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    Its fixed tho Just got forwarded to your reply!
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    I had my first larger print this weekend. It is a an air guide for an adaption of the crossflow approach for the UM2. It is quite okay except that at the edge of the buildplate the walls between the air channels are all sloped towards the center of the buildpate. The first full horizontal layer seems to restore dimensions. On the second level of channels the same happened to a less extend. The inner walls are 0.8mm, the outside walls are 1.6mm. I had to print it 45° rotated to fit on the plate. Filament is Colorfabb leaf green. Settings were 50mm/s, 100µm layers, 0.8mm walls, 15% infill, fans 100%. My first thought was, that the inner walls are only 2 lines, one going front the other back, so there might be some torque forcing the walls to bend. But that would make them all bend in the same direction and at the other end of the part, they are also bent inwards. Any ideas what has happend? btw., the function is lousy :PAirflow is quite uneven across the length and mainly dictated by where the radial fan blows. Next design will put much more resistance against the flow and instead of straight channels I want to try a kind of a streched nozzle als used in some airdoors by teddington. [Edit:] I forgot to write printing temperatures: it was 205°C / 60°C
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    Thanks. Ive tried to go back using 15.04 instead of 15.04.02, but the settings followed (Windows dont always delete everything) so have the same problem with the slicer no matter what version i use. Now i use Repeter Host and it Works fine so im sure that it is the software. Formating my computer this weekend, and try Cura Again. Updating will follow.
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    @ultiarjan, I hope not..lol. It is going to be the first 3D printing show in the city and you can understand how I feel. I hope to get a good sleep.
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    Hi I really like lay burns check out my Nylon version
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    Did a quick speed test. The tower on the left uses the gear extruder the one on the right uses the stock extruder. The gear extruder looks good up to 120mm/s where the stock extruder starts showing signs of underextrusion around 70mm/s. Both printers were printing clear XT at 240C.
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    Huh, didn't add up the bills so far. I was looking for quality not for cheap parts, so it's quite some money. Roughly: motion system parts (MISUMI) 250 €, smoothieboard and display 200 €, x/y/z steppers 50 €, laser cut metal parts 150 € + belts, bearings, PSU, ... I'll use the magnetic mount in a modified way which allows the slide-on-wedge move for coupling and decoupling from both sides. Printheads will be a story for its own. 1,75 mm E3D Lite to start with, and a modified direct drive.
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    Et voilà 2 tests avec à gauche le bois Olive (Buse 1mm / Layer 0,2mm) et au centre le bois Noix de Coco (Buse 1mm / Layer 0,4mm) de chez Formfutura. Mes impressions : Une bonne odeur de bois se dégage lorsque l'on imprime c'est pas désagréable je trouve Beau rendu après un petit ponçage. Et un super touché Attention pour pouvoir l'imprimer, il ne faut pas faire de petites couches et devoir également imprimer assez rapidement pour que le filament ne reste pas trop longtemps dans la buse au risque de cramé et donc boucher la buse. A 0,2 la buse c'est boucher à mi-hauteur tandis qu'à 0,4 ça c'est très bien passé. D'autres tests sont en prévisions
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    sur ma machine j avais ce genre de probleme, j avais un peu trop de retraction le filament encore mou prenait la forme du petit embout blanc au bout du boden juste avant la tete chaude et se bloquait, j ais resolu la chose en percant le petit embout blanc un tout petit peu plus large que le diametre du fil depuis j ais plus ce probleme. machine ultimaker original+
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    ok, Fixed It, Just re levelled and Tried a print with no heated Bed Its perfect, then the same file with the bed on and its horrible. How can I fix this as I cannot print large parts now
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    Hi, finally I have finished my carbon-tube slider for timelapse photography. As you can see, almost every part is printed. I have used the UM2 and the Colorfabb PLA/PHA, which is now my standard filament for everything. More information on the slider can be found on my website: http://puremoco.com/pages/sliderCarbon.php
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