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    60, no glue, pops right off at room temperature Onto the rest of the print!
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    Unless your model finishes slicing fast, it will be hard at work doing slicing while you continue to modify settings. Not everyone has as top-of-the-line computer that slices models in no time. I was playing with a model yesterday and after I finished touching settings it took at least one minute for slicing to finish (didn't time it with a clock). And that model was not that complicated. And I never argued against that. I, and several others, are only arguing that it should be an option to disable auto-slicing. It's not like there are no settings in Cura so adding one would bloat it. Heck, you even have a setting, enabled by default, that auto-scales an object. And if you look away from your screen for a few seconds you will miss the warning that shows that the model was scaled. With that said, I will rest my case and will not argue anymore. Apparently I stepped on someone elses toes...although he only bashed me and didn't come with any constructive counter argument. I have presented my arguments now. At the end of the day, you are the developer, you make the choices, we have to live with them, good and bad. And true, we could by Simplify 3D...or we could hope that Cura evolves.
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    Bonsoir, J'utilise également ce plateau chauffant pour le montage des roulements, C'est vraiment top. Le roulement au réfrigérateur, le palier sur le plateau à 90°. L’ensemble s'emboite sans taper. Fred.
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    Utilisation sans plastique ( et donc plus écologique ?) de l'UM2 --> un banc de chauffe pour tester des boitiers électronique dans des environnements chaud
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    Yup, currently 44% of trying again, this time without original fanshroud to prevent stringing to get stuck. Going very steady and nice. Pausing it at 80% however, to swap out the almost depleted filament sample to a half finished sample of the XT-CF20 Living on the edge.
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    @macua85 Unfortunately not, still working on the other project.
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    Progress: I messed the print up because I tried to ninja some things away that were getting stuck in my old fan shroud. Hit hotend, skipped steps, by print :( But atleast I got it right! Now I hope I have enough material left to finish the print :(
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    I completely support the idea of a button to disable the auto-slicing. Maybe it could be implemented but not activated, so the I-want-this-feature users would be happy (and so their battery!).
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    I can understand your frustration, ideally every reseller would offer the same as the Ultimaker store used to do and I think that that is the future plan of Ultimaker also. Anyway if you are in need of filament I can advice you to purchase this through Trideus: http://www.trideus.be/en/filament/ultimaker/pla/ Happy printing!
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    Pour le plateau tu peux regarder ici c'est bien expliqué
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    I would indeed recommend to send an email to your reseller. In the meantime I will try to find out when they will also list all the spare parts. Thank you !
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    Here is an interesting video that teaches some powerful lessons: This shows two things: first that more than one cell (0.6V each or so I recall?) can be connected in series within a single electrolyte, and second that enough current can be coaxed from a lemon to create a spark sufficient to make fire in tissue paper. The tie-in here to water purification has to do with some experiments that I'm doing in the context of elequa, which is a small startup non-profit that i am helping to get off the ground. I hope that I am within forum rules to mention the company, am I Sander? Anyway, elequa is getting it's start by applying electricity to water to accomplish electrocoagulation / impurity clumping of some sort and as a side project (bear with me, it's a bit complex this roadmap) I am planning to explore the Baghdad Battery. The long and short of this is that I believe that we can create water purifiers with dissimilar metals arranged properly and a solution of impure water plus fruit juice poured into a container with the electrodes in place. Is it practical and possible that the cell will provide it's own energy source so that external electricity is not necessary? if so, there are a lot of people who would like to learn how to do this type of thing in the third world! Les
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    Two machines upgraded and two running perfectly. Feeder 'def working better than the old version. In fact on one print I had the bed a little closer than optimal and instead of click click click it laid down a first layer that required a pick-axe to remove it :-o
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    thanks for reply. I did another print today, perfectly done, without any filament reload or bed leveling ...maybe the nozzle were clogged!? I print often with first layer between 0.06 to 0.15 without any problems. I'm still thinking if the filament is good enough. I'm using Innofil PLA (yellow, not fluorescent) but it was sold by a local company like "clearance". I will let you know if I'll have news Thanks
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    Disabling autoslicing would reduce our health costs. Small tablets slow down during the slicing process, especially when I have 4 pauses scheduled during the print, maybe a tweak or two at different layer heights, and several objects present on the Cura build plate. Every minor change I make to object placement causes a reslice Blood pressure goes up because I have deadlines. This affects all of our health costs Imagine picketers chanting "Go green and keep health clean!"
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    yeah I was messing with mine and I had mine lose as well which helped but it always ended the same way........
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    I just fixed my under extrusion problem......after getting a replacement feeder from UM and not fixing it. I swapped back to the old system and strangely fixed it! so my printer is working after 3 weeks of being broken! so I think the feeder system needs fine tuning....... back to the drawing board UM.
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    You can assume that Austria and Switzerland have a similar situation as Germany as they belong to the same distributor's area. However, shortage of the Upgrade Kit is everywhere as far as I know and rather an issue at production than at distribution. Btw: email to iGo3D and ask for a quotation of the parts you need. They are quite quick with their response.
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    I am kinda irritated as well. I would like to purchase some Ultimaker PLA and a spare glass plate, but my designated German reseller has none of it listed. I can fully understand how this change in distribution might become beneficial in the long run, but it only works if the supplier I am being referred to actually keeps all or most parts in stock. At the moment, this is not the case for Germany. Listing 6 nozzles and a (sold out) Upgrade Kit is hardly making up for the former Ultimaker shop. I guess now i need to check Austria, UK or Switzerland or don't know where else i might be able to order. I do dread the time when i actually need to order a spare part. I feel a bit let down to be honest.
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    Interesting thread. Anyway, I managed to decrease the size of the blemish by increasing temperatures to 220 and disabling Coasting. Not sure why this helped, but I am content for now. Also, printing in Colorfabb NGen, the problem ist pretty much gone - however: NGen and I are not quite seeing eye to eye yet, it gets extremely brittle. But that's a different thread. .. and i seem to lack picture taking skills as well ;-) Thanks again for your help!
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    essai du ninjaflex semiflex , j'en ai proffité pour retravailler le guide file, car ça me saoulait de demonté le fil pour l'installation, et je le trouvais trop cassant avec le pla ou autres et pour valider mon guide, 6h d'impression
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    Yes cooling helps. The more cool the better. You want fans at 200% if there was such a thing. Add a desk fan? There's a huge discussion about this. *while* it's printing if you look at ti carefully you will see the edge of the front of the boat is raised and the head hits this edge. More talk about it here: http://umforum.ultimaker.com/index.php?/topic/4094-raised-edges/ Skip right to "page 2" and look at foehnstrum's video and read all the posts after that possibly. It's not until around post #39 and later that we really begin to understand what causes the issue. The problem has to do with the fact that liquid PLA is stretchy like melted mozzarella cheese or like mucus. The liquid plastic is pulling like a rubber band as it goes down and creates a lip or raised edge where there is an overhang. The effect gets stronger on each succeeding layer. It is what causes the lower quality "look" of overhangs. Sometimes the part will actually rip free from the bed because of this (which is easily fixed by making parts stick like hell - another topic). Also printing super slow (5mm/sec) can help as it remelts the layer below. Any faster than that speed and it doesn't seem to make any difference. This is talked about in the topic above.
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    Hi Franny500, I attached a Cura image for you which shows a bit what you were looking for. The fact is that there are glass clips on the bed which take a way a few mm in the corners of the print bed. So the largest square will be a little bit smaller than for example the print I choose. I would advice to go no larger than 221x221 mm to reduce the risk of your printhead slamming against the sides. Other than that you are good to go!
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    This is a prop that I made for someone. It's a Stone arrow from the manga Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Vento Aureo (it's neat) So I made this model and realised it for them.
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    Autoslice. Hate it. But if Ultimaker team needs a good argument to remove it I can give you one. Energy savings! Save the nature, today computers use more energy when processing and less when cpu it's idle. So, let's go green?
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    Le couvercle pour ceux qui veulent faire un régime ou bien ceux qui ne veulent pas se faire piquer du Nutella ^^ http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1000484 UM2 pla verbatim 0.15mm 40mm/sec pas de support
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    Salut, juste pour vous montrer que j'ai fini mes clips de baguette et sa fonctionne Le petits cerré blanc sont les clips en place. Et la baguette Il a fallu monté la température à 245° pour le Nylon Bridge, et pour que la pièce soit solide. 40 mm/s Fan 60% porte Diff Oil 1000 dans le tube Et j'en suit contant
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    j'adore les model de ce mec il travaille sur zbrush, qu'est ce que j'aimerais savoir faire ça !!!!! http://www.thingiverse.com/Sculptor/designs
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    En Belgique on préfère la formule "Notre savoir-faire se déguste avec sagesse " haha
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