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  2. Moi même, en reprenant les cotes de la pièce originale. Le lien que tu as donné, c'est pour des pièces coulées. Or, c'est imprimé en 3D, moi.
  3. à lire : http://www2.basf.us/PLASTICSWEB/displayanyfile?id=0901a5e1801499d5
  4. Don't worry - Nothing happened, everything is fine. 🙂 I have to opposite problem, I am from Austria and speak German, but I mostly write in English here, so I often want to answer in English also in the German section 🙂
  5. Bonjour tout le monde, Je rencontre un problème assez sérieux pour imprimer une pièce. Je vous joins la pièce. Il y 3 attaches qui doivent légèrement plier quand on l'insère sur la pièce maitresse. Or, de la façon dont je dois l'imprimer, le pliage se fait sur l'une des parois et ça s'arrache assez facilement. Ce qui doit être absolument à éviter ! Il aurai fallu imprimer la pièce horizontalement mais vous comprenez bien que c'est pas possible... Connaissez-vous une astuce ? Car sinon pour moi, c'est mort. pièceAttache.stl
  6. Fun thing is: I work with international students, so I write and speak English all day. And then here, I forget 😱.
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  8. Kannst du das näher beschreiben? Wir es einfach nicht gedruckt oder sieht man schon in der Vorschau, dass etwas nicht passt?
  9. Nur eine Idee, muss nicht die Ursache sein, ausserdem bin ich ein Mac User, aber Cura verwendet OpenGL und da ist es schon oft vorgekommen, das die installierte Version nicht erkannt wird und Cura verwendet dann eine Art emuliert Software Version. Vielleicht findest du auch noch mehr Infos dazu im Cura Log File. Weiters schau einmal ob deine Treiber (Grafikkarte) aktuell sind. Ansonsten braucht Cura jetzt nicht extreme Ressourcen, also dein Rechner sollte da schon passen.
  10. A cramped roadmap is not always bad or negative, it also means that the business is moving forward faster than expected. But better is such a way than the other way around 🙂
  11. I had similar issues with PETG and played a lot with the print temperature, which helped a little bit, but I could not get rid of It completely. When you turn off combing in Cura, it helped also a little bit, but I also had crumbs on my walls. PETG is oozing much more than PLA which is like yoghurt, so during the travel moves, a very small amount of filament is oozing of the nozzle which results in this strings. You could try to play also with the retraction settings (speed and amount) but depending on how much worse it is, I would remove the strings in post processing which is ea
  12. Thanks a lot 🙂 It helps all others who are looking for an answer for a similar question or just want to help, but don't speak your language.
  13. Hi Link, Cramped roadmap is still cramped. Its actually very difficult to reach an uncramped state 😅
  14. Apologies, it's in English now.
  15. I already said it before, this is an English forum, please write in English or move to the Dutch section to write in Dutch.
  16. Le NGEN laissera toujours des fils très très fin lors de l'extrusion mais ils s'en vont facilement alors augmente un peu ta température pour faciliter l'extrusion et met toutes les vitesses à la même valeur que celle de tes murs qui doit être autour de 20/30 mm/s : si tu imprimes les supports plus vite, tu vas diminuer la pression dans la buse et ton filament va s'extraire plus vite mais dès que tu vas diminuer la vitesse, le temps que la buse remonte en pression, tu vas avoir de la sous-extrusion. Note : un BRIM ne sert à rien pour le NGEN si ta vitre est bien propre. Note #2 : fait des c
  17. I'm printing PETG now, brand is Kexcelled. Printing is OK at 250 degrees Celsius. Question however: during printing i see this thin canyfloss threads. In the first layer this is worse than in the rest. I raised and lowered print temp to 260 and 240. Same results. I reduced flow to 90%, small improvement. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  18. I've printed a couple of things with tree supports and all was well. But all of a sudden, all of my tree supports are merging into one big "wall" of supports. This is true for a new model and for a model where I previously had tree supports that looked a lot more traditional. I've tried resetting all settings to original, but am still seeing the issue. Any thoughts about anything I should change or check? Thanks in advance! David
  19. I suggest to also check your temperatures, because it seems that the print or bed temperature are too high. But as Framar said, check the cooling fans, when you say one side is good and the other one look terrible, then it could be that one of the two cooling fans (on the side) are not working. When you reprint the benchy, just use the "Visual - Normal" Profile without changing anything else.
  20. Bonjour, J'ai un souci de sous extrusion avec du Ngen, fil que j'aime pourtant bien pour ce que je fabrique. Ça démarre très bien tant que j'ai des couches à peu près pleine, et je n'ai pas de souci sur des pièces dont les couches sont "continues". Par contre dés qu'il y a une discontinuité des couches en plusieurs ilots j'ai des soucis. Ça se met à sous extruder pas mal jusqu'à faire une pièce avec presque zéro fil fragile comme du papier a cigarette. C'est assez joli, mais ce n'est pas du tout ce que je recherche😝 J'ai déjà pas mal joué avec les
  21. That is not right. The bechy shows cooling issue and uneven extrusion. Please check if the cooling fans are clean and working. If all right, I would reprint a Benchy in PLA using the default parameters, You should get better print that this.
  22. I don't know why it happens, but it can happen, maybe it is a bug, I don't know. But I suggest do use the User specified setting and set the position to a place where it doesn't matter. I use this settings for most of my prints and get good results. If you want to report the behaviour (maybe a bug) about the random alignment, I would ask you to open a bug report on Guthub. https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues Thanks!
  23. I've set the Z-seam alignment to random, but it often prints from the same corner over several layers. I would like to make sure that adjacent layers do not print from the same corner. Thank you.
  24. Thanks! I already updated the S3 and the S5 without any problems.
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