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    You got another one? Cause I'm not Ultiarjan... But nevermind, it was obvious that you had tons of things spinning in your head;) Glad that I could help! Chris
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    Done on an ultimaker2 by switching filaments - no modifications to printer:
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    PLA: just try the colorfabb material, the're dutch, but from Venlo so only a few hundred meters away from Germany You can order direct, but I'm sure there a plenty resellers in Germany too. Feeder; It's rather filled with PLA now, so you have to clean it, best is just to take it apart and clean with a toothbrush or something, get rid of all the plastic dust in there. When you take out the 4 screws the feeder motor on the inside will fall down, so best to first remove the cover on the inside of the printer (1 screw on the left panel, 1 screw on the back panel) then remove 3 screws of the feeder, then when you take out the last screw, hold the feeder in your other hand to prevent it from falling. This may sound scary when you just have a new machine, but it's really simple and the only way to really clean this feeder To make cleaning easier in the future print yourself a better feeder, most people use this; https://www.youmagine.com/designs/alternative-um2-feeder-version-two I use this derivative; https://www.youmagine.com/designs/feeder-for-ultimaker-2-rail-system You say the feeding seems to last too long at high speed? did you push the button on time? I believe it starts feeding at a slow speed and you have to push the front selection knob when the plastic is appearing at the top of the feeder (when you see it entering the tube) .... I'm not really sure, always feed manually myself...
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    Ah oui pour le récipient je viens de tilter à l'instant ^^ Oui en gros je suis parti d'un cube auquel j'ai fais des bevels sur les arrêtes, puis pour le sculpte du motif, je suis parti d'une image trouver sur internet que j'ai transformer en noir et blanc pour avoir ce que l'on appelle une alpha que j'ai enregistré en .png. Ensuite sous ZBrush, j'importe mon alpha (donc mon motif) que je combine à une brosse puis je fais un petit "DragRect" sur mon récipient pour avoir mon petit relief En tout cas merci pour ton com
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    The fan shroud by Izzy does not use ANY screws, and swivels out of the way when you want to clean the nozzle. Not much point in griping about something you can fix by using the printer...
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    60%? How modest! According to package tracking, my Olsson Block is waiting for me at home. So I'm itching to get out of work and install it! (ETA: hi folks, longtime lurker here )
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    This is what I heard (no offense) blah blah blah NO DUAL EXTRUSION blah blah blah blah blah blah I guess I have mud on my face for all the clients that have come to the shop (several of which have gone on to buy their own UM2's) Cuz I'm sitting here telling them "Oh yeah dual extrusion is coming out first quarter of March". I could go on for pages... Just upset is all
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