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    Now I can trully say that I have this fully working. It might be summer but Winter is coming. Printed at 65mm/s 0.15 layer with supercheap pla. 4h print. Zero errors. Sliced with Cura. I need to align x/y a bit better but today finally had time to watch it print a long 4h. Totally unattended until the prime tower fells. But even so the print didn't fail. Printed design: https://www.youmagine.com/designs/robot-ice-winter-is-coming
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    Hi Guys! As promised, today is going to be a beautiful day! We are going to launch some desired improvements in the forum and we will share with you some revealing screenshots of what the future holds for us. In the last week we went out of our ways to meet several community members in person who were kind enough to share their feedback and valued opinion with us once more. We listened, took notes and together we looked for the best way to shape our new platform. In this particular post I will share with you a list of improvements & fixes. At the bottom I will put a link to a new thread that will host the screenshots of what is coming. I think it is better to keep these two separated so we don't mix up the feedback and we can keep our focus. I will also copy a summary of these points here. Before I give you the summary of improvements, I want to emphasize one thing. The categories page (main forum page), and the topic overview page are improved, but nowhere near their final form yet. We saw room (and huge demand) for a quick win and that is what we build for this cycle. The final forms is accessible through a link a the bottom of this page, and available for feedback. New features and fixes in the June 4 release The blue Ultimaker bar will stay fixed in the top of the page. When scrolling up it will not re-appear in your screen. Print card representation is improved, it now shows the picture selected as main picture and it shows how many pictures are uploaded for the print too Text editor optimization. It now scales automatically, and can be adjusted manually as well. We also changed the font and color to improve readability. Moderators can select a best answer when the OP neglects or forgets, so we can help better to keep information organized. You will thank us when you are looking for an answer Auto generate clickable URL's and embedded YouTube / Vimeo videos Bug-fixes, like no flickering in the text editor when at max size and double click 'post comment' results in 2 posts. Minor visual fixes Fixed migrated HTML content, if you still see some old HTLM, please let us know! When opening a new tab from the white bar Community | Forum | Prints | People it won't refresh your previous tab and won't make you lose content. A quick win in the information density like mentioned above. We believe, although it is not there yet, it is a big step forward. The forum looks much more vivid, alive and accessible already. In this quick win, the button X days ago in forum overview is linked to the last post. Download issues for Cura are resolved. Users who had problems should be able to download Cura again. On the community dashboard page we will now stack replies from the same thread, so we can offer a higher variety of threads on the same page. Looking forward to hearing what you all think, I for one am looking forward to a bright future. Let this be the first step. For a glance into the future, please check out the improved lay out here!
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    here is 'your' rubberized drum inset: printed with innoflex 45 filament so there is no need to spend that much money
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    Thank you guys for visiting this page. For caring about the forum and being involved with Ultimaker. In front of you is the fruit of your collected feedback and various personal meetings with some involved community members. Hopefully, to your liking. Below you can find a list of what will be up next, and near the end of this post you can find the visuals. Depending on size, some of these points will gradually be implemented. Others will be emphasized. We are probably looking at a few weeks for the entire list. Upcoming improvements New wireframe with improved information density New setup for subcategories (we're aiming at max. 3-4 subcategories for every main category) Collapsable header, optional in your profile. Read/unread tracking Improved notifications Logged in users will automatically land at the forum, new (non logged in users) will land at the community dashboard Show which users like a topic or print Better search Thumbnail option when inserting images (full screen when clicked on) Email notifications Live filters, no page refresh More replies shown in a topic detail page (20-25 instead of 10) Speed optimizations (we're moving the database first, then the entire website to a new server, and then we will look into optimizing the website itself) Private forum sections for hardware and software beta testers Finalize and optimize gamification, including proper communication on how it works Many minor frontend and backend improvements Research: (note: this is yet to be determined. The above items are upcoming features) poll feature, chat feature, migrate likes from old forum topics, migrate topics users were following from the old forum (both categories and topics) and migrating user galleries Upcoming improvements made visuallyWithout further ado: Below you can find some improvements shown visually. The main focus here are improvements on the category page, topic overview pages and topic detail pages. Click on the image to view it in full size. If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know in the replies. Category pageYou can easily switch between 2 views, the category page or a topic overview page by clicking Category or Topic.The category page is customizable. You have the option to change in which order different main categories are offered to you, and you can change the amount of topics displayed for each sub category. There's even the option to reduce it to zero, so the entire sub category collapses. You can also expands or collapse an entire main category live, by clicking + or -. Topic overviewsThis view also shows which topics are unread, indicated by the blue bar on the left and X unread to the right. You have different options to create filters, and you can save your favorite filter for easy access. On the far right you see information regarding the latest activity, whether or not you follow this topic. If your own avatar is shown it means you have contributed to this topic in the past. The second visual shows the same view ranked on questions, in a specific sub category. Topic detailThese visuals show the new topic detail pages, improved navigation and buttons. Notice that a users profile also show their location and hardware. Visual 2 shows a topic detail page with unread replies. Visual 3 shows the unread reply notice to the top of your screen. A user will land here after clicking on '20 unread' on a topic overview page. Thank you for reading and being involved! We are very excited about this. What do you think?
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    I would like to add the 2nd extruder, does it work with Ultimaker 2? https://www.ultimaker.com/products/dual-extrusion
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    We want to use nylon filament in ultimaker, can any one tell how to use nylon and what are the temperature parameters?
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    Hallo, could you please add an option to upload files of any kind in the forum. This could be very usefull for printer / cura settings or other stuff (.stl, .gcode ....). Thanks and regards, Nils
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    Le XT n'est pas un nylon mais un PETG, l'acétone ne marche pas il te faut du THF, c'est cher, ça pique les yeux et interdit à la vente en france aux particuliers...sauf avec un petit mensonge...tu fais de très longues études...très longues.... tuto ++
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    Right, how's about I just shut up I'm tired dammit (I will move it over to the left with a script though)
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    It's live! Finally better stuff on the live vs the beta. Brace yourself, better times are coming
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    Comme je t'ai dis par mp la carte électronique ça se change facilement surtout pour quelqu'un comme toi demande si ça n'irait pas plus vite si tu la monte toi même! Le délais m'étonne quand même, peut être que Makershop n'a pas les cartes comme pièces de rechange de stock
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    Very pleased to see the forum overview page is live
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    For people in the area. I'm planning to demonstrate my setup on the next Ultimaker evening in Utrecht... The 15th this month.
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    Congratulations! From the very beginning I had the feeling that this idea has a lot of potential. Some z-space at the parking positions to implement a wiping mechanism would really come in handy now.
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    Hey guys, I started to try to print with nylon 618 but I noticed all my prints were not sticking. I tried a variety of temps. I also tried using glue and blue tape and nothing works. How can I fix this?
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    Really good print quality... as far as I can judge from the pictures. Congratulations! Dual head seems to be the way to go for proper dual prints. On the 3D printshow in London I had a look on the BCN sigma printer which works the same way. The guys there could even leave the ooze shield away as they have a rubber blade to strip off oozed material at the start of each extruder sequence. Maybe that's something to make this setup perfect?
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    Is there a reason why you have an internal shell in the model? it's often easier to just have a solid object and print it hollow and define the shell width. I would try deleting the interior shape that defines the thickness and re-slice.
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    I've seen a few machines like that unfortunately. On the up side I can't see it affecting performance/quality, so I don't think it's much to worry about from that perspective. Of course, on a brand new printer it's not fun to see. Replacing that particular part is a bit of a pain as you have to completely disassemble the print head and pop out one of the head rods (or disconnect all the wires that goes to the head at the controller board, not sure which is more annoying).
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    Mijn ervaring is dat vrijwal alle PLA prima hecht op een schoon bed. Schoonmaken kan onder de warme kraan met zeep (zeer goed afspoelen) NOOIT met je vingers aan het glas zitten. Tussendoor maak ik wel eens schoon met een beetje alcohol op een stukje keukenrol. Vrijwel alle PLA plakt IMHO prima bij 60 graden; getest> Ultimaker, Colorfabb, Makerpoint, Faberdashery, E-sun, Rigit, Inofill, en vast nog meer .. Er is maar een 'standaard PLA' dat bij mij echt niet plakt en dat is "Verbatim" gebruik is dus ook gewoon niet. Verder zijn de metal fill PLA's van colorfab wat lastiger, hiervoor zou ik zeker lijm gebruiken. Bij "semi"flex PLA, (ik gebruik MPflex van Makerpoint) heb ik goede ervaring met "cubestick" hierbij werkt pritt niet. https://www.alternate.be/html/search.html?query=cubestick&x=0&y=0
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    http://www.instructables.com/id/Affordable-Rock-Tumbler/?ALLSTEPS Un tumbler maison pour pas trop cher de @onkelgeorg sympa et rustique que du bon
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    Here is the picture: The holes on the original and the Olsson block are equally deep, as swordriff says. The reason why the Olsson block is slightly longer is that there needs to be space for the nozzle-thread. This meant that I had to move the heater and the sensor slightly further away from the filament hole and extend the block a little bit.
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    For those interested i made a tutorial on my website with two step by step techniques to change the block to the awesome Olsson Block English version French version Feel free to give me any feedback if you spot errors!
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    By the way alternatively you could buy a .25mm nozzle - this will print .18mm shell just fine.
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    It's too thin. I had to go down to a 0.18mm nozzle to get it to all show up. You can do that if you want - tell Cura you want 0.18mm shell and it will slice and it will work but it will be a bit underextruded because the actual nozzle is 0.4mm (not .18mm). You can then tell it to use flow of 200% and you will get an okay print. But ideally you should fix the cad model so the walls are at least 0.8mm thick.
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    In my dream world, this would be an option available after the Pause command. Suppose you come home and notice the printer had some issue half way through a print. The printer's still going through the motions, however no extrusion has been happening for the last 100 layers. No worries... just hit Pause, get the issue sorted out, then choose the Continue from layer # _ _ _ option, and rotate the UM2 wheel to choose the appropriate layer. the Z-axis would respond as the wheel is rotated, so you can figure out how far back you need to go. This literally was a dream option because I was recently overseas, using a more portable printer during my travels, and dealing with underextrusion issues. I would wake up, jump to hit Pause as soon as the clicking of a filament slippage occurred, fix the issue, then resume and get back to sleep. If I slept through that noise, then the whole print would need a restart. Chris
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