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  2. Having a problem also. Normally my nozzle will move to the left bring the bed to about 30mm and purge. Then makes it way to the skirt and prints. Now it moves and purges, but then moves the bed to Z0.05 and then to the skirt. This is causing that purged filament to get drag onto the print area. I have checked my old and new gcodes. 4.2 simply has a G0 line with XYZ coordinates. Cura 4.3 has a line with G1 feedrate Z0.05 Then the G1 coordinate code. There is nothing in my starting gcode that would cause this. This is all from just the update.
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  4. you can get the latest (2019 that replaces both 2015 and 2017) here: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2977003/the-latest-supported-visual-c-downloads this note is included on that support page: From another thread, it seems like some installer programs check for the existence of 2015 incorrectly and thus fail when that specific redist is not found even though the later versions fully replace it.
  5. Be sure to reinstall the later versions after you get Cura working or you may have newer programs failing (like the ones that caused those later versions to be installed).
  6. I'm curious about the last line in this post. If line spacing = line width then doesn't that mean that two 0.4 walls printed with a properly calibrated extruder should equal 0.8mm and would just touch each other? That can't be right as it would lead to poor bonding between the walls.
  7. Glad you have been irritated by the same problem! Trying to change a print core - say from an A0.25 to A0.4 - and a filament that isn't compatible with whatever was there beforehand can get you into a knot that can only be untied by switching off and rebooting. That seems remarkably primitive compared to everything else this machine can do. If the menu loop reaches a dead-end then I agree it would be nice to have a Return option that allows you to restart that loop and, say, change the order of the new set up to avoid the dead-end. Chris Woolf
  8. I am not sure what you mean by the “buildup of filament”? If you are seeing drooping lines of filament for the first few layers of the bridge, you may need to enable supports.
  9. Confirmed, 4.3.0 works for me on 77.
  10. Cura on Chromebook update - with recent chrome releases, it is now possible for the Linux apps to use accelerated OpenGL and so now you get the full layer view functionality rather than being forced to use compatibility mode. It's really getting quite usable now.
  11. The structures printed for the Custom Supports plugin use the same settings as normal supports.
  12. You can also try to increase the "Support Join Distance". Alternatively you can try the "Support Horizontal Expansion", but that would give you more support everywhere.
  13. Servus, wenn sich der Vorschub ins Material eingräbt ist vermutlich die Düse in diesem Moment verstopft. Bei uns hat das dann meistens zwei Gründe: In der Düse sind noch alte verbrannte Reste vom Filament oder das Filament ist zu feucht, kocht und verstopft dann die Düse. Probier mal das Reinigen der B-Düse nach Originalanleitung aus (manchmal hilft auch kräftiges Durchschieben von Filament, bis sich die Brocken lösen) und das Trocknen des Filaments im Drucker. Gruß Andy
  14. What is your setting for "minimum layer time"? I'm guessing it's at 5 seconds? Anyway try cutting that value in half and it should speed up to your desired speed. But then consider putting the value back as you might not want to mess with this. 5 seconds should be an absolute minimum for this parameter for pla. To save time you could print 2 parts at the same time so one can cool while the other prints and you don't have to mess with "minimum layer time".
  15. I installed a newer video card my friend gave me and the "Select Face to Align" feature is now working. Thanks ahoeben!
  16. good day Today I encountered such a problem External Wall Print Speed whichever value is specified in the speed settings cura swaps it down for example I set the print speed of the outer wall 30 mm / s in gcode I see F = 944.6 and it should be 1800 if I put 60 mm / s the value will not change but if I increase the wall from 20mm to 40 mm the speed will rise from 944.6 to 2188.9 mm / m Why does the Sura automatically reduce the speed of the outer wall depending on the length of the segment? Is it possible to disable this feature? Below is the GCODE for a square with a wall of 1 perimeter and a print speed of 60 mm / s ;LAYER:2 ;TYPE:WALL-OUTER ;MESH:20mmTestCube_repaired.stl G1 F944.6 X-9.8 Y-9.8 E68.75189 G1 X9.8 Y-9.8 E69.40379 G1 X9.8 Y9.8 E70.05569 G1 X-9.8 Y9.8 E70.70759 G0 F3600 X-9.8 Y9.6 G0 X-9.4 Y9.4 ;MESH:NONMESH G0 F600 X-9.4 Y9.4 Z0.9 G0 F3600 X-9.8 Y9.8 ;TIME_ELAPSED:33.907640
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  18. Hi, I really like the support type of the Cura custom support (the harmonica support that is really easy to remove), but wondered whether this is a special support type only available when using the custom support or is it also available as a regular supporttype when using the automatic support creation of cura (not creating support using the custom support option)? Thanks, Leo
  19. I don't know if the Buildtak works with the S5, but be aware that you cannot disable the active leveling on the S5.
  20. First thing i would try is to update to the latest version whats 4.3 and see if the bug still happens.
  21. Buildtak sells flexplate systems for ultimaker S5. Does this work with active leveling? Or do we need to disable active leveling like with UM3 ?
  22. Thank you for the suggestion. Unfortunately, it does not work. This setting causes the support to be a single line up to the finger tip. My printer is not able to print a single line straight up since the bed moves. I am going to use the "Custom Supports" add-in that was recommended by a YouTuber called "Chep". Wish me luck!
  23. That is, in fact, the instructions I was referring to, but you do seem to have hit on the problem; I was screwing it in the wrong direction and so it was tightening all the way but not getting tense-- it seems to be reassembled now; thank you!
  24. Cura 4.2.1 can be downloaded here: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/releases/tag/4.2.1
  25. Ultimaker Cura versions 2.1 and up don't have a COM port selection in Machine Settings. The (very old by now) Cura 15.04 does have it. The Lulzbot Edition of Cura (Cura LE) also has it.
  26. I'd talk to your reseller. Unfortunately they might prefer to have you send it to them but ask them if it's something you can fix yourself (these printers come apart pretty easily but there are deadly voltages under the S5).
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