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    ça, c'est fait... PLA à 190°, buse 0.4 en solex No brim, No support
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    Just added fan control to the Pronterface UI in Cura Maybe anyone else who creates one could put it in this thread Instructions 1 Create a new folder in the Cura plugins folder and call it PronterfanUI 2 Place into that folder the full size version of the following 2 image files 3 then create another file in that folder called script.py and copy the code below into it and restart Cura #Name: Pronterfan UI #Info: Pronterface like UI for Cura with Fan #Depend: printwindow #Type: printwindow # Printer UI based on the Printrun interface by Kliment plus fan. # Printrun is GPLv3, so this file, and the used images are GPLv3 setImage('image.png', 'map.png') addColorCommand(0, 0, 255, sendGCode, "G91; G1 X100 F2000; G90") addColorCommand(0, 0, 240, sendGCode, "G91; G1 X10 F2000; G90") addColorCommand(0, 0, 220, sendGCode, "G91; G1 X1 F2000; G90") addColorCommand(0, 0, 200, sendGCode, "G91; G1 X0.1 F2000; G90") addColorCommand(0, 0, 180, sendGCode, "G91; G1 X-0.1 F2000; G90") addColorCommand(0, 0, 160, sendGCode, "G91; G1 X-1 F2000; G90") addColorCommand(0, 0, 140, sendGCode, "G91; G1 X-10 F2000; G90") addColorCommand(0, 0, 120, sendGCode, "G91; G1 X-100 F2000; G90") addColorCommand(0, 255, 0, sendGCode, "G91; G1 Y100 F2000; G90") addColorCommand(0, 240, 0, sendGCode, "G91; G1 Y10 F2000; G90") addColorCommand(0, 220, 0, sendGCode, "G91; G1 Y1 F2000; G90") addColorCommand(0, 200, 0, sendGCode, "G91; G1 Y0.1 F2000; G90") addColorCommand(0, 180, 0, sendGCode, "G91; G1 Y-0.1 F2000; G90") addColorCommand(0, 160, 0, sendGCode, "G91; G1 Y-1 F2000; G90") addColorCommand(0, 140, 0, sendGCode, "G91; G1 Y-10 F2000; G90") addColorCommand(0, 120, 0, sendGCode, "G91; G1 Y-100 F2000; G90") addColorCommand(255, 0, 0, sendGCode, "G91; G1 Z10 F200; G90") addColorCommand(220, 0, 0, sendGCode, "G91; G1 Z1 F200; G90") addColorCommand(200, 0, 0, sendGCode, "G91; G1 Z0.1 F200; G90") addColorCommand(180, 0, 0, sendGCode, "G91; G1 Z-0.1 F200; G90") addColorCommand(160, 0, 0, sendGCode, "G91; G1 Z-1 F200; G90") addColorCommand(140, 0, 0, sendGCode, "G91; G1 Z-10 F200; G90") addColorCommand(255, 255, 0, sendGCode, "G28") addColorCommand(240, 255, 0, sendGCode, "G28 X0") addColorCommand(220, 255, 0, sendGCode, "G28 Y0") addColorCommand(200, 255, 0, sendGCode, "G28 Z0") addColorCommand(0, 1, 0, sendGCode, "M107") addColorCommand(0, 1, 5, sendGCode, "M106 S13") addColorCommand(0, 1, 10, sendGCode, "M106 S26") addColorCommand(0, 1, 15, sendGCode, "M106 S38") addColorCommand(0, 1, 20, sendGCode, "M106 S51") addColorCommand(0, 1, 25, sendGCode, "M106 S64") addColorCommand(0, 1, 30, sendGCode, "M106 S77") addColorCommand(0, 1, 35, sendGCode, "M106 S89") addColorCommand(0, 1, 40, sendGCode, "M106 S102") addColorCommand(0, 1, 45, sendGCode, "M106 S115") addColorCommand(0, 1, 50, sendGCode, "M106 S128") addColorCommand(0, 1, 55, sendGCode, "M106 S140") addColorCommand(0, 1, 60, sendGCode, "M106 S153") addColorCommand(0, 1, 65, sendGCode, "M106 S166") addColorCommand(0, 1, 70, sendGCode, "M106 S179") addColorCommand(0, 1, 75, sendGCode, "M106 S191") addColorCommand(0, 1, 80, sendGCode, "M106 S204") addColorCommand(0, 1, 85, sendGCode, "M106 S217") addColorCommand(0, 1, 90, sendGCode, "M106 S230") addColorCommand(0, 1, 95, sendGCode, "M106 S242") addColorCommand(0, 1, 100, sendGCode, "M106 S255") addTerminal(255, 0, 255) addTemperatureGraph(180, 0, 255) addProgressbar(255, 200, 200) addButton(0, 255, 255, 'Connect', connect) addButton(0, 240, 255, 'Print', startPrint) addButton(0, 220, 255, 'Pause', pausePrint) addButton(0, 200, 255, 'Cancel', cancelPrint) addButton(0, 180, 255, 'Error log', showErrorLog) 4 from Preferences choose Pronterfan UI from the Print Window dropdown
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    Hi Guys, The next Ulti-evening is coming up with a new revealing topic... The New Cura! Two of the main developers will join the Ulti-evening and give you a sneak peak in the New Cura. Are you eager to see what the fuzz is about? Come join us at protospace June 15th and learn more about it! After the presentation we can continue to debat over Cura and what the future holds for it. Date: 15-06-2015 Time: 17.00 - 22.00 Location: ProtoSpace, Utrecht 17.00 - 18.00 Arrival (bring your Ultimaker) and order food if you are hungry (€10) 18.00 - 18.30 Short introduction and food. 18.30 - 19.00 Presentation over Cura 19.00 - 22.00 Q&A See you then!
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    I got this info from Ultimaker support: ---- Printing with CPE has its pro's and con's, please see below: Con's: You need to print CPE on higher temperatures just like ABS. (240/250) Printing on higher temperatures will cause the PTFE to wear out faster and that is why we included one when you purchase a spool of CPE. CPE has just like ABS the tendency to warp, a heated camber may help reduce this. Pro's: CPE is just as strong as ABS. It does not have any dangerous fumes or strange odeur. It has nice bright colors.
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    Here is the picture: The holes on the original and the Olsson block are equally deep, as swordriff says. The reason why the Olsson block is slightly longer is that there needs to be space for the nozzle-thread. This meant that I had to move the heater and the sensor slightly further away from the filament hole and extend the block a little bit.
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    not only for metal printed parts... there is a technique called tumble coating also: http://www.whirlinglight.com/tumble-coating-3d-prints-part-1/
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    Hi! Just to rule out any miscommunication, when I suggested to reduce the speed I referred to the printing speed, not travel speed. Printing speed is the speed your printhead moves at while extruding, traveling speed is the speed it travels at when, for example, crossing a gap (not extruding). Travel speed at 150mm/s is ok. @mfknjohn, could you also upload a picture of the model you are trying to print? Indeed. I mentioned it because on his screenshoot he has lower travel speed to 50mm, and that at that layer height will leave a lot of filament scratch while printing the flat surfaces, specially without the retract while combing pluging.
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    err derp derp. Download it. Damnit. You dont need to buy it.
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    I think I found the problem .. after a lot of reading and looking at the mechanism, I fixed it by shifting the housing to the tension block for the feeder. All the literature and people saying "just use force" was wrong (in my opinion). It really felt like if I used more force, I would have broke it. There simple wasn't enough space for the standard filament (using only what came in the box straight from Ultimaker). That, and the tension spring (which I checked) was WAY WAY too strong. There was no way a motor was going to shift the tension block back. This was my fix - and since then its been feeding fine.
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    Yep, here's your code, visualized: Coming from the right, going too far, then moving back with the G00 command...
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    I have no idea why you think witbox or wasp will be any better. I'm pretty sure there are zero companies out there offering a 3d printer that is as easy to use as a paper printer. Not form1. Even the $50,000 printers are hard to use. There's nothing as far as I know.
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    Ahh, and working in combination with the new extra metal flap at the back of the fan holder... personally I would have preferred them to focus on a symmetric single head fan holder design ... lets hope that's still on someones roadmap....
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    Another supplier for rubber tumblers: http://www.ukge.com/en-GB/5lb-Rubber-Barrel-for-Stones__p-1179.aspx?gclid=CjwKEAjwqLWrBRC-_OaG-IfL0kASJAAbzKsV8ABGKDu0VItVIaJiRa41Mk4_IgYQv7yZ5RBWKKoZAhoCl4_w_wcB I will download the files shortly onkelgeorg, naturally I will vote Thank you for sharing.
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    Ok, I'll give it a try to post something in this thread to keep it alive. We will see if this does make sense for the future. Latest project: Casting mold for a rubber seal for a mast of a sailing boat. We did this before but by covering a milled core with layers and layers of natural rubber. Problem was that this material is not UV stable and starts to get brittle over the years. So as a new trial we decided to make a mold and to cast this from 2K Silicone based rubber. Unfortunately the dimensions of the mold exceeded the building space of the UM2 to it had to be divided in parts. 6 parts for the outer mold, 4 parts for the core. Total printing time about 150 h, material is Firetruck-Red PLA from Fabberdashery. some pics of the previous one we made to show the idea behind...
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    Well, as I understood. The NetFabb people are pretty much blaming the firmware for not working correctly, and the UM users are blaming NetFabb for not implementing retraction correctly. The truth is. They are both right, from their own perspective. But nobody really sat down and tried to really understand what the problem is. NetFabb is trying to retract while moving fast. For this to work, you would need a "proper" "G0" command in the firmware. G0 should be "fast move on all axes" where 1 axis can finish before another. So the retraction could finish before the X/Y move. However the firmware does not implement this and just does a G0 the same as a G1. Now this G0 behavior is not really properly defined anywhere, as wikipedia says that it could also interpolate the move (as Marlin does) Now, so NetFabb is somewhat right that the G0 is not implemented correctly for their use (just saying "the firmware is bugged" doesn't really help here) But the users are correct in that NetFabb is trying to do something with is not possible to do properly with the firmware. And the work-around is easy, just retract in place as everyone else does. The thanks for getting to the truth of this problem should go to Paul, as he explained me what NetFabb was trying to do in GCode. And that the NetFabb people where complaining about a bug in the firmware. With my own knowledge I could fill in the blanks and figure out what the real issue is.
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