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    Well I think this is it for me. I know I've posted some setups i've tried before, but I think this one will work. I've modelled it fully to ensure it all fits. So with mine, the heads are stored at the back of the machine. Now printing the main holder, hopefully I can share some results tomorrow.
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    Over the last few of months (time flies when you're waiting on parts sent via China Post), I built a UM2 clone using Misumi aluminum extrusions. It started as a project to teach myself AutoDesk Fusion 360 but it's turned out to be a great printer. I imported the UM source solidworks files in A360, dropped the walls (frame), and added extrusions and support parts so that all original UM2 hardware is supported. The entire guts is 100% UM2 with all hardware untouched as far as position/size. I used the UM2 assembly manual to build the gantry and to get other wiring clues. I've published it to YouMagine with pretty decent instructions and a BOM. If you have questions, just let me know.
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    THERE IS A MUCH BETTER TOPIC ON MATERIALS PROPERTIES HERE NOW: Filament Strength Tests I did some strength tests of various filaments. There were several surprises for me. I did two tests: a "pull" test and a "bend" test. Here is a picture of the two things I printed in 6 different materials: Pull Test Here is my pull test jig which is simple. I held on the rope while standing on a scale. I increased my weight on the rope slowly until the object broke reading the weight on the scale the whole time although a few materials stretched quite a bit before breaking. Here some taulman bridge stretched to about 3X it's normal size with another undamaged sample hanging for comparison: Sorted from strongest to weakest. The part was two passes (.8mm shell) with no infill, no top, no bottom. A loop 100mm long, 10mm high. Bend Test Here is my test rig for the bend test. I used one undamaged part to help me measure the deflection. I used a caliper for the deflection: I filled the bucket with screws and measured the deflection with different weights. I was very careful to position all the pieces identically over the edge and measure deflection at the same point. The part is .8mm shell, 20% infill, .6 top/bottom thickness. The cross section is 10mm by 10mm and the distance from edge of counter to weight was 100mm. Distance to deflection measurement point was exactly 87mm. Deflection graph - note that PLA was the strongest and carbon didn't seem to make any difference: Breaking points (many materials don't break - they just bend and then go back when you remove the load): Broken pieces: Some notes: The ABS broke in a surprising way - layer adhesion - and may have done better at higher temps. I printed at 245C with 30% fan and in retrospect I should have done 0% fan for better layer adhesion. But this shouldn't have affected the bend test - only the break test. Carbon reinforced PLA from protopasta seems no stronger than regular PLA and no stiffer. They claim it is stiffer but that didn't seem to be true. The PLAs and PA6 bend pieces weighed 6 grams. Taulman Bridge: 5 grams. The ABS weighed 4 grams so factoring in weight, the ABS was the strongest on the pull test but still weaker on the other 2 tests. Nylon is amazingly strong but the two types I tried (of 10 or so out there) were too flexible for purposes of say a stiff truss bridge. But for many other purposes Nylon is much stronger. e.g. the suspending cables in a suspension bridge. Conclusion: PLA is awesome! PROTO PASTA LOVERS - If you feel I did something in error with the proto pasta test please: 1) First do your own test. Any test. Try to make the test bring out the best in protopasta. 2) If carbon PLA beats out regular PLA, then let me know what I did wrong or how I should change the test
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    Thank you guys for visiting this page. For caring about the forum and being involved with Ultimaker. In front of you is the fruit of your collected feedback and various personal meetings with some involved community members. Hopefully, to your liking. Below you can find a list of what will be up next, and near the end of this post you can find the visuals. Depending on size, some of these points will gradually be implemented. Others will be emphasized. We are probably looking at a few weeks for the entire list. Upcoming improvements New wireframe with improved information density New setup for subcategories (we're aiming at max. 3-4 subcategories for every main category) Collapsable header, optional in your profile. Read/unread tracking Improved notifications Logged in users will automatically land at the forum, new (non logged in users) will land at the community dashboard Show which users like a topic or print Better search Thumbnail option when inserting images (full screen when clicked on) Email notifications Live filters, no page refresh More replies shown in a topic detail page (20-25 instead of 10) Speed optimizations (we're moving the database first, then the entire website to a new server, and then we will look into optimizing the website itself) Private forum sections for hardware and software beta testers Finalize and optimize gamification, including proper communication on how it works Many minor frontend and backend improvements Research: (note: this is yet to be determined. The above items are upcoming features) poll feature, chat feature, migrate likes from old forum topics, migrate topics users were following from the old forum (both categories and topics) and migrating user galleries Upcoming improvements made visuallyWithout further ado: Below you can find some improvements shown visually. The main focus here are improvements on the category page, topic overview pages and topic detail pages. Click on the image to view it in full size. If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know in the replies. Category pageYou can easily switch between 2 views, the category page or a topic overview page by clicking Category or Topic.The category page is customizable. You have the option to change in which order different main categories are offered to you, and you can change the amount of topics displayed for each sub category. There's even the option to reduce it to zero, so the entire sub category collapses. You can also expands or collapse an entire main category live, by clicking + or -. Topic overviewsThis view also shows which topics are unread, indicated by the blue bar on the left and X unread to the right. You have different options to create filters, and you can save your favorite filter for easy access. On the far right you see information regarding the latest activity, whether or not you follow this topic. If your own avatar is shown it means you have contributed to this topic in the past. The second visual shows the same view ranked on questions, in a specific sub category. Topic detailThese visuals show the new topic detail pages, improved navigation and buttons. Notice that a users profile also show their location and hardware. Visual 2 shows a topic detail page with unread replies. Visual 3 shows the unread reply notice to the top of your screen. A user will land here after clicking on '20 unread' on a topic overview page. Thank you for reading and being involved! We are very excited about this. What do you think?
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    Voici une photo de la pièce en XT transparent, lissée à l’acétone (je sais pas si on voit bien mais en vrai elle est vraiment lisse)
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    I am using the Tinker firmware with the olsson block. Can anyone provide me the offsets for the different nozzles like on the little instruction sheet which came with the block ? Thanks, Nils
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    Yes, finally, after about 1.5 months, the forum shows back the signs of usability. Thanks to everyone involved in reviving it. @SanderVG - suggestion: Please unite all the "3D Printing in ..." topics under "Education" into one. It is more or less useless as it is now.
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    Might be a minor thing but there is more swing on the front of the build plate so having the head use the front of the printer seems like a better idea than the back. Again that is a minor thing.
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    Its all good. At least you got a like. I got nuthin
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    If you could integrate a mini-viewer of STLs right here on the forum (steal the code from Youmagine) that would be pretty sweet. As for ini/gcode, maybe it would be cool if the forum could rip the print parameters out and present them in an easily readable table? That would make it easy for people to post their print settings, just upload the file and the forum presents it in a standard way across the site. This could be used in the print upload section as well so that people wouldn't have to fill it in manually.
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    Pelikan sticks gevonden bij de Action. Werkt perfect. Brim niet meer nodig, warping opgelost.
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    How about having some ramp upward or at an angle sideways on the ducking? I have no clue if that would actually work. We could have a custom cut of glass that doesn't go all the way in front. You leave the front clip open and make side clips.
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    It's live! Finally better stuff on the live vs the beta. Brace yourself, better times are coming
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    Hi Guys! As promised, today is going to be a beautiful day! We are going to launch some desired improvements in the forum and we will share with you some revealing screenshots of what the future holds for us. In the last week we went out of our ways to meet several community members in person who were kind enough to share their feedback and valued opinion with us once more. We listened, took notes and together we looked for the best way to shape our new platform. In this particular post I will share with you a list of improvements & fixes. At the bottom I will put a link to a new thread that will host the screenshots of what is coming. I think it is better to keep these two separated so we don't mix up the feedback and we can keep our focus. I will also copy a summary of these points here. Before I give you the summary of improvements, I want to emphasize one thing. The categories page (main forum page), and the topic overview page are improved, but nowhere near their final form yet. We saw room (and huge demand) for a quick win and that is what we build for this cycle. The final forms is accessible through a link a the bottom of this page, and available for feedback. New features and fixes in the June 4 release The blue Ultimaker bar will stay fixed in the top of the page. When scrolling up it will not re-appear in your screen. Print card representation is improved, it now shows the picture selected as main picture and it shows how many pictures are uploaded for the print too Text editor optimization. It now scales automatically, and can be adjusted manually as well. We also changed the font and color to improve readability. Moderators can select a best answer when the OP neglects or forgets, so we can help better to keep information organized. You will thank us when you are looking for an answer Auto generate clickable URL's and embedded YouTube / Vimeo videos Bug-fixes, like no flickering in the text editor when at max size and double click 'post comment' results in 2 posts. Minor visual fixes Fixed migrated HTML content, if you still see some old HTLM, please let us know! When opening a new tab from the white bar Community | Forum | Prints | People it won't refresh your previous tab and won't make you lose content. A quick win in the information density like mentioned above. We believe, although it is not there yet, it is a big step forward. The forum looks much more vivid, alive and accessible already. In this quick win, the button X days ago in forum overview is linked to the last post. Download issues for Cura are resolved. Users who had problems should be able to download Cura again. On the community dashboard page we will now stack replies from the same thread, so we can offer a higher variety of threads on the same page. Looking forward to hearing what you all think, I for one am looking forward to a bright future. Let this be the first step. For a glance into the future, please check out the improved lay out here!
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    Very pleased to see the forum overview page is live
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    Sander; I'll try to be there. might make it might not. I do want to offer a suggestion; I think it would be great if there could be an evening focussed on maintenance lead by the community. I'd be happy to share my experiences, I have around 15.000 printing hours under my belt with several Ultimaker 2s.. I know a lot of people ahve also spend a lot of time and effort maintaining them and doing this that you won't find in the manuals.. is that an idea?
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