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  1. Suddenly i felt a strong desire to print a Ford Fiesta :-)
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  2. Tinkergnome, I want I am just a humble user and have updated my U2+ with your most recent firmware. It is amazing. I have so much more information and control over the printing process. I am sure this takes a lot of your time, I truly appreciate all your work. Thank you!
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  3. Hi Gerd, Da hast du recht, die ankündigung hat etwas mit dual zu tun. Bin gespannt was kommt, ich tendiere zu einem neuen Drucker ähnlich dem BCN3D SIGMA mit zwei Druckköpfen. Gruß Marin
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  4. 1/6 scale Darth Maul. Printed with PLA, 0.06 layer, 60mm speed. Lightly sanded to remove support and 2 coats of primer, before second sanding to remove seam line and artifacts.
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