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    I have had my UM2 for a year now and can say without a doubt I love my machine. Once I got past the initial teething and upgraded the problem areas she prints beautifully. I am a C-5 quadriplegic with no finger function and I have no problems running and maintaining my machine on my own "for the most part". Oiling, leveling, changing filament, cold pulls, changing tips, (O-BLOCK), removing prints, cleaning the bed, support removal. This is a HUGE deal for me as it allows me to be creative and build adaptive equipment that brings me more independence. I love and want to thank the UM community for all the great information that has helped me build my skills in 3d modeling and printing. Also a special thanks to my friend David S. who took the time to show me his UM2, how to operate it, as well as help me install my upgrades. Hats off to you man. Ok time to share a print This is a simple miter gear box I designed to relocate my shower handle in my bathroom where I can reach it from my wheelchair. It uses SS 608 bearings and bolts, with cpvc for the shafts. Printed in Protoparadigm PLA height .2 layers speed50mm/s bed 55 temp 220 no brim no supports
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    je connais un type au stand ultimaker...un certain didier....peut-être qu'il arrivera à te faire rentrer à l'oeil...
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    The next Ulti-Evening is coming up, with yet another educational and interactive theme. But this time, hosted by our very own Chris & Layla from our technical support team. What is it about? Post processing! It will be two workshops merged into one; - Vapor treating; making your prints shiny and dissolve layers while keeping most of the details. Even though I think we should appreciate 3D printing for what it is, and not try to replicate already existing manufacturing methods sometimes you don't need those layers. - Water Marbling; adding colour to your prints using water, paint and a bucket. We'll bring equipment that will allow you to try both techniques yourself, but we would like to ask to bring your own prints to experiment on. If you want to try the Vapor treating bring an ABS print with a maximum size of 75mm. Date: 19-10-2015 Time: 17.00 - 22.00 Locatie: Protospace, Utrecht 17.00 - 18.00 Arrival (Bring your Ultimaker and prints!) and order food (10 euro pp) 18.30 - 19.00 Presentation 19.00 - 22.00 Post processing-time!
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    hmm I understand you get confused... 15.04 and lower are old (legacy) cura, they have dual extrusion. 15.06 and higher are new (beta) cura, with no support for Dual extrusion yet. I would be nice to have some sort of overview of changes, as for specific tasks sometimes old versions are better I believe (f.e 14.xx for spiralize printing), another example could be the changed order of outer/inner walls at some point in time etc....
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    Yes, it's 1 / 5 respectively when not defined (same as what it is in the commented lines) Probably. But having an UtliController on one machine and this one on the other, I don't feel much difference.
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    Do you usually have access to google without problems? If you could let me know what version of Cura and OS you want I'll see if I can get you a direct download link.
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    This is something I hadn't seen in beta, but I like it:
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    Salut ! Dis que tu viens de ma part ! ça ne te donnera aucune réduction mais ça fait toujours plaisir ^^
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    My solution on the UM1 Those are 5mm. thick acrylic panels cut from the open source drawings to fit snugly into the printers open frame holes... The panels are held in place with magnets glued into little slots in the panel sides, and matching ones drilled into the edge of the printers frame... Top is not physically closed, but I have a crossflow fan blowing across the build area...
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    What about browsing the commit log? This changelog ENCODER_PULSES_PER_STEP in the config file. By default one encoder pulse generates one unit step in the values. Difficult to find a good compromise there, if you increase it, you will have to turn a lot to make big changes... Also, ENCODER_STEPS_PER_MENU_ITEM relies on that one, so if you change the first, it will affect the menu browsing as well, so you need to tune both. Personally I wouldn't go there...
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    He means old cura, you'll fine it here; and for UM2, it's in the advance menu on the printer...
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    Ok ça marche romu ! Et en plus je te laisse une delta et ma bagnole, ok ? Mouais... combien de km la bagnole ? c'est pas une VW j'espère ^^
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    Ja, da ist natürlich richtig. Mittlerweile bestelle ich seit ca. 1/2 Jahr regelmäßig auf der Aliexpress Plattform, bzw. generell bei Händlern in China oder per Ebay EGSP. Es handelt sich aber immer um Ersatzteile für Mechanik, Laptops, Computer, etc. Meist weil es dort deutlich günstiger ist, bzw. ich woanders die Sachen garnicht herbekomme (gerade für Computer). Es sind natürlich in aller Regel Spezialsachen, wie z.B. LED Konverter Kits oder ein Displaydeckel für einen Lenovo Laptop, etc. Da gibt es in dem Sinne keine nennenswerte Auswahl an Händlern. Bisher sind meine Erfahungen sehr gut. Alles war immer superstabil verpackt, Versandzeit deutlich kürzer als angegeben, Artikel immer perfekt, keine DOAs, nie Probleme mit Zoll gehabt, usw. Meine UM2 Düse aus China drückt wie eine 1 und es war alles passgenau. Ausserdem gibt es immer mehr Händler, die nun auch nennenswerte Bewertungen haben, ähnlich wie bei Ebay. Das war vor einiger Zeit nocht nicht so. Klamotten oder komplette Geräte würde ich dort nicht kaufen, alleine schon wegen Garantie oder Umtausch. Ich berichte auf alle Fälle, bin selbst schon gespannt. Grüße Marcus
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    This is my setup, I'm very pleased with it, absolutely needed to get any decent layer bonding in ABS. https://www.youmagine.com/designs/ultimaker2-top-cover-clips https://www.youmagine.com/designs/um2-minimalist-front-panel + I have my feeder motors outside the machine on the back. + I have a few connected smoke detectors in the house (better safe than sorry..)
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    There should be a badge for that too This took an interesting angle. I'll see if we have a way to measure humidity in the office.
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    Here my first results for light fixtures for the garden: I made them from transparent XT and I put a thin layer of Tamiya X22 transparent coating on the lamp to make sure that no water gets in. How good they will hold over time we will have to see but this is the best I could think of. Inside each lamp there is one Cree led which in this case it powered with a 300mA current source. I have a other design in the making where the same led will be powered at 1A. But before I go ahead on that I want to know how good the design is holding outside.
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    I had some trouble in the beginning to get it configured correctly. This was my first time I even saw a Raspberry Pi! I had no knowledge of different Gcodes ("UltiGcode" & "RepRap" etc etc) and I struggled many hours for finding this settings in my Cura. After reading this feature was not yet implemented in the beta I switched to Cura 15.04.02 and got this first issue fixed. The 2nd issue I had with Octoprint was the default start gcode and end gcode was not working properly for me. I tested many gcodes I found on the internet and got one working for my configuration perfectly. Issue fixed. The 3rd issue I had was the webcam was not working. This was fixed fast, I bought an original Raspberry Pi camera and issue fixed. The 4the issue was the on remote web-access for the Octoprint configuration. (only with this feature working Octoprint would have an advantage to use for me) After setting up a DDNS account and opening the correct ports in our company firewall for the web-access, I got it all working. All issues fixed! It took me several days to get Octoprint working cause I started with zero knowledge of Linux, Raspberry Pi and Gcodes. But now it's working and this platform gives me a true advantage to use. Our 3D printer is located at my office which is 50km from where I live. In the beginning I helped myself with simple webcam (which I still use for the top view of my prints) and a Wemo switch (you can turn on and off the power on remote, this was quite handy for me when I saw a print going wrong cause I didn't have to travel 50km to turn the printer off) But now I got a real true interface to manage my printer on remote. The webcam still needs a mount which goes together with my platform but I'm working on it. Still haven't found a good mount for my raspberry pi camera. I prefer one that can be mounted on the print platform for timelapse movies. Here are a few screenshots of my octoprint config right now printing on remote. This is the old webcam I'm still using still using for the top view (you can see the real amateur mount-tape-solution I'm currently using for the Rasp cam) And here are a few screenshots for my Octoprint working. (finally ) I can only recommend Octoprint!
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