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    Here's some prototype models we did in the FDG office. Each piece is 2"x2":
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    Here my project has been growing over the last 2 weeks. I first made sections with one glass and I coupled them And now it is the final size and very difficult to move:) And here it belongs as you see the station still needs a lot of work But it is getting somewhere. And difficult to put it on my camera it is getting to big...
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    @nallath: There is a plugin for legacy Cura, it's called SwapAtZ and allows for changing the gcode at any height of the object from one configuration to the other. Anyway, we now get the 'per object settings' with the next Cura version which is quite a step forward. However, I think there should be a version one day where different configuration can be applied to different heights (yes, in about the same way as TweakAtZ works). The mount everest of the slicer engine will of course be a really dynamically calculated infill where e.g. an internal support structure / infill start from the walls at a certain height and gets finer and more dense until it reaches a percentage where a few top layers can be laid onto without getting pillowing or any other issues.
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    Well the basic idea and distances are ok. So the idea should work. Lots of more work to do on this... I hope it works
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    And this could be the future of a pluging like that
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    False. I got burned. I bought my Ultimaker kit and the Ultimaker 2 came out 10 days later. I had inquired about buying an assembled model and opted to save the money with a kit. Well, kits are not refundable. And no...no discount was offered if I wanted to buy the Ultimaker 2. I was very frustrated with the company for many months. I was told, using Apple as an example, that they do not release the dates of when a new model comes out. Well, Apple always releases new updates on their annual meeting! Bad example. So...be very careful what you say.
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    You could try transparent XT, that turns whitish semi transparent, when you use infill. Not my pic:
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    No. There will always be a next machine... the um2 is a great machine enjoy it!
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    At first i bought an Ultimaker 2 because i wanted to do something creative, i'm a software developer and i wanted something that combines IT and creativity, that's when i got interested in 3d printing. After some research i found that my best bet was to go for an Ultimaker 2, and i was right! I print a lot of unuseful stuff mainly for fun, figurines, vases, busts etc... I also have a project for Veterinary use that you can find here: https://www.facebook.com/3D2Vet For the moment we are testing external fixators for complicated bone surgeries, this is an example: This replaces Titanium bars and connectors with PLA and/or XT. The one in the pictures has XT and PLA components. The cost is reduced by 5 times, and it's also interesting because PLA can be deformed with a little heat to be more adapted to the body part. This devices is currently being tested by a couple of Vets in Belgium, and we are going to test them in mechanical devices to validate the strength. I'm also working on other things like printed horseshoes and prosthetics for cats and dogs. Besides that i started now to resell printers and parts, and i'm soon going to take part in the Ultimaker trainings to be able to maintain and do official support. I'm also continuing to work on my design skills with Fusion 360 (awesome software), and continue to print stuff for clients. I have a lot of things in mind but time is short, hopefully i'll be able to stop my daytime job and work full time in 3d printing (cross fingers)
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    And fyi, this is how to do it in new cura beta (15.09.82)
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    This is my idea 'basic' with some legos. A mechanical return than when pushed brings the wipe. To save area. Ofc this it's just the idea I not even sure if I will be able to make it work since I never done something like this (except with lego technics).
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    Alright, so I've sort of got this working, but it acts funny. R, G, B channels hooked up to pins 8, 9 , and 10 respectively on EXP3. Setting all to 255 ("M42 P8 S255", "M42 P9 S255" ...) gives me white as expected. Setting to 255, 0, 0 gives me orange when I expect red, and setting to 0, 0, 0 gives me green which I expected to have the lights turn off. Green is the default, ie. that's whats on before giving any commands after plugging the printer in. I also got this green effect running the controller off a standalone arduino. Any ideas what's going on? Working on a Cura plugin now, but I would like be able to fade these LED's through all their colors. I'd imagine I'd have to put this in Marlin somewhere to avoid a never ending G-Code? Might as well try and add a menu for the LCD controller while I'm in there. I don't know Python or Arduino very well so this will be a process. Here's some pics, basically hacked up the controller just like that video a couple posts up.
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