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  2. I already changed the princore, the bowden tube, cleaned the material feeder servo box. It printed super well a 3 days print. Yesterday, when I started a new print, the same problem occur: it starts printing well and then underextrude:
  3. I'm using tough PLA for my AA and PVA natural for my BB
  4. I would agree if the values of the "unlocked visibility" settings wouldn't be saved, but they do. And I can see in the config folder the "cura.cfg" file gets changed. Is there another folder beside /home/user/.config/cura ? I just downloaded 4.6.0 (a version I never had, 4.6.1 was the first on my PC) and there the problem also does not occur, so it really starts with 4.6.2. Well, I will open an issue on github then, if that's the way to go. Thanks for your reply.
  5. From my last post, I found that the problem's name called 'Bulge/Buldge issue'. They recommend me to use another slicer to slice the file. I would like to know that are there any slicer that support Ultimaker S5 pro bundle. I have tried to use Simplify 3D and it didn't work for me.
  6. Sounds like the application or the user who runs the application has no write permissions to the configuration folder. But report the problem here: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues
  7. If you use em to change settings, they aren't quite support blockers anymore (but modifier meshes) https://support.ultimaker.com/hc/en-us/articles/360013370140-How-to-adjust-print-settings-of-a-part-of-my-model-in-Ultimaker-Cura There is also a (paid) plugin that can do all kinds of automatic magic with them: https://www.tetonsim.com/smart-slice-for-cura
  8. Hi I'm having some trouble with a ultimaker s3 When I'm printing, I get unsatisfying results - hardly any smooth surface I've attached some pictures of the print, the ultimaker is doing right now & the file I've used to the print. I mean the print isn't all bad, it's still useable Anyone who knows what the problem could be? It's not just this file, but anything I'm trying to print. I've cleaned the heads totally using hot and cold pull I've changed both the PVA and PLA to new rolls høj flaskeholderv1.3mf
  9. Github is the place to do feature requests: https://github.com/ultimaker/cura/issues
  10. Cura has this. It's called adaptive layer height. There is also the option to use modifier meshes: https://support.ultimaker.com/hc/en-us/articles/360013370140-How-to-adjust-print-settings-of-a-part-of-my-model-in-Ultimaker-Cura Slic3r also has this option, since they copied it from Cura.
  11. Hello @Twelve_Gravity, Sorry for the super late response!! I accidentally opened this link so that I share one of my responses to a colleague and noticed you had added a comment! I didn't receive a notification for some reason... So, with regards to your problem: Have you tried one of the later Cura versions to see if your issue is fixed? And if not, have you tried uninstalling the graphics adapter as I mentioned in one of my earlier comments? Thanks.
  12. Hello there, I have a small issue I can't solve: Since Cura version 4.6.2 (also still with 4.7.1) my "visibility settings" are not saved any longer. I have to remark them every time in the configuration/settings screen. The values of those settings, though, are getting saved. Also - I guess it's the same issue/reason - when opening 4.6.2 or 4.7.1 I get the release note/changelog screen everytime at the start (like it would be a first time opening the appimage). Those things do not occur with 4.6.1 and I have no idea what could be causing it. But
  13. From Prusa community, they called this problem 'bulge/buldge issue'. https://help.prusa3d.com/en/article/the-benchy-hull-line_124745#_ga=2.128636812.1815477536.1600838472-2105253675.1599027312 This is how they solve it. I would like to know how Ultimaker solve this too.
  14. And here the result after I have repaired the model: You can repair it here for example, it is free but you have to create an account: https://service.netfabb.com/service.php Here the repaired STL: 475131200_Gear(Reloader)v1_fixed.stl
  15. Your model is not ok, Cura comes up with a warning message when you load it:
  16. This can often be improved by dropping the print temperature a few degrees, hard to say how many as it will vary by materiel and sometimes even different colors of the same materiel type
  17. for as long as I had CURA, I've had problems with my models (I designed) getting their holes filled in. Every time it happened, I just fiddled around for like 2 hours and got it but I have no idea how I did it. I did a lot of research and nothing worked like "union overlapping volumes" and other small settings. I used Fusion 360 to make it and im using CURA 4.7.something. No matter the hole size, they always get filled in. I first though that the walls weren't "air tight" but that doesn't seem to be it. I changed pretty much every setting in the list with no luck. Is there some obvious setting
  18. Hi! I just realize when you save has project, Cura remove the ability to replace the object. So if you want to update the object you have to redone all custom operation like Support Blockers. Where can I request features? It is very annoying to not have the option to save objects in project has Instances using external path or having the possibility to replace an object... Thank you
  19. There’s another idea about dealing with lagging materials, it is to set the pre-retract time, that the materials been retracted, a little bit before level is finished. And if it is happened not on the surface, it would not bother the printing effect, but can deal the lagging issue, which bothers me pretty much (thus I am not sure if that’s the problem). Don’t know if I am thinking too far, but when I was trying to find this option, I did not find it.
  20. Just an idea. I don’t really like the glue bedding way. Thinking the pla can do bedding much better than nylon, so I used it as brims for the nylon bedding.. works pretty well! At least it holds it. Wondering if any material stick to the bed much better, that can be used as a better mix-bedding way. Otherwise, don’t know if there’s some material does not stick together well, and then it can be used on holding up the shape. Well, I don’t have any knowledge about it, just an idea...
  21. It happens when jumps to another surface, that the direction the nozzle goes in, build up some piece of “stick”, which I tried to change a lot of settings with no help. It made some great mess on the hard angle printing. It still works pretty good on regular printing. Cleaning nozzle has no help on this issue.
  22. aka Variable Layer height. I would love something akin to this added to Cura, currently the only slicer i know of with this feature is Slic3r/Prusa Slicer. Again another feature addition that would be awesome, and there may be a possible solution/workaround here :
  23. There have been several projects where I have wanted to change Cura settings at a certain level. Like 100% fill for a strong part then change to 20% for more speed when strength doesn't matter. Right now I want to change layer height at certain levels for more detail in one section then change back for more speed. Thanks
  24. /sigh sorry about the multiple posts all, the edit button is missing this morning..... I modified Ahoeben's provided solution to get around the dual extruder requirement to set the "standby" temp. instead of this : M109 S{material_standby_temperature} ;Heat up extruder to non-oozing temperature use this : M109 S150 ;Heat extruder to standby temp Works brilliantly, thank you again Adhoeben 😉
  25. How is this achieved on a default CR10 profile, as the number of extruders is locked at 1 ?
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