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    Hmm, I must always click on the wrong place in a notification then, because it has never taken me to somewhere else than the first page.
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    La vache ! c'est un smiley emmanuel chain !
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    la famille s'agrandi, voici la steet triple de ma femme
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    @TheDeugd, a list of the latest active posts is something entirely different from a list of active posts since my last visit. You want us all to remember what replies we have already read? That's not what we have computers for. We need links to the first new comments since we last visited a thread for each thread, and preferably a "mark all threads read" functionality.
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    My main issue with all of this is that you don't seem to have looked at how active (or not) people want to be on the forum. 99% of the time I just like to visit the main forum page (usually once or twice a day) and see if there was new activity. A single pageview that gives me all information and fuels my decision whether I'm interested in clicking into forums or not. This thing has been designed with an "information overload" in mind it seems. I really don't care about a feed of all lasts posts, I care even less about having to subscribe to every topic that I deem interesting so that I get a notification and I definitely don't want to click into every forum. Of all the forums there are about 6 or 7 that really interest me and you're now forcing everything down my throat. Sure, I get that you want to build a community and do social stuff, everyone does these days. All of this makes me feel like I'm being forced to do more on the site than just see if there is something I wish to respond to.
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    Not really constructive but I have the feeling I just lost everything I liked on the ultimaker forum. It's an extreme pain to find out where new things are posted. we used to be able to see the entire overview for all forums in 1 page, now we have to click through a ton of pages to find anything. Sure, sleek looks but so far I see nothing that I like. Just my 0.02
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    i don't receive an email after choosing the "forget password" option! checked on different devices...what happened to my account ?
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    I used this function on the old forum a lot, so I could quickly see if there was content that was applicable to me. Is there any such function on the current forum?
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    Hello We are on the process of purchasing an Ultimaker 2 and I would like to know if anyone would recommend us to order in advance any accessories or spare parts. The reason of my question is mostly because we are based in India and ordering from Europe can be both time consuming and costly. Therefore if there are parts that will most certainly need replacement after some time of use or any accessories that can considerably enhance the performance of the printer we would like to order them along with the printer. Best regards
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    Currently http://umforum.ultimaker.com/ (the url of the old forum) redirects to http://ultimaker.com/. Wouldn't it be better to have it redirect to https://ultimaker.com/en/community/dashboard'>https://ultimaker.com/en/community/dashboard'>https://ultimaker.com/en/community/dashboard'>https://ultimaker.com/en/community/dashboard or https://ultimaker.com/en/community instead?
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    quelle peinture as tu prist pour tes figurines, est ce toi qui fait tes melanges quelle peinture prends tu, marque, site d'achat....je veux tout savoir ..... elle sont vraiment reussi (y)
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    Joli ! C'est moi ou on a l'impression sur la photo que son pneu arrière est à plat ! ouiii le scan ne passe pas en dessous :)
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    Since this is an in house system now, I'd like a topic where the changes and additions are posted. Basically a Release Notes topic like for YouMagine. That way we can easily figure out how long we have to keep whining for things to be added/fixed
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    Hallo. Leider kann ich seit dem Forumsupdate nicht mehr auf meinen Benutzer Zugreifen. Also ich komme aus Salzburg und Preislich dachte ich so an 2200€ ist aber natürlich VHB Ich meine Neupreis vom Drucker sind immerhin 2350€ plus rund 360€ für das Fillament (war eigentlich teurer) + Dauerdruckplatte, Klebeband etc. Gedruckt habe ich ca. eine Halbe rolle nicht mehr. Also echt nicht viel benützt.
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    Moi qui pensais profiter du nouveau forum pour faire le ménage dans ma galerie photo :( l'ancienne version était plus lisible et "conventionnelle" pour un forum.
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    i got some .ini files with settings for UM 1 from this topic: https://ultimaker.com/en/community/view/3599-settings-for-kisslicer
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    Hello, Does anyone have a full set of tested settings for Ultimaker 2? I've found some on wiki and forum, but usually are for ultimaker original or are for older version of KS.
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    It's very dirty, hard coded pixel values and such, doesn't respond well to tiny windows. But here you go: https://www.dropbox.com/s/spquyyvim985okn/UMCompactor.user.js?dl=0 If you go to a post via one of the notifications, the URL of the post seems to change and is not /en/community* anymore but for example /en/ultimakercom-feedback*, so it seems like more @include lines are needed - one for each sub-forum I assume.
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    Bonjour, pour ma part, lorsque que l'on répond à un post, on se fait mal aux yeux, police dég et petites. je ne sais pas s'il un réglage quelque part, mais bon, pas le temps de bidouiller pour trouver une solution, sinon Ctrl + molette. autre point, on ne reçoit plus de notification de post par email (ma réponse d'un post ou même lors d'une création d'un nouveau post) pas cool. C’était très pratique lorsque que l'on voyage et que l'on veut lire les messages via smartphone (lien direct du post). Meme si on coche notification Merci
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    Doesnt work for me either. We have a ton of resellers, so they should be shown there.
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    It's very dirty, hard coded pixel values and such, doesn't respond well to tiny windows. But here you go: https://www.dropbox.com/s/spquyyvim985okn/UMCompactor.user.js?dl=0
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    What's the point of the global sign next to my name and shop. If I click on it I cannot change the language or the currency. Oh and middle mouse clicking on shop goes to https://ultimaker.com/shop/ Yes I understand it was made to click, and semi pop up, but people don't always do that. That's the feeling I get from this forum in general, it was made to be eye candy all over. Attractive for new inexperienced off the shelf UM2(family) owners(Nothing against those!) But the hardcore users were here for information, dense and with nice shortcuts to get to your information faster. And THEY are the ones I assume that should help those new inexperienced owners out as I understand the philosophy of the new forum. When you edit a post, the button that finalizes the post says post comment, rather than edit post or so. Are there no resellers, or does the page not work for me: https://ultimaker.com/en/resellers Had more feedback, but clicking on notifications to dismiss the new one delete my draft post. I wonder if more users share my thoughts on this next thing: I'll continue to read this topic, but in the current state I can not use the rest of the forum to my liking.
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    Apres margot, tom Et Mon T800
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    Another one: If I get quoted like above by @SandervG, the notification shows me: You have been quoted by reibuehl in general forum feedback. The quoted by should not be my username but rather the one of the person that quoted me.
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    I believe the "remove notifications" should be "Clear notifications". Remove notifications might also mean that you want to get rid of notifications all together, instead of clearing the list. Also; Notifications should no longer pop up as new once i've opened the list (eg; Dont show the big red number)
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    Has anyone figured a way to be notified by email as before? More convenient than coming here to check if I have notifications....
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    ok, my 2 cents.. I loved to go to the old forum.. good community, help was there. over the past few days I dreaded going to the new forum. Let me try to give some constructive feedback and sharing some of my feelings. Please understand that while my feelings might not always be constructive, they are a large motivator for the amount of time I spend on the forum; 1)if I want to go to the forum, I go via community and I get greeted with a full page of spam. While I understand that spam sucks and it's hard to battle, there are multiple off the shelf products, like Akismet, Chapta or ReChapta that would help to battle this. 2)if I ignore the spam, a lot of the posts on the first page are irrelevant to me. Is there a way to simply show the forum overview or have a filter? 3)if I click on forum, I get the forum overview. It does not show me an overview of the latest 1, 2 or 3 posts inside that particular sub forum which is something i greatly miss. this way i can't simply look at what has changed on the forums that I follow. 4)for me, there is too much information around the posts, too much whitespace. On a full HD monitor i can only see 3 posts with 3 lines each. It makes reading of discussions very hard. 5)the first post that is always on the top. is there a way to turn this off? This greatly encourages people to reply to the first post instead of looking for updates 6)if I click on the last page (or at least the button i assume should take me to the last page of a discussion) it takes me to a random spot. weird. 7)This feels like a blog infrastructure to me. It's not a forum. I can reply to someone, but can't quote them? weird. Things I would expect to be there like MultiQuote or quoting while writing a reply are not there 8)thank you for making the "forum" work again in both Internet Explorer as well as Spartan. old forum only really worked in Firefox and Chrome. this one actually works so thank you! 9)What's up with the points system? The points and titles allocated just seem weird to me. 10)Why was the decision made to build a forum yourself instead of using a tested and trialed system like Vbulletin? 11)why doesn't the quick reply respect linebreaks? my post is completely messed up and I had to edit it 3 times to make it readable 12)please.. change the emoticons.. the blue border is just.. just.. 13)I'm a bit bummed out for the lack of communication. the forum went offline without notice. fine. it was supposed to be back the next day, the 16th.. then without any notification or explanation the date was sneakily changed to the 21th. fine if stuff goes slower, i totally understand.. but changing the date and then pretending nothing happened made me feel dissapointed. thanks for reading my whining
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    Alternative si tu ne visites que le forum français: Tu met ceci en lien dans tes favoris: https://ultimaker.com/en/community/languages/francais
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    thanks for the quick response, so i hope it will be resolved soon? i am speechless about the ultimaker policy at the time and wondering which marketing brain came up with the decission to change a good running system like the ultimakerfoum?
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    Others on IRC are having the same problem.
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    Just did a quick pass with Greasemonkey and shrunk some stuff down. Feels a bit more productive this way. The top graphic is pretty, but I don't need to see it every time I visit.
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    Why mention this explicitly? I think most people have been quite constructive in their feedback. Granted, there are some complaints, there always are. But most of them have pretty good arguments why they feel like this. I think pointing out that burning something down damages the vibe might even damage the vibe more than the actual critique it has recieved so far. We dont need to be afraid to make mistakes. Making mistakes isnt bad. I think that the fact that we now have a system to check for feature reqeuests (eg; an idea with a lot of likes) is actually a very good way to check if people agree. A think like that was neigh impossible with the old forum. For those kind of feature requests it would also be good to have a 'Dont care' and "Disagree" option, as those three combined give a decent bit of information what the comunity thinks of something.
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    Same opinion here. Please give us a single page with unread posts and a button "mark all as read" to remove posts, im not interested in. Each link should jump exactly to the first unread post of each thread. In the old mobile version, these were the features i used 99% of the time.
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    Ce n'est plus un forum, c'est une communauté... Les 'communautés' c'est très à la mode, mais je n'ai pas besoin d'un autre Facebook ou Twitter. Je passe sur des forums de temps à autre pour voir ce qui s'est dit (les nouveaux posts) dans les sujets (sections) qui m'intéressent. Les plus commentés, les plus populaire, les plus machins, je m'en tape. Je loupe peut-être quelque chose, mais le concept de 'lu/non lu' est absent, aussi bien pour les sections, les sujets et les posts dans les sujets... Le rappel du premier post sur toute les pages d'un sujet enlève aussi la lisibilité... Ça me fait penser aux 'communautés' sur 3D Hubs, je n'accroche pas du tout à ce concept. Autre chose: est-il encore possible d'accéder à l'ancienne galerie? J'avais là quelques trucs que je n'ai pas ailleurs. Ce n'est pas très cool d'avoir mis l'ancien forum hors-ligne sans prévenir. (Et on ne parlera pas de la migration des posts existants qui est désastreuse )
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    More feedback: I keep losing the page numbers/previous ones. Kinda expecting them ABOVE the post comment. Also would like to see that at the top of the page, now I have to scroll down... Also if you go here, https://ultimaker.com/en/community/view/1467-post-your-latest-print?page=321 You scroll up, and the opening post shows, without it being clear that that is the opening post. No border or something. And! No page number indication. It seems that topic was dead for 2 years or so, but it isnt. Old links to forum topics don't work: https://ultimaker.com/en/community/view/1467-post-your-latest-print?page=314#reply-100949 I used to use the page where you saw all the topics you posted in, ranked by latest post almost exclusively when I just wanted a quick update. Kinda can't find something similar now. When adding a picture of a print, I LOVE the fact that you can incorporate some settings, but WTF @ resolution starting at 20 microns, and then 21-40. Just leave it open to people to fill out their exact value. This is so useless, 21 is something totally different than 40. Icons in the post comment are to small, add external image for example isn't clear what it is.
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    Hello dear Ultimaker-Community, in the past few months I had the pleasure to work with an Ultimaker 2 during an internship. Among other things I did a project about different materials, the tolerances and shrinkage and I put together a tutorial for printing successfully with an Ultimaker 2 and different materials. The tutorial is something I would have been greatful for, when I started getting into 3D printing and working with the Ultimaker. It includes settings for the materials I printed, helpful tricks and/or tips, links to the the most helpful guides, other helpful links and websites and techniques as well as a presentation about my project and the results about my project. I think it will be helpful and interesting for advanced makers and users and should be a great help for beginners. Hopefully my work and collection is useful for some of you and I hope to give something back to the community, which helped me getting started with the topic, printing ,etc. Any comments and feedback is highly appreciated and if there are any questions - you may think I could answer - feel free to ask me and I will try my best to answer them. Kind Regards from Germany and Happy Easter! S.Ki I did not know if it was possible to upload the files directly to the community or my profile so I uploaded them somewhere on the interwebs, where they should be active and available for ever... Please let me know if there are any issues. For example if the files are no longer available, etc. If its possible to upload the content directly to the forum/my profile I would be thankful if someone could tell me as well and point me in the right direction Download the Tutorial and the files here: http://ge.tt/1Q81AmD2?c
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    I have been trying some PLA samples from the Colorfabb samples kit, on my UM2. The kit is new, so I understand the filament is the latest Colorfabb is selling.(They sell this filament as PLA/PHA). The parts I print do not stick to the build platform no matter what temperature I use. And the layers do no stick to each other, so there are layer displacements here and there. I have tried bed temperatures from 60 to 75C and hotend from 210 to 235C. Speed is set at 50mm. I have no problems using other filaments like Ultimaker PLA or even cheap bulk PLA filaments. Other than the adherence problem, I have found the printed parts come out pretty soft. I can bend them easily(without breaking them), which is not typical of PLA parts. Has anyone experienced this problem with Colorfabb filaments? Which is the right setting for these filaments to print on UM2 ? emilio.
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    Yo Voila, j'ai installer le new firmware Thinkergnome et je trouve que mes impressions on l'aire moins bonne ? comme plus cassante ! ou je sait pas, moins bonne, voila ! lol Est-ce moi ? ou avez vous cette impression aussi ? Merci
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