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  2. tested also with : thumbnail_buffer = QBuffer() thumbnail_buffer.open(QBuffer.ReadWrite) thumbnail_image = self._snapshot thumbnail_image.save(thumbnail_buffer, "PNG") filehandle = open(Filename, 'w+b') filehandle.write(thumbnail_buffer.data()) filehandle.close() Same result
  3. 10 cm a l'entrée et 10 cm a la sortie et sur les deux tube bowden, l'imprimante a que 1 mois.
  4. ig3d

    UM S5

    Hallo zusammen, bin Neu hier. kann mir jemand helfen ? ich veruche am S5 über den Spulenhalter ein Kohlefaser Material zu verarbeiten. Bekomme immer eine Meldung über den PritCore CC-06. Kann mir jemand weiterhelfen.
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  6. Thanks for your answer @nallath; I don't think it's an issue from the function snapshot. Because if I use the UFP Writer plugin , the result is correct ( first ) image. And normaly my code start from the same source .. But there is a real problem when I write the PNG file. I'm thinking of an initialization that isn't done or a difference between the Save and Write method used in the UFP plugin code. But I can't figure out what's missing. thumbnail_buffer = QBuffer() thumbnail_buffer.open(QBuffer.ReadWrite) thumbnail_image = self._snapshot thumbnail_image.save(thumbnail_buffer, "PNG") thumbnail.write(thumbnail_buffer.data()) versus thumbnail_image = self._snapshot thumbnail_image.save("C:/temp/thumbnail.png", "PNG")
  7. A bit late maybe, but you'll now find our new 'app switcher' in all of our online products. This will make it easier to switch between the different applications, as well as knowing what is in the ecosystem when you just joined.
  8. https://www.youmagine.com/vigilant01/designs
  9. That's a great steer, thanks! I had what I thought was a great idea. Then discovered that someone had thought of all this years ago and I had just failed in my 'research' (Google). Thanks Again.
  10. Awesome, thankyou! I'm grabbing 'Proper' CURA version now as mine is not doing that!
  11. BTW, if you have the mesh tools plugin installed, you can rename selected parts so that the mesh names make more sense. Just right click on the part and use the mesh tools portion of the context menu.
  12. Thanks for the file, I sliced it and then searched for MESH... ;MESH:ThreePartNameTest.3mf(2) ;MESH:ThreePartNameTest.3mf(1) ;MESH:ThreePartNameTest.3mf ;MESH:NONMESH ;MESH:ThreePartNameTest.3mf(2) ;MESH:ThreePartNameTest.3mf(1) ;MESH:ThreePartNameTest.3mf ;MESH:NONMESH ;MESH:ThreePartNameTest.3mf(2) ;MESH:ThreePartNameTest.3mf(1) ;MESH:ThreePartNameTest.3mf ;MESH:NONMESH ;MESH:ThreePartNameTest.3mf(2) ;MESH:ThreePartNameTest.3mf(1) ;MESH:ThreePartNameTest.3mf ;MESH:NONMESH ;MESH:ThreePartNameTest.3mf(2) ;MESH:ThreePartNameTest.3mf(1) ;MESH:ThreePartNameTest.3mf ;MESH:NONMESH and so on
  13. This puzzled me a bit as well, it seems that the snapshot doesn't work correctly. So for now you can get it to work by creating a job and creating the snapshots inside that job.
  14. Getting interesting - My version of CURA _should_ be naming parts. Getting Vanilla CURA version and checking it out - Stand by! Thanks both!
  15. WOW! Thats's EXACTLY it, thanks - checking it out now.
  16. Sure thing, attached to this post. in the .model fileThreePartNameTest.3mf you can spot the 3 distinct parts each numbered but never referred to in the GCODE comment. I'm not reporting this as a bug, more a feature request 😉
  17. I have this installed, not sure I have ever actually used it. https://github.com/paukstelis/OctoPrint-Cancelobject
  18. That's awesome, thanks! Do you know if the feature has a proper name and I can start looking for that in octoprint or my printer firmware?
  19. Could you please save the project file (File -> Save) and attach to this thread? Thanks.
  20. Hi there, I don't think that's quite correct - I have 3 separate parts on the bed, but there is only one mesh comment per layer. For my idea to work it would need something like a ';PART XYZ' comment as it moves over the bed within a layer working on the WALL-INNER, WALL-OUTER, SKIN, FILL for each part. Cheers
  21. Exactly! Look at all the faces it has to choose from. Can you guarantee that they are all aligned horizontally?
  22. oh, yeah! I realize now the thin faces were not really parallel! Sorry about that. I guess "Lay flat" chose the largest of the thin faces, and that's why it looked like it worked better. I think it looks right for you @burtoogle, because it might depend on where you exactly click when selecting the face. Still, I don't get that "Lay flat" managed to place all the "not really parallel" faces flat on the build plate anyway. It looks right after that.
  23. I know I'm a bit off topic, but I love your print head Is the design available online? I am modding an old UMO to bring it a little bit nearer to today's standards (SKR 1.3 board, switche X and Y rods to match the UM2 style, custom heated bed and so on...)
  24. I just got a failure when I selected a face on one of the short arms rather than the longer piece. Perhaps the arms are very slightly wonky (technical term) ?
  25. I tried it a couple of times and it worked OK for me.
  26. https://community.ultimaker.com/topic/30786-ultimaker-with-skr-14/
  27. Hi it is possible, I am slowly working on passing my old Ultimaker original to a SKR 1.3 with TMC 2130 for X and Y and TMC 2208 for Z and E axis. Plus a custom heated bed, but my knowledge and time aren't as big as it would need to make it in reasonable time... It isn't finished yet but as far as I know it should work... But you will have ton configure a custom firmware, which I find cool because the firmware of the UMO is very old and a lot of new features and optimizations have been done to Marlin since then. One thing I am not sure with the ultimaker 2 is if the LCD screen will work on a SKR 1.X. On My old ultimaker I am as well upgrading the LCD to a full graphic controller. I think the main reason why there are less people doing these kind of stuff is because it takes time and knowledge that not every one has (and learning it, takes more time!). And many people are happy with their Ultimaker the way it works now. EDIT: Actually I have read somewhere on this forum that this mod reduces quite a bit the noise of the printer: https://www.youmagine.com/designs/dampening-feets-for-ultimaker-2-3 It can help you and is less complicated to do.
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