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    That's the art of confusion... I understand. You rotated the object but didn't change the direction the infill was printed. That's an option Cura didn't offer so far (in the lastest open beta they have something going in that direction under 'experimental'). But Simplify3D gives you the opportunity to define the angle for the infill; commonly known infill directions are set as 45° and -45°. If one would change the infill direction to 0° and 90°, i.e. parallel to the x-axis and the y-axis of the printer, one could separate the two axis from each other and check for axis-specific issues. I hope, it's now at least not even more confusing...
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    so...I watched your video and ran out to buy the Loctite Ultra Gel. I put it on a test piece and held it together for 1 minute, then let it sit undisturbed for 5 minutes - total negative bond. Total waste of time and money. Maybe you have a different kind of PLA than what I have?
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    Hey ! now i upgrade my machine to extended ! all wires are long enough ! i updated my firmware now it works again on high quality! thanks for your help !
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    The stock prices has come down of the UMO+ kit. I think that is a really good printer, more end user serviceable than the 2. Also I don't think the 2 prints 1.5x the money better than the UMO+ Buy one of those.
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    I couldn't help reading this post all the way through... absolutely fascinating, appalling and irksome all at the same time. I have to say that I do feel sorry for shamai_k... it is an elaborate scam GoGoshop (Israel) is running here. GoGoshop even posts up Github assembly instructions here which makes it look as if Ultimaker do indeed do a self assembly kit... ( OP's broken link here) I can only conclude that you were a bit hard on the OP cloakfiend... after the site is roughly translated I think I would probably have believed it to be a genuine Ultimaker product too and the lowlife is still selling it (I might even buy one cos I'm also a mug for a bargain )... I can only hope you/shamai_k got his money back and Ultimaker are doing everything in their power to help him out if he didn't/hasn't? Can you (shamai_k)/somebody/anybody let us know please so that nobody else gets 'mugged off' by this 'charlatan' or others like him. This is clearly the slippery downside of 'open source'!
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    I used 0.3 for the first layer and layers of 0.2 for the print. Since I used 0.4 nozzle on cura should be 1.2 shell. Sincerely I never seen pillowing on carbonfill. I used 3 bottom layers so 0.6 and 3 top layers so also 0.6. Carbonfill makes very nice toplayers but imposible bridging. Strangely enough it can do very nice 70 degress overhangs without support. Oh one think. After 1-2 days use. Take a look to the hotend hole on the fancap. Since it compress on inself it might (1-3 fancaps happened) the hole deforms and neds a bit of cleaning with a needle file to keep not touching the nozzle. But after the first deformation it won't change anymore. Check this img of a new fancap for um2 hotend on umo+ that I just been using for 3 days. The inner circle deformed (it has a diferent design than the one here) so I got to handfile it a bit and reapply the kapton.
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    Mr shamai said that the seller (that being you) claimed it was a genuine one. So why does the shop present the sold printer like an Ultimaker 2 (with official branded pictures?) Resellers have an official contract with Ultimaker to resell their products So basically you say selling counterfeit products is legal as long as you sell the product and the brand name seperately? This is total non sense... i hope you don't pay your attorney too much (he seems like a fake one )
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    Yep, bowden tube is clear, without any debris etc. Yesterday I changed PTFE coupler, and after few fast prints, skipping is gone and underextrusion issue is no more a problem. Feeder skips sometimes, but it hasn't such a visible impact on my prints. In the end, I could say that worn PTFE coupler was a reason for skipping, so you we're right. New coupler minimalized skipping significantly, but not completely Anyway, I'm happy with the results
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    Take a few deep breaths. When I first saw your post, I already escalated this to the right people in management. Due to copyright legislation, we are forced to act on this (Stupid thing about trademarks is that if you don't legally go after those who use it without permission, you lose it). You really can't expect that in a 100+ people company everyone knows what everyone is doing these days. Also; I'd prefer if you'd not start name calling. Especially not with full names. Google is a bitch in that regard.
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    Ultimaker will also start selling the feeder separately ..... but you would have to wait a bit longer....
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    I have the new feeder and I can only recommend it. My UM2+ ext can print easily at 80 mm/s with 0.3 layer height and a 0.4 mm nozzle. I printed that fast because my friend was waiting for the object before leaving for a vacation. (it's a gopro mount for skiing, check out the video below) The result came out quite nicely for a fast 0.3mm print imo. Here's the result. I cannot compare with Bondtech but I can compare with the old UM2 feeder and Robert's feeder.
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