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  1. Hello everybody First of all I would like to say a big compliment to this great invention, good job (thumbs up). Now I present here my project, in which I could use a Mark2 Dual Extrusion very well. My English is not so good (Google helps), so I try to show it better with some pictures. Info first: - My father passionately likes Go Kart and for that we have made some tuning parts with my UM2. - The construction plans in the pictures come from different spare parts catalogs, so the item numbers are different. Project: This project was about improving Go Kart performance. The membr
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  2. Hello, Here is my entry for the contest: About a year ago I started playing airsoft (its like paintball without the paint) with a collegae of mine which has been playing for more than 10 years. I was hooked the first time playing. But I found out that there was a big problem a lot of players had and that the safety goggles where fogging up. And when they do you can't play anymore because there is no visibility. Some people clean the goggle in field which is very dangerous, so I started asking around and looking on the internet for anti-fog protection goggles without succes. Than the idea
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  3. Check two things: Make sure you got the latest version of the Cura definition files? There was an error with the initial start / prime positions in the first github version. Second, in the firmware check Dual extrusion - > wiping position and set the y value to something like 40 mm.
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  4. First the obvious, you did install the Mark2 version of the firmware? You did not start with the 2th already mounted? Although I think there should be a failsafe for this just be sure to have the 2th head docked at start.
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  5. Sous cura 5, pour les um3 et l'option 'print sequence" est caché, tu peut la coché mais tu ne la verra pas ! Pour l'activer, faut allez dans le code du programme, rien de sorcier mais ne touche a rien d'autre ;-) tu va dans le dossier d'installation de cura 5 > chez moi perso : D:\Programme\cura 2.5\resources\definitions Dans le dossier definitions ouvre : fdmprinter.def trouve la ligne all at once et et modifie le 1 par 2 (comme sur l'image) Puis tu peut rouvrir cura 5 / parametre de cura / coche si ce n'est pas fait séquence d'impression et il sera la !
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  6. Uh, that should work. Sounds like you found a bug we missed.
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