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    Les occasions de me faire plaisir sont rares et comme j'adore les figurines de Leo Haslam (fichiers dispo sur youmagine et thingiverse) je me suis lancé. Le tout a pris 250 heures d'impression en PLA. (neofiil 3d) et j'ai terminé mes fonds de bobine esun pour le socle. précision buse 0.4 ou 0.25 et les layers 0.05 à 0.2 selon les fichiers. Aucun support n'est nécessaire le fichier est découpé pour l'impression. Pour l'instant j'ai passé une couche de résine (nanovia) et il me reste la peinture et quelques accessoires a finir de coller.
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    Oh mais, il y a trois mois que je m'amuse comme une folle avec mon Ulti 2+. Engrenages, chaînes, pistons, etc... etc... + des pièces pour mes assemblages électroniques. Il y a déjà 10 bobines de PLA qui y sont passées. Heureusement, j'apprends la 3D depuis quelques années et je maîtrise très correctement la modélisation, donc, j'obtiens exactement ce que je veux. Encore merci à toi.
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    Yeah I understand what you mean ! I agree that would be the fabulous software platform who could connect all Ultimaker (and more) users all around the world and make this technology and community evolve even faster...
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    I think if we would have such an innovation platform it would not be focussed on art, but more on technical parts / projects / solutions. So that should fit perfectly in your alley The Artella platform is focussed on art, but I really like the concept of the platform, not perse the content. (Well I do from a personal perspective, but that is besides the point here:p) The purpose of such an innovation platform on the ultimaker community platform would be to facilitate innovation and fun in the community. We are lucky with our community members who have all the skill sets they need to finish a project in their own home or their own local area but I can imagine there are a lot of makers amongst us with great ideas but don't have all the skill sets required to finish it. 3D printing can close the gap from digital fabrication to real life products. This allows peer to peer networking on a new level. Since we have such a big community of experts with different skill sets this could lead to some really cool innovations. Could be about Ultimaker hardware or software, (lets say you want a certain upgrade, the community can help you if they think it would add value) or it could just be completely random / fun. Whatever the community wants
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    Wow it's awesome ! Being able to participate to projects all around the world sounds amazing ! And that's pretty cool fur students too for practicing and being able to win money at the same time ! I'll bookmark this one (:
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    The two rods that pass through the print head are not perpendicular. That is why the print isn't perfectly square. It's easy to adjust them - loosen the setscrew on one of the 4 pulleys and make the crooked axis straight again. Push the head around to the 4 sides to see where things aren't quite square. But I don't think you can ever get it perfectly square. So you need to print these 4 parts in the exact same orientation such that if one is a paralellogram where one corner is 89 degrees instead of 90 then the same corner will be 89 on all 4 parts and they will meet up nicely with no gaps. Or maybe the error is only .5 degree. Or 0.1 degree. But whatever the error is you want it consistent to get rid of these gaps.
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    The one for children and the one for wood both have PVA as the primary ingredient. This is also the key ingredient in hair spray and glue stick. Any of these work but my favorite is "wood glue". For wood glue mixed with 10 parts water I use a paint brush and paint it right on the glass inside the printer. Heat the bed and it dries quickly:
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