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  2. I recently switched from windows to ubuntu 20.10 from windows 10 and loving it. however after installing cura, and trying to get a print ready i discovered that if i use the file to try and open files cura closes. dragging and dropping parts onto the build area works to get them loaded; but cura closes when i try to save the gcode. what is going on? and how do i fix it?
  3. This is just for general information. Cura always imports STL files by center of geometry (the bounding box). Consequently it can be fooled. If the center of geometry for each part in an assembly is the same in the XY then all models come in wherever, but you can re-locate them to the center of your build plate. They can be aligned where they belong in the Z but the XY dimensions of the bounding boxes need to be the same. The X Y dimensions can be up to the size of your build plate. Take your base purple piece. All the other pieces will fit in it's "shadow". For each other
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  5. Geez, and I thought the lines were showing air turbulence as the Benchy went speeding along.
  6. @glx Nah it wasnt. I spend several hours trying to figure out what that movement was. I thought I was going crazy because I had all the things that would technically move the nozzle out of the way disabled. Buuut I neglected to look in the experimental tab which somehow had wipe nozzle between layers enabled.
  7. Just a guess but it looks like when you set a minimum layer time and that it should move away from the print when it can’t maintain the layertime at the minimum print speed. The settings are in the "cooling" tab.
  8. Im an idiot. The moves turned out to be wipe nozzle between layers. Idk why I even had that turned on in the first place. However, this wasnt the issue. It was a nasty z seam that protruded from the sides due to improper retraction. I enabled retract at layer change and changed my retraction extra prime amount to -0.1mm^3. These two seemed to fix this issue.
  9. Hi newie with a mini pro 3d printer; I just checked the minimum specs and my pc laptop passes with flying colors; doing a quick test, have the micro usb cable hooked; Cura "sees" the printer, but keeps asking for a network. But no network is required, correct? Thanks! Steve
  10. The second part shows a lot of under-extrusion. Since the lighter area isn't near as dense it shows as a lighter color. I always ask myself "What's the last thing I did?". If it was that brass driver then check the set screw again. There is also the ever popular "partial clog" in the nozzle to consider. Something interfered with the filament flow, and it started all at once.
  11. Thanks for getting back. At least it was something simple to understand and account for.
  12. Bump. I thought I'd try out the ooze shield on my Ultimaker S3 since one of my materials tends to ooze while the other material is printing. I can't understand what other purpose the ooze shield would have except to prime the extruder so that there's no extra material as it's just about to print. I guess I can understand how some printers may have dual extrusion nozzles at the same height, but that's not the case for the S3, so the "hopefully the material oozing out of the inactive extruder while wipe off on the ooze shield" approach is not very significant. If the pr
  13. Update: The 6.3 seems to be able to do this again now. With generic PLA at least.
  14. I love my Ultimaker printers, but I'm always horrified by how wasteful the filament spools are in terms of packaging material and the super-heavy plastic spools. I throw the spools and the cardboard packaging into the recycling bin, but the more I read about problems with plastic recycling, the more I realize that we need to drastically reduce single-use materials instead of relying on recycling. Ultimaker, please stop using such heavy plastic spool for your filaments - either make the plastic spools much, much lighter, to reduce the amount of plastic waste, or switch to something
  15. Update: Switched back to Cura 4.8 and the problem is indeed resolved and I can print with two extruders again! Thanks, @DrCeeVee, for your post on this, it saved my headache!
  16. Ja ist so.. gerade geschaut. Cura zaubert das Feld nur rein, wenn der zweite Druckkopf aktiv ist. Von daher schätze ich das es nicht unbedingt den gewünschten Einfluss hat.
  17. Stimmt voll und ganz. Die Probleme beim Leveln können sonst überwiegen. Problem sind neben den Rückständen am Druckkopf auch die auf der Platte. Gut wenn die Drucktemperatur anliegt und alle Überreste, auch von Duckkopf 2, durchschmilzt. Habe bislang keine Probleme beim Leveln. Aber nutze auch selten PVA und kein PETG🤫 Den UM2+ levelt man zB. kalt. Da hat man dann das umgekehrte Problem. Wenn die Düse nich 100% sauber ist, hängt man hinterher wärend dem Drucken an den Druckbettschrauben und regelt nach. (Das ist bei mir eigentlich Standard.)
  18. Sorry Stimmt Geschaut aber nicht gesehen Doch bei mir schon, bin nur auf V4.8 falls es da einen unterschied gibt Oder für den inaktiven Extruder die Standby Temp Da ist kein unterschied zu den was ich zum UM3 gesehen habe Genau das würde ich vorher testen Ob jetzt der Drucker die Temp aus den "model.gcode" aka ;EXTRUDER_TRAIN.0.INITIAL_TEMPERATURE:200 verwendet oder doch aus einer anderen Ort. Die Temp aus den model.gcode "glaube" ich kann man schnell mit einen Nachbearbeitungs Scripte/Plugin ändern das
  19. I have another problem with the print. It started okay but about 3/4 of the way, the print started to distort and was no longer uniform. Even the color is lighter. Any thoughts?
  20. This is probably the most obvious thing but I've been having this problem for a while and I found that some new spools often have tangled filament on the outer layers and during the print the filament can get stuck by itself on the spool, therefore causing the material to "appear empty".
  21. Select the models as a group by holding down shift and clicking each one. Then right click on one of them and select "Merge models".
  22. I echo DrCeeVee's problems on my Ultimaker S3. I have not tried the above solution yet (going back to Cura 4.8), but my problems are the same. I can print from only Extruder 1, or only Extruder 2 and they work perfectly. When printing with dual extrusion it turns out that the first extruder to start printing is the one that works while second one to start does not extrude anything. I was able to get the one not extruding to extrude by ramping the flow rate during print up to about 500-1000%, (not recommended since it takes forever to get the flow rate back down to a reasonable r
  23. @zerspaner_gerd Danke für die Infos Als gCode speichert stimmt. (Machmal bzzt kein Strom im Kopf. Bzw. ich habe noch nicht alles ausprobiert.) Damit zu drucken habe ich aber noch nicht versucht. Vielleicht zeigt der Drucker beim Versuch den Mittelfinger. who knows. Denn da fehlt das Materialprofil und der ganze Schnickschnack. Normal oder 100% alternativ ist das jedenfalls nicht. Der Header ist aber dann tatsächlich da. ;START_OF_HEADER ;HEADER_VERSION:0.1 ;FLAVOR:Griffin ;GENERATOR.NAME:Cura_SteamEngine ;GENERATOR.VERSION:4.9.0 ;GENERATOR.BUIL
  24. Time for me to eat dirt - the problem was down entirely to me, sorry! The explanation was that for this project, after slicing, I had taken advantage of the handy Cura feature that allowed me to save directly to the SD card (in its USB stick). I didn't notice that this does not let me specify a new name. For all my previous projects I had saved the gcode to my project folder on the PC, with my choice of filename. I then copied that to the SD card before inserting in the printer. I'll revert to that method from now on! The speed and automatic reject of the other method i
  25. for comparison, this wall was produced by picaso designer XL pro and this wall is beautiful.
  26. Hello everyone, I'm from Moscow. the other day I bought an ultimaker 2. Faced a problem. There are some cracks on the model. I printed out the walls (empty cube, with one wall 0.4) and this is what happened. The bearings were wedged along the Z axis, I replaced them along with the shafts. The XY print head also moved hard, I replaced 2 8mm shafts. But the problem hasn't gone away. I have now ordered all f688 2rs bearings as the head still has a hard time walking in the XY axes. The feed mechanism is installed from the Ultimaker 2+, the head is also replaced. Clarifications. Pla plastic, nozzle
  27. Thanks, I checked but couldn't find anything loose. Printed the object again but rotated 90° and it printed correctly. Since then I've printed different models and the problem hasn't reoccurred. It's a mystery !
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