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    Finiii!!!! C'était chouette. Au prochain!
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    Id send it back if its not 'perfect'. Talk to the people where you purchased it. We ordered 4, all 4 were perfect. I would not settle for less at that price.
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    Got my UM3E -- discovered that a good amount of my filament spools will not fit when making use of dual extrusion. Looking for some motivated designers to create an adapter between the filament guide and the reel holder to lengthen said item. Looking for Ultimaker to share their ideas here and maybe some files/design specs to speed up the design process~ I'm not fast at all when designing (I take the methodical, incremental approach) so hoping for assistance here if no one else steps up~ Note: While a longer reel holder could be another option, I'm looking for a cleaner option; like an adapter. Reason for this is that this adapter can be further iterated upon to accommodate smaller spools like taulman nylon. --- @nallath @neotko Who do I need to talk to in order to get access to the design files of the revised reel holder in the UM3? I'm hoping to put together a sketch of what I'm attempting to accomplish here within a week or so (as life permits).
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    At least give them a day or two, jeez... There could be a reason for a slightly late response other than that they "only want to sell".
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    @neotko The USB connector was not fully seated in the A20, all that was required was a gentle push without touching the board and the font connector came to life I have not yet checked the NFC issue as I am currently quite busy testing the Polymaker PC-MAX. I will address this in due time... FWIW: No way QC can be held responsible for this as the connectors can come (partly) unseated during transport because there is no strain-reliefs around the A20 board. Maybe UM Development or Production can have a look at this as there is a bit of room for improvement here so it seems
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    Hello les boys!!!! And girls biensur. Eh oui me revoilà sur le forum après un énorme temps sans venir vous voir mais ça c'est pour une raison très personnelle. Je vois que ça bouge toujours autant ici et c'est cool car c'est le seul forum où il y a autant de monde et d'entre-aide. Eh oui Rigs je suis toujours aussi amoureux du Dutch et au lieu de l'acheter eh bien maintenant je le vends . Et c'est super cool de voir certains anciens toujours aussi impliqués dans la 3D et sur le forum.
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    Noel est en préparation chez moi en filament bois et buse de 0,6 c'est pas mal. Le Ngen gris brillant est super aussi.
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    No offense to windows (I love windows) but most people don't use windows phones......
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    Hmm... that's a weird one. Could you be over extruding slightly? In the middle of the print there's space for the plastic to retreat into the voids between the infill lines. On the top you have solid layers that could be causing the plastic to get displaced outward? Sounds very far fetched to me as well, I know, but it's the only thing my tired head can manage at the moment.
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