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    Salut à tous, Tout d'abord un grand merci pour l'aide reçue et notamment à #electromu et #Ollo ; Vous attendiez les photos... Eh bien !, les voilà sous forme de diaporama. Il n'y a pas tous les assemblages, mais cela donne déjà une bonne idée du job. J'ai fait plusieurs séries de photos à différents stade d'avancement.
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    Hi to all We all know the life time problem and its collateral damages of the PTFE isolator coupler, especialy when it used in continuous hight temp extrusions 260 to 300 ° over a bit over Here is a first feedback from the use of an insulator made with PBI polymer The goal is to test first this polymer matérial for PLA material without no sticking problem issues, the tests I done are very positive.... It works great ! some pics with a PLA extrusion work With 425° best mechanical properties ! now it's possible to achieve a very compact print head with the all in 1 part isolator coupler, as I described before a customized print head project in an other post : https://ultimaker.com/en/community/21359-re-design-the-print-head-to-centre-the-nozzle It's almost ready to go further in testing, time to achieve the assembly and to mount it on the UM2 the pic shows the " PIB " print head closed to be finished, the stock heat block, it's just for sample, the Olsson block and fans are planned
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    As I my PPA is mentioned in different places, I just thought to open a topic here for all questions and discussions related to it. Here a short summary of it: It is a personal project and Ultimaker does not give any support on it. (Not mentioned in the FAQ) The benefit compared to the "fat bundle" provided by Ultimaker is that some software dependencies get installed multiple times on your installation when using the "bundle" by Ultimaker. Using my PPA you only install Cura. When looking at the upcoming 2.2 release (currently "master") you'll need to upgrade PyQt5 to 5.5, but it is available in the "master" PPA, too. There are two PPAs: One for stable (2.1) builds and one for weekly builds (what you know as "master" on GitHub. Updates and bugfixes for the current stable release (2.1) are sometimes earlier provided than by Ultimaker The weekly builds are not meant to be used for daily use, of course! I need to prepare the package updates manually, so sometimes builds might be delayed. Installation guide: https://thopiekar.eu/cura/ppa/installation/ Uninstallation guide: https://thopiekar.eu/cura/ppa/uninstallation/ Technical info and support https://thopiekar.eu/cura/ppa/technical-information/ Have fun!
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    bon j'ai resolu le souci, un pied à coulisse, SW, une imprimante 3D et hop
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    Finally fixed it!! Working 100%. Replacing the T1 transistor wasn't too difficult, but I was able to do it in a short amount of time. Didn't need the Kapton tape, but I recommend to anyone trying it themselves, to heating up the bad T1 and pulling it right off the board. Also, lay down some flux as it helps make the soldered joints when you finish nice and clean.
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    ok, merci vous deux ! J'en conclus que le bug est totalement aléatoire....
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    The Ultimaker Original+ (with a heated bed) costs $995 so that should fit in your budget, plus it has an amazing track record and community around it I would advise to consider buying a kit, just like @Neotko says you will have to invest time to get to know a machine. With an Ultimaker it is not that long, the cheaper you go usually the longer this takes. Or your personal investment will be continuously. With a kit you learn exactly how such a machine is build, where everything is suppose to go and how it is suppose to work. In a pleasant and documented way, instead through trial and error. If you have any further questions feel free to ask!
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    We don't officially support it. This means that we don't spend time on it, not that it can't be in Cura / marlin / whatever That is also an option yeah. I would prefer having all 3D printers as definitions in the cura release of course. This is why in 2.2 we also support machine variants. You use a certain machine as a base (say an ultimaker original) that you've modified in some way (let's say you added a heated bed). The variant would then sit on top of the original definition with the change that it has a heated bed.
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    Hallo mitnand, Hier mein umgebauter Drucker mit Marin´s Idee! Teils alter UM2 mit neuen UM2+ gepaart. Ich bin begeistert! Hier ein paar Bilder und ein Video vom ersten 3DBenchy druck! Druckzeit 5:43Std. Layer höhe 0,15mm Material PLA Wo ich jetzt noch Optimierung bei mir sehe ist: Die Temperatur schwankt ±0,08 Grad, das PID Autotune Funktion bringt wieder keine vernünftige Ergebnis. Wie bekomme ich jetzt die beste Einstellung raus. Der Linke Extruder hat 35Watt 3dsolex + alten Temp. Sensor UM. Der rechte Extruder hat 35Watt + neuen Temp. Sensor Wie bekomme ich bei den Düsen Wechsel das nachlaufende Filament weg. Beim Abkühlen fließt noch ca. 1mm bei mir nach, und verteilt sich dann unschön über den Teil? Also ran an die Kühler Gruß Gerd
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    8mm^3/sec is basically the max speed for .4mm nozzle. You will get occasional problems going right at the limit like that. And that's for 230C. For lower temps like say 210C you are even more likely to have problems. Typically it just barely works for 30 minutes and then it finally grinds the filament too much and starts slipping too much and you get a failure (ground down filament) at the feeder. Typically. It's very hard to say if this happened to you but 90% chance that is what happened. So try printing hotter and/or slower. Try maybe 230C or 240C or if you care more about the quality cut the layer height or print speed in half. Maybe this never happened before because it's a filament that needs a little more heat.
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    Thanks Neotko ! The thinks visible back on the bed are a outstanding project for optimize and rigidify better the overhang bed tray support with fine level adjustable rods, it's not yet completed
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    Hi to all Going further with the PIB concept and tests. PLA material is known for its sticking & frictional extrusion issues solved by PTFE use, which have to works on it hight temp limit. PIB polymer seems to solve many problems !.... may be other new issues will appear, future test checks will have to do... However, the first test is very encouraging ! 2 main parts vs this clip the fans set & connect the thermal sensor and the heater cartridge In work
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    Found the easter egg today thanks to the revival of this old thread and a little source code digging. Now I can cheer myself up a bit by playing some pong when my prints fail
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