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    I want all of you in France especially, and in all other countries generally, to know how sorry also I am and the population in Norway about the horrible happenings on the Promenade des Anglais. You have a fantastic country, are a fantastic people! Deep kondolances from Norway.
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    Der Druck ist fertig. Ich habe nix am Druck ausgebessert. Kein Tropfen keine Fäden. Druckzeit: 7h Layer: 0,15mm Temp Düse 1+2: 195°C ohne temperatur absenkung Infill: 30% Speed: 50mm/s Das wechseln der Zahnriemen hat sich bezahlt gemacht man erkennt es am Wipetower. Die Wand ist schön gleichmäßig und es zeigt auch das die Zentrierung beim Düsen Hub Funktioniert. Gruß Marin
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    it is because these materials are more sticky (PET,nylon) than PLA. Loose extruded fragments are dragged externally along the nozzle and at some point get dropped somewhere. The only way to avoid it is to sit by the printer with tweezers and clean the nozzle tip when this happens or optimize your gcode to avoid these loose fragments (speed, temp., retraction, combing, etc)
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    @sandervg any news on an instruction to properly mount the head with the correct pressure? last thing I remember is you had worries on the dimensional accuracy of a 3d printed measuring tool, but maybe if you provide it with the correct dimensions, people can check it before use?
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    I'll add it to my list for when I get back. I require one for myself anyway, and if I'm making one then make more wont be much more work.
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    Polysupport is really super-easy to print with. The tip of the helix is 1.0 mm in diameter. Cura 2.1.2 with 0.15 mm layer. If there's any possibility to reach all the support structures for (easy) removal this will be my first choice from now on.
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    I tested it in detail http://www.extrudable.me/2013/08/13/printing-with-laybrick/... not sure if I ever linked that in this thread.
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