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  2. Pretty sure it's "just" an enclosed/cabinet for the s5. At the end of the video clip (0:10-0:11) there's a lighting difference in the side panel. Showing it is two halves, and placement fits with the feet of the s5, so some type of add on. http://images.3d.ultimaker.com/Web/UltimakerBV/{c7db3d3b-bb17-430d-8a81-e3b5fb9e635e}_S3_S5_Teaser_(1).mp4
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  4. Well, I solved this on my printer. First, I had to totally re-align the 2 bed rails. They were not even and not perfectly straight with the frame. But that isn't what fixed the shift. What fixed my shifting problem and still being able to user higher print speeds (50-60) was to to into Cura and open up ALL the Acceleration and ALL the Jerk options. For acceleration, my first test was to just put all the numbers down to 800. They were all at 3,000, except one that was at 5,000. Then, for jerk, they were all at 20 so I put them all at 8. Before doing that, on a test build, I sliced to see the time. After the changes to settings, I sliced again to see that time. To my great surprise, the times were almost the same. After settings added, maybe 1-2 minutes! Well worth it. Now, SO FAR.... I've not had another shift. As for replacing the motor, sure, perhaps a bigger, "better" motor could handle it. But the motor on mine is already very big. It makes sense that a motor, having to move a heavy bed with a glass on it, being jerked and accelerated FAST like that, is going to slip. I hope someone, who is having this shifting issue, tried the above and reports back. Also, if after doing this, you find blobbing, just increase the jerk by 1 and acceleration by 50 and test. Repeat until you find that sweet spot. I only mention this because I read somewhere that too low of these number can cause some issues like blobbing. To date, I've not had any of that. The prints are FINALLY looking great and nice and solid. Sure hope that helps.
  5. Hi, I'm trying to print this model which needs support in the upper part, the supports should be based on the model itself but even setting Z distance to 0 a significant gap remains between the model and the supports, not allowing me to print correctly... any idea what the problem could be?
  6. There will be a firmware and cloud update very soon that brings the queue controls to the cloud (as they are in Connect)!
  7. This fascinating organic modeling style now slowly seems to become more mainstream. In a recent robot wars series (Battle Bots 2019, USA) there was a robot Quantum in this style (at left, after it won and threw the other bot out of the arena). Its beak can crush with several tons of force. This is a low-resolution screendump, but you can still see the beauty. These fighter robots are often brilliant pieces of engineering.
  8. Go to https://thegr5store.com/store/ he has complete kits to covert. Also Bondtech has extruder for 1.75
  9. I managed to upgrade my ancient MacBook Pro to MacOS 10.13 (High Sierra) and can now build experimental Cura releases for that platform again. Please note that the builds will not run on earlier versions of OS X / MacOS. Support for multi-threading has been enabled in the slicer so that should reduce slicing times for large/complex models. As always, the builds are supplied with no warranty, YMMV. All feedback is welcome, please add to this thread if you have anything (good or bad) to report. You can find the releases at https://www.dropbox.com/sh/s43vqzmi4d2bqe2/AAADdYdSu9iwcKa0Knqgurm4a?dl=0, the README.md file in there tells you about what's in the releases.
  10. > Anybody got any ideas what I have done wrong? It is not something you did wrong. Ultimaker does not make profiles for 3rd party printers; these are normally made by community members, or in some cases by 3d printer manufacturers. In the case of the Mankati, it was provided by a user here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1643782 In that definition, only one extruder was specified. Ultimaker does not check if that is correct. If it is not correct (as your post implies), it needs to be changed. Opening an issue at github.com/ultimaker/cura/issues would probably be the best way to get that started. In 3 years time, you are the first to mention this.
  11. Hello everyone, Since the Architect Design Competition | Trees....... never happened last year id be really interested to see what people have actually done for themselves. These would be at 1:500 scales so end products would be 5m, 10m, 15m, and 20m trees at this scale (see files attached for XYZ dims). A challenge or a nightmare? okay so for my practice here in Chichester, I have been trying to print trees in mass (so not just one at a time) the examples bellow print good by themselves and then seem to fail once trying to batch print. (if one fails in a batch it ruins the rest and after hours of printing this is really annoying ..... everyone ever who 3D prints knows the feeling). So as a start I have attached the files and the profiles I have been working on for everyone to look at. Different variations and shapes would be great to see and what people have done themselves. Any help at all on the current files would be great any variations just a bonus and as for as I am aware it hasn't been done !!!! The idea of this forum is to create a collection for all to use, so feel free to join, follow and upload to. Happy printing!!!! Large_x1_NOVIUN_Tree (15m_1-1)_(30mmXYZ_1-500).3mf Medium_x1_NOVIUN_Tree (10m_1-1)_(20mmXYZ_1-500).3mf Small_x1_NOVIUN_Tree (5m_1-1)_(10mmXYZ_1-500).3mf large tree 15m profile.curaprofile medium tree 10m profile.curaprofile small tree 5m profile.curaprofile Small_x22 mass print_UM3_NOVIUN_Tree (5m_1-1)_(10mmXYZ_1-500).3mf
  12. Hi all, i'm still looking and searching about the topic on the web. I supposed you had a look on the topic on this forum : It seems that printers based on moving beds on Y are concerned. The motor would not be "powerful" enough (torque, and so on...). Some people replaced the motor by another one, and it seems now working like a charm ... But why does it appear on gcode produced by cura? Here is the link to motor replacement on CREALITY CR-10S PRO : https://www.instructables.com/id/Creality-CR10S-Pro-Y-Axis-Stepper-and-Power-Upgrad/ Tom.
  13. I don´t have any other printcore to test by the way
  14. Hi! My Ultimaker S5 suddenly started extruding in the left corner and i pulling it back on my print - sometimes it result in a unusable print... It does it the same place, layer by layer. There is nothing there, in my Cura setup. I have set my UMS5 back to factory settings, but it did not help. I have attached pictures of the line that goes trough my print (is . Have anybody else tried this? I cannot find anything similar. Thank you! /Alek UMS5_Form nr 22 - facetteret kugle.3mf
  15. Thanks. I´ve tried to disassemble just the clear part and the spring looks good. Just the black piece is a little bit loose, but this only affects when you load the printcore right? when the printer is working the black piece is unusefull. The print head also looks good. I have no idea what is happening. So I attach two pictures with the lift switch up and down. Maybe you can see what is wrong here. (I know it's not the cleanest print head 😅) Thank you so much
  16. how can i clear a 3d printing that is in the que in my cloud ? thanks uri
  17. Please save your Cura project and upload the file here, that we can check what's wrong.
  18. I have just downloaded 4.2.1, but when I open it and go to the Mankati, Profile, there is only 1 print head, mine has 2 heads. Anybody got any ideas what I have done wrong?
  19. Hi! My Ultimaker S5 suddenly started extruding in the left corner and i pulling it back on my print - sometimes it result in a unusable print... It does it the same place, layer by layer. There is nothing there, in my Cura setup. I have set my UMS5 back to factory settings, but it did not help. I have attached pictures of the line that goes trough my print (is . Have anybody else tried this? I cannot find anything similar. Thank you! /Alek
  20. Is it though? I was under the impression that CuraEngine completely ignores normals. But if MeshTools fixes it that's cool.
  21. Hello, When Autocad is used here, then it is a matter of the type of objects is used in Autocad. Autocad can modell with objects for solid modelling (see help file). And when they are used, it can export to stl nativly. I have played with that and had no problem to open the file in current cura. Regards Hans-Peter
  22. I had similar issues printing nylon-which I’m guessing is similar in nature to this material. Try drying your filament. Also try enclosing your printer to keep the temp stable and prevent air currents.
  23. The problem is with the model's normals. You can fix this in Cura by installing the mesh tools plugin from the marketplace, selecting the model and then using the extensions -> mesh tools -> fix model normals menu item. Hope this helps.
  24. Die gäbe es zum Beispiel bei Innofil. Allerdings dann nur für deren Filamente. https://www.innofil3d.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Ultrafuse_PA_TDS_EN_v2.0.pdf Die Firmen mit Engineering-Hintergrund machen sowas, andere mit dem Consumer-Hintergrund eben nicht. Wie die Vorredner bereits sagte: die Einflussmöglichkeiten beim Druck sind groß, entsprechend können die Ergebnisse abweichen. Mit eigenen Tests hast Du alle Parameter im Griff 😀
  25. es gibt in Youtube ein Video der verschiedene sachen testet im 3D Druck wenn ich es finde teile ich es gerne 😄 ich weiß aber nicht ob dir das was hilft, ich denke das es aber im 3D Druck soviele verschiedene Parameter möglichlichkeiten gibt, wird es schwierig sein da was zu finden, alleine schon jeder drucker ist anders jedes Material ist anders. Auf jeden fall ein spannendes Thema
  26. I don't have a solution, just wanted to report the same issue under AntergOS/Arch Linux. I have exactly the same thing -- shortly after the display goes to sleep, the printing slows drastically. Once I hit a key and turn the display back on, it speeds back up to normal.
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