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    Started building this December 2015. Head Dome from the BB8 builders club. Sphere Body Frame my own design. This will be a full scale, RC animatronic working droid.
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    This guy is basically the reason I buyed 3d printer in the first place but he is still have a lot to achieve in the future. First there were a lot of delays with work, then design completely changed because I got better at it, and then work caught up on me again. Consisiting that I am often procrastinate like a lot, despite that my printer is now 2 years old, this project is still far from finished - most parts here are just tests, not the final variants. The specific latest print is the chest piece)
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    My four year old son was promised a keyring if he behaved nicely at the dentist, and what do you know, he did! I cleaned off the dribbles after I took this shot. The coin is a British 2p, which is 25.9mm in diameter. Printed in Prima 3D PETG, 0.2mm layers, 250C, 30mm/sec outer walls, 45mm/sec everything else, no supports, 10 line brim, bed temp 75C.
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    Updated design, no need for screws anymore. Just use a piece of 2.85 mm filament instead. Download the design: urobot_2hh_x1.25.stl Improvements: 100% plastic: using piece of filament instead of M3 screw Increased weight of feed & longer toes Increased lower body weight Decreased upper body weight Scale: 1.25 Increased walking angle: around 10 degrees
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    Just an addition, in spiralize you can easily do 0.6mm shells with a 0.4mm nozzle, do to this, make sure not to print to fast (to prevent underextrusion) and not to big layers (0.1 - 0.15 works well).
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    I really wish my brain could design organic stuff. Stuff like z-brush is just black magic to me *sigh*
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    Hello Didier, Yes sure! Part material is ColorFabb XT. Not much to manage the two print heads since it is actually only one "print head" and two separate nozzles. Uses many stock parts to minimize cost and make it easy to assemble. Here's a dual color print and another..
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    Not entirely. It has some benefits like lower cost, but some huge disadvantages in terms of very long shipping times, tough communication and different cultures / standards. So one could build a case in sourcing (crucial) parts more locally.
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    Another kit from them? If so, why you ask on the forum if you already had one? Their own research? Please don't make me laugh... This smells like a publicity stunt
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    First of all you're a man without 3d printing experience. Why not trust the experienced people here? Or do you just wanted a positive statement? Ok here it is: Go ahead and buy it
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