doing a print. All is normal but no filament is extruded. ive tried commanding an extrude and noting happens. stepper is not powered. It’s free to move.
  23. Use the one from the Marketplace. The one linked above may be an older version; don't use it anymore. Please share a (small) gcode file with a non-zero value for Z Offset.
  24. Sorry! I didn't know that! Here it is: CFFFP_Cura-Bug-No-Shell-Above-Support_6_5.3mf
  25. Please upload a copy of cura.log somewhere and post a link here. There's probably a hint in there.
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