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  2. But there needs to be *another* G92 when it goes from extruder at 4 meters back to zero meters - well into the file. You had E4158 and then suddenly it goes back to E0.04 There needs to be another G92 E0 between those. Otherwise it will retract the 4.158 meters of filament just as you described.
  3. Oh I just saw that there is Cura 4.0, thank you very much, I will try with the new one and update if the problems still occur
  4. Nope, it's all standard. What I've just done, was do a clean install of Cura 4. Now I can see the G92 codes that are needed, are indeed there. I also noticed that saving a file after slicing is done in seconds, where before it was minutes. So I guess that somewhere in the upgrade from 3.6.0 to 4.0.0, something went wrong. And despite having this in my start G-code: G1 Z15.0 F{travel_speed} ;move the platform down 15mm G92 E0 ;zero the extruded length G1 F200 E3 ;extrude 3mm of feed stock G92 E0 ;zero the extruded length again G1 F{travel_speed} M117 Printing... The generated code was this: G1 X0 Y0 Z15 ;zero the extruded length G1 F200 E3 ;zero the extruded length again G1 E0 M117 Printing... And I didn't notice that G92 was missing. I would say your answer pointed right to the problem, and re-installing solved it. Thanks a lot!
  5. I'm also experiencing it, but i'm not sure if I had this behaviour before the update or not. My UM3 is pretty new (received it mid of March 2019) and as the firmware was updated almost immediatly, I don't really know if it's specific to the new firmware or CURA 4. Anyway, i'm also experiencing this blob being carried out by the nozzle, especially for the PVA on printcore 2. Even when not rolling it's little ball, the nozzle gets full of plastic and the outside of it is soon carbonize, also this does not at first glance adversly impact the prints (when the blob doed not get stuck in the middle of the print, but now i'm quite trained to quicky pick it up in the first minutes of the print.) For sure the issues i'm having with the new firmware + cura 4 are : - XY calibration not working (I've been reading about the ugly manual push fix...) - automatic levelling not working, when activated, the nozzle almost scratch the glass and there is no extrusion possible. I've been factory resetting the UM3 but same behaviours... I've seen the instruction to rollback to 4.3.3 but I don't want to open the machine... I really hope that Ultimaker will solve this mess quickly, it's been out for more than a month now. ETA / progress bra updates (you know those smart UI/UX widgets that keeps users to wait patiently in front of their computers during long task runs) for the next "hotfix" would really be welcome... regards
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  7. Has anyone experienced the blob extrusion issue? Since the update? Goes to print the Blob, after a short extrude Z moves down, extrudes some more. Z raises into print head, Print head moves to start of print position dragging some/if not all of the blob with it. Initially i wiped the nozzle to remove the blob. At the time i was just happy my printer was alive after updating🤦‍♂️ Is there any update from UM on when the fixes will be released? how long has it been now? The reason this isnt even bigger for UM is that not everyone has upgraded. (my work 5+ machines, some of my mates 3+ machines etc to name people i know) But when those users start to update the small trickle of issues will get bigger and bigger. (look how many UM users have just signed up with 1 post to complain!) Like many other people on here I'm really disappointed. I would expect this from a cheap Chinese manufacture but not from UM. I feel like I've fallen for the marketing (as per usual). Really not impressed and wont be recommending forward.
  8. Interesting. The 5.2 thread issues never end. Mine is slightly different to yours in the video. mine goes to extrude the blob, Then the Bed drops for more extrusion. -Great. However when its finished... the z goes UP to the print core, and forces the blob into the nozel then drags the blob across the plate, Being covered in plastic it then goes to start printing and every print is ruined. Not going to be so eager to update my firmware in future thats for sure!
  9. Je pense que tu peux éditer le GCODE avant d'envoyer l'impression pour retirer la ligne de calibration.
  10. Est-ce que tu es sûr de bien être en unité métriques ?
  11. Okay so the problem is in the gcode, not the printer. Something is quite wrong there. Marlin runs on an arduino which is VERY limited and there are many efficiency improvements that can be a problem. One of them is that the extruder position is stored in a floating point number that only has so many significant digits so every few meters, cura resets the extruder back to zero, but should have also included a G92 command to let Marlin know. As in: G92 E0 I can see the extruder was up to 4.1 meters so it makes sense that it would go back to zero around this point but the "G92 E0" is missing. Do you have a plugin that removes all G92 commands maybe? Or did you do some kind of hand edit and remove all G92 commands?
  12. i have this same problem recently. did you find a solution?
  13. Is there a reason you are still using 3.6? Would suggest retrying with 4.0 and see whether it still occurs. Personally, I doubt that you will still get support for 3.6. Even if someone finds a bug in this release, there will be never an updated version of it, e.g. version 3.6.1. It is normally not intended by Ultimaker to release bugfixes for older versions.
  14. I found out another thing, when I examined the gcode again. I know for that the last time the extruder reversed, the Z position was at 28. At that height, I saw that I have a blank line in my code, and nowhere else (except for the header). In the same block, the extruder value drops from 4158 to 0.04. Is this an error, or not? Here is the piece of code: ;LAYER:278 ;MESH:MotorConnector5.stl G0 X117.716 Y134.017 Z28 ;TYPE:WALL-INNER G1 F2400 X117.535 Y133.977 E4155.08934 G1 X115.269 Y133.493 E4155.11703 G1 X115.269 Y75.746 E4155.83718 G1 X117.816 Y75.746 E4155.86645 G1 X117.716 Y133.831 E4156.59087 G1 X117.716 Y133.832 E4156.59088 G1 X117.816 Y134.021 E4156.59229 G0 F7200 X117.916 Y134.206 G1 F2400 X117.916 Y134.207 E4156.59231 G1 X118.038 Y134.294 E4156.59461 G1 X117.857 Y134.254 E4156.59603 G1 X115.069 Y133.734 E4156.63139 G1 X114.969 Y75.545 E4157.35828 G1 X118.016 Y75.445 E4157.39503 G1 X117.916 Y134.206 E4158.12787 G0 F7200 X118.106 Y134.566 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER G1 F1200 X114.819 Y133.934 E0.04174 G1 X114.719 Y75.294 E0.77424 G1 X118.266 Y75.194 E0.81724 G1 X118.166 Y134.518 E1.55708 G1 X118.166 Y134.519 E1.55709 G1 X118.288 Y134.607 E1.55941 G1 X118.106 Y134.566 E1.56083 G0 F7200 X117.911 Y134.523 G0 X117.962 Y134.3 G0 X117.777 Y134.032
  15. Hi Smithy Yes, the picture shown is what I export to Cura I redrew the item from scratch and i managed to export properly I think????? the problem was to do with the extrude function and using a 'new body' instead of using the 'join' function??? Its weird because Fusion 360 made the mesh ready for slicing showing the components! Thanks for your interest b
  16. So I started using Cura 3.6 and I came to some problems. Generally I was using my XYZware for printing and all as I have DaVinci printer. But you can still export the g-code and then print with the settings you like and I changed it because in XYZ there are not so many options as there are in Cura. Yet, I happen to have problems with prints and I don't know why. I attached some photos of a 2x2x2cm calibration cube. Using XYZ it prints very well and there are no round corners or anything wrong at all. But when I use Cura, even at exactly the same settings, prints came out like the one in this post. What can I do to make my printer print normally again?
  17. danke habe es dort gefunden 🙂
  18. Stimmt so. Daran hat sich in den Einstellungen nichts geändert.
  19. Is the missing part, combined with the body you export?
  20. Ich hab gerade kein Cura 4 bei der Hand, aber die Einstellung sollte die gleiche sein:
  21. It seems there has appeared a new procedure: to ensure, the lift switch ist in "down" position before rising (and so fitting in the lift switch bay), the print head moves to the backside of the lift switch bay (if it's "up" at that time, this motion will knock it to the "down" position) ?? When moving the lift switch up and down (automatic or manually via the menu options) or doing a lift switch test, does it work right?
  22. Grüße, Ich habe eine Frage zu Cura Version 4.0.0 Bei einem Bekannten habe ich die Version neu installiert der hatte vorher kein Cura, bei Ihm ist es so das der nicht Auto nach jeder einstellung Slicen tut... erst wenn er auf Slice drückt macht er das. Das hätte ich auch gerne so, weil er jedes mal wenn man zum beispiel einen Struktur Blocker einbauen möchte wie wild anfängt zu slicen. Finde aber die einstellung nicht kann jemand helfen ?!? Danke
  23. I started having this problem with my UM3E+ after the latest updates. What should I do?
  24. Hello, can you tell me your experience with the S5 + S3D? I was a fan of S3D, in the tinkering time, now i am all into the automatic workflow of Cura, but is miss some features, the speed and the interface of S3D. I just downloaded the latest verzion, but already, i see that by default the mix up the extruders (left PVA + right PLA), not like it is standard used on the S5. Many thanks, for your input 😉
  25. I'm working with FreeCAD-dailybuilds. Is there another possibility to get working the plugin than installing the stable version of FreeCAD?
  26. There is a way to print in the order you want and its pretty simple in cura. All you have to do place the items closest to the "scan line" and it will print in that order. Let me explain: Cura basically "scans" your bed from left to right. Whenever the "scan line" touches an object it gets recorded to be printed 1st. To print the second object just move it 0.1 mm to the right from the first object and it will get printed second no matter where on the bed it is.
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