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    Hello Forum!, i've been printing for a while with an Olsson Block, and i want to update the information and share my experience with this upgrade ( I TOTALLY RECOMMEND IT) after getting the Olson Block, i experimented a temp error because in this block, the nozzles is more influenced by the side fans, plus the weakness of my Heater Cartridge, it other words, it was unable to deliver the amount of energy required (above 230 C), usually wen having the fan at 100 %. Following the advice of many people in here, i got convinced to change the heat cartridge to a more powerful one (35 W) i was kind of sceptic, because I'm very careful with electronics ( one error and that'S it). so far everything is working just fine, theres a few remarks: A) theres some little fluctuations in the temperature.. (-+ 1 C), thats not so dramatic... B) if you're printing lets say at 215C, and you want to go to 210 C, the temperature will go for a few seconds below 210 C (say 204) but it will recover quickly and stabilises at 210 C, and stays so.... the other way around, i haven't seen any strange behaviour. C) i just got Once the Temp error, i was testing the configuration and i turned the temp to 260 C and fans 100 % Suddenly (usually i don't print anything above 235). so thats also NOT a big deal... I'm really happy now, ill keep you informed about my experiences...
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    You may have read about it already, but the last few months we have been working on a new version of Cura. It has been completely reengineered from the ground up using the Uranium framework, for an even more seamless integration between hardware, software and materials. It's free for everyone to enjoy. In the New Cura, not all of the old features have been incorporated. Do you want to read more about it or find out which Cura version is best for you? Continue reading this blog Want to jump ahead and download the new Cura right away? Click here! If so, you may want to look into the manual as well, you can find that right here. Enjoy!
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    Hi, Beim Stöbern im Netz, auf der Suche nach einer Graviermaschine, kam mir die Idee den vorhandenen Um2 zum Laserbeschrifter- und gravierer aufzurüsten. Schnell kam ich auf diese Seite wo fertige Laser inkl Anschlussplan und G-Code angeboten werden: http://jtechphotonics.com/?page_id=1336 Nun mein Frage an euch, hat damit schon jemand Erfahrung gemacht? Oder hat jemand eine andere Alternative? Mit geht es nicht darum Materialen zu schneiden, mir würde es reichen Sie zu beschriften. Kunststoff dürfe da ja kein Problem sein. Wenn Alu auch gehen würde wäre das super, allerdings weiß ich nicht wieviel Leistung dafür benötigt wird. Selbstverständlich würde ich dann an den ultimaker eine Platte anbringen sodass im geschlossen Raum gelasert wird um gefährliche Streustrahlung zu vermeiden. Hier ein Video, gefunden auf youtube: Danke euch, Gruß Dirk
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    Probably you are running into this similar bug now? As a workaround you can prime the nozzle manually with the "Move material" function (as needed).
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    Done: https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues/92
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    Hi Sander, Didn't click the link - too experienced to be caught out like that. Glad that you guys are on top of it!
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    The nozzle size is one of the machine parameters, but you can enable more settings to see so you can configure actual line widths, which is most likely what you want to influence when you where messing with the nozzle size on the old Cura. The tripple state of the combing was lost somewhere, as it was contributed on the "legacy" Cura during new Cura development. Best to file an issue about it here: https://github.com/Ultimaker/CuraEngine/issues
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    For the moment dropping them here is allright. I've mentioned this to management yesterday already. They are looking into something like this.
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    Very good and brave decision to rebuild Cura as the old version was not longer manageable. What is a good way to share findings? I just drop my issues/wishes/recommendations here on the forum with the intention to provide constructive feedback for the developers. Is this the right place? Is there a developement / feature request list where Cura users can vote. Could be a great way to determine the development agenda based on user's demand in order to fix/make the most relevant things first.
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    Naturellement didier cette "petite" phrase de provoc est à prendre avec une UM2 livrée en l'état d'origine : PTFE : dégradation très rapide au dessus de 240° ( voir moins ) Bloc buse : 0.4 mm...heuuuu...comment dire... Support bobine : Pas franchement efficace pour accueillir une spool de 2.2 kg même si ça marche je l'admet. Les clip tube : Les pauvres....une gestion du oozing avec du PLA à 200° buse 0.4 mm n'est pas du tout mais alors pas du tout la même qu'avec une extrusion 0.8 mm est du XT à 255°. Il faut une rétraction plus longue et plus rapide sinon c'est BLOB et compagnie et print à la poubelle, donc les clips ramassent et sont rapidement HS. Point positifs, le confinement avec un plateau chauffant efficace ce que je regrette sincèrement sur la delta. Feeder : heuuuuu...joker ! Bref l'UM2 est une bonne bécane et j'en suis vraiment satisfait mais il y a un outil adéquat pour chaque taches.
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    So. Yeah. For the people who want to see how easy it is to make things; https://github.com/nallath/PrintCostCalculator It's very nasty, built this in about an hour. Feel free to improve on this. Trow everything in the folder in a folder inside the plugin folder of cura and it should work.
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    xeno, here is a bit of friendly advice. When I used to work as a developer, there were many users who made all kinds of demands. They needed x immediately. Never mind that everyone else wanted y. So I developed a sort of anti-PHB, a bit like anti-matter is to matter. Those demanding users and the idiot Big Chief were subjected to all manner of shenanigans, in which I demonstrated how their solution was going to be incorporated into the next iteration of function bla, and did that through technical obfuscation (i.e. I made up complicated stuff). Sometimes I convinced them that the function they wanted was already "in there". My fellow sufferers received free therapy at the expense of not busting a gut while keeping in their laughter. On the other hand, those users who were sweet to me got what they wanted. Every time. And I gave them more than they asked for. And I hand-held them, and even sat down with some of them to show them how to do things faster and better. Those people thought I was some kind of benevolent god. They bought me coffee and biscuits, too. And they didn't bother calling IT support, they would ask me during a break if I could sort out their issue, and I usually did. And they knew they owed me big time. So I got my expenses paid the moment I handed them in. No-one ever yelled at me for being consistently late, not even the Big Chief, because he had not quite figured out why so many people thought I was so important and thought I had a magical spell of some kind. Which, technically, I did. So this is the moral of the story: if you want to get your way, be very sweet, lavish praise and then make your request. You can do that quite a bit without becoming annoying. And then you might just be surprised how much more effective it is. The reason I did not make this a PM is that anyone who is being annoying can be pointed to this post.
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    Updates... The tinker firmware 15.07 for the Ultimaker2 is ready for testing! For a short list of changes take a look at the release page on Github. Keep in mind, that this version is only tested by myself so far - but give it a try, if you like... Any feedback is welcome.
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    This times 10. I have painstakingly tweaked settings for using Ninjaflex, Semiflex, Colorfabb XT, Copperfill, Brassfill and lots of filament samples in order to get the best from the machine and filament. Now I cannot load any of the profiles? Have I missed something?
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    ALL changes to the original UM2 has the potential for killing the warranty if not the printer. The motherboard of the UM2 is one of the parts which has the least amount of trouble, not that there is much fault elsewhere. It is usually the user who messes up. We (users) cannot agree on one single filament to use, one speed, one temperature , one model to print etc. Consequently, the number of possible configurations is practically endless. I have never heard about anone destroying the printer by changing the heater or temp sensor. I HAVE heard about a number of users destroying the temp sensor when changing the hot end block, while removing the sensor from the hot end block. This happens when changing the hot end for a new or when changing to an alternative hot end like the 3dsolex one. The ultimaker 2 mainboard is a clever design. There is an inherent power "load balancing" in play, which allows for quite freely use of power unless over a combined maximum. A 35 W heater will not kill the PCB. There are some users who use 40W heaters, who need to print at 295 C etc with fans.. Then 40W is the only way to go. For this there is a change of firmware too, to allow 295C (300, in fact is the max). The 40W heaters are quite expensive because there is such a high energy density. The hole and cartridge need to be very good fits, or the heater will not get rid of its energy and tries to destroy itself. Some standard heaters are only 18W, but most of the Um2s have 21-25W and you will not notice the difference.
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