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    I have done line-heigths of 0.4mm with a 0.4mm nozzle (=the only nozzle-size on my UM2), just for experimenting, and I started to see a bit similar deformations. Corners got rounded more than at lower heights, and it didn't cool well and deformed. From left to right: layer-height = 0.4mm, 0.3mm, 0.2mm, 0.1mm, 0.06mm. Top row = 50mm/s, bottom row = 10mm/s if I remember well. Each block is 20mm x 10mm x 10mm. This one is printed at 0.4mm layer height, 0.4mm nozzle: The next one is 0.06mm. (Also, you see it starts to discolor due to sitting too long in the nozzle at elevated temperatures, even though I printed it below the recommended temp range. Material is PET.)
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    Extension to do 5 point head tuning from CURA without manual printer commanda. who wants it? it is updated to 4.1 BedlevelPlugin.zip
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    Don't you have to switch the gcode flavor to "Marlin" from "Ultimaker 2" for being able to set temperatures for an Ultimaker 2 family printer in Cura?
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    I posted the cube above but here’s a MattForge print I did overnight on the 720 x 350 x 400 FT-6
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    yes. That's all correct. You enable dev mode in the menu system somewhere. But I don't think you can change it while it's printing. Once you do that the ip address should be displayed (if it wasn't already) and you can ssh in. I recommend you mess with internet using conman as that is the preferred utility for this distribution of linux. Google about conman if you aren't familiar. You can disable wifi that way.
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    Turning off the wifi via the menu should be enough, your wifi card is still there but it is not working at all. So don't worry if you connect it to a secure network, that someone can connect via wifi and access the network via ethernet. If this is not enough you can ofc disable it completely via SSH. You have to enable the developer mode via the touch screen, then port 22 is available and you can login. I cannot remember the username/password, but you find it here in the forum. It is the same as for the UM3.
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    It assumes the lines are rectangular with a cross sectional area of layer-height * line-width.
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    The gcode file is first transferred over the network in its entirety before the print is started. Once the print is started, the computer running Cura can be turned off and the reliability of the network is irrelevant.
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    Hi every one, I got the same issue as you today. Context: I plugged an additionnal screen while Fusion 360 and Cura were launched. Actions done: I uninstalled the v 4.0 then install the 4.1.. Pb still present. Then I went to the folder were Cura.exe is (C:\Program Files\Ultimaker Cura 4.1), Clic right on Cura.exe and select 'Solve compatibility problems' from the menu. Then I selected the option "try recommanded parameters"... After few seconds Cura 4.1 launched succesfully. Hope this 'repare' will last and hope this will help you also.
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