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    Hi amedee Yes it's what is planned for the final
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    Good...I hope its coming soon @sandervg I really like my Ultimaker and there is still interesting stuff discussed here...otherwise I would have dropped off long ago
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    With all these mods, the only original part remaining is the frame... So why not designing a frame as well so we can build the printer from scratch ?
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    Update 5/5/2020 All Gudo Mark 2 work is up. There are 2 versions UM2 hotend and Gudo favourite one, a version that uses UM3 cores Have fun, and remember to share, make and think with passion, just like Gudo did. Cheers! https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4203725 Gudo agreed on sharing this early beta designs. As soon I get more time I'll upload the um2hotend Beta (NO INSTRUCTIONS FOR NOW) if someone is brave enough to use the ZGE with Mark 2. It uses a 4dia 3mm depth magnets and it uses 31 for a full 2 head setup. So, isn't assembly friendly but the design really rocks. So, for now just photos. Oh also UM3 Core version for um2 zgemark2, Gudo is testing it just now the first designs. It will only need 2 fans for the print cooling but each head will have his 5v fan. The fans are very easy to assemble or remove and every part is modular. The clip system uses a 'spring-magnet' system, that so far looks amazing but need's testing. Also the print precision will be really crucial on the clip system. Also Gudo moved the bed, by changing the screw points, this gives a 1cm area for the hotends to rest, so they don't need to rampup/rampdown while park/unpark. Also the magnet clip system allows for smooth removal to avoid any misstep lost or shift on movement forces. I'll share more when I know more I have printed a full version but my reseller doesn't have um2 3 aluminium parts in stock so I'm waiting for other source arrival to start assembling it. @Gudo will post more about this soon. Also since the files are on my dropbox, if anyone wants to beta test, PM me with your email so I give you read access. Edit. At the moment I can’t test this, I have all printed, but my agenda is getting fill of stuff to test and work.
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    We have been working really, really hard to make sure you read about Volkswagen Autoeurope using Ultimaker 3D printers in their assembly factory. You may even read it twice already. But we are not done just yet! Together with Volkswagen Autoeurope we will also host a webinar on engineering.com on September 5th 2pm EDT. Together with Paul Heiden, the Senior Vice President of Product Management at Ultimaker, one of the Volkswagen Autoeurope leading engineers will explain how Volkswagen Autoeuropa uses Ultimaker 3D printers to create manufacturing aids in-house, raising production standards and achieving significant cost savings. When I read about this Business case for the first time, I was pretty impressed with how such a big assembly line used Ultimakers and how quickly they adapted their workflow to match a relatively new additive manufacturing method like (desktop) 3D printing. I'm pretty sure the presentation we'll receive during the webinar will also be vert interesting, but what I think is really a unique opportunity, is that you will also have the opportunity to ask questions directly to their lead engineer and our own Senior Vice President of Product Management, Paul Heiden. That is an opportunity you don't get very often. If you are interested, follow this link and register for free for the webinar. It will only take a couple of minutes and you are assured of a front seat!
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    I see a lot of talk about fixing issues with the forum but nothing is happening even security warnings as reported???
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    I totally understand that...but making a frame with alu-extrusion and then making some plates, or crossings, to stiffen it up is far easier to do than creating a frame when you don't have a CNC
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    Yeah, you are right, it is not always, I believe with more than 1 notification only. And yes, first unread button to a topic you have never seen points you to the first reply instead of the actual first post. Also a bug mentioned since launch... 1) As far as "confirmed" can go, when clicking the bell and using middle mouse to open notifications in new tabs, after the first new tab, the pages start from the top instead of from the new post. 2) Another issue is that if you click in "unread posts" on a topic that you have never read before you are not taken to the first post...you are taken to the first reply...
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    Well, with the 'print core' design you don't keep the hotend, and I am not sure the PSU is good enough for operating dual heads... So it is just the heated bed left over (and the end-stops...) Yes it is brilliant and I appreciate the context. When you do have parts it is always nice to reuse them, and with all the experiments you already did it is a logical step. But looking from another angle for somebody having a good working stock UM2(+) it is a bit crazy to throw away everything but the frame (and the end-stops) for such a mod. It makes more sense to build a frame from scratch (or source an UM2 frame) than dismantling an already good printer... And a a slightly bigger frame would give more room for parking dual extrusion Yes, whatever option you choose, it won't be cheap if you target quality... BTW, for linear rails you might also consider CPC-Europa. It is not Misumi, but they are not bad at all...
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    Hi @nilrog, just wanted to say I saw your tweet about the major issues on our forum. I was writing a reply but something came in between and unfortunately, it never left draft-mode. I figured there was a bigger chance you would read my reply here (plus, I have more characters:)) We're aware of them and improvements are coming. We'll keep you posted via our forums about the progress, and as soon as I have specific information you guys will be the first to know. Our apologies for any inconvenience and my deep gratitude for sticking with us through some of these frustrating phases.
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    Hi ! without panels or additional cross reinfort tubes, despite a very tight corner junctions, with time any extruded aluminium structures would move as a 3D deformable trapezoid !
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    L'ensemble à l'air d'être le bon et oui, c'est la même buse qui fait 0.4 Conseil : passer à un bloc Olsson. (et accessoirement mettre le type d'imprimante dans le profil et poster les images sur le forum et pas ailleurs : il y a une fonction pour ça)
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    You will see it in Cura in october 2016. This feature has been in Cura since version 2.3, like I already said above.
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    And the endstops ! Ofc bed, hotend and psu. That was the idea of @gudo and he did some work around it (well he did all). But we don’t have Medici to found our experiments, so I banged Gudo about making a um2 frame adaptation for the corexy and he always brilliant found a good solution. Ofc, indeed that would be the best path. Anyone can cnc steel 2mm for free? The good thing is that reusing the frame at least gives a good starting point. And with cheap aluminum extrusions it could be easy to reinforce it if necessary. Ofc, something bigger could be nice to have at least some free area for wiper, more tools, etc. Also just some numbers. The Misumi rails are around 150€ (40€-50€ each x3 + delivery). On top of that if you make all bigger they could be 200€ just for the rails, then the frame, depends on how it’s make could be easily be 250-350€. And that’s raw cost. Then you add the board, cnc extras... Reusing the frame saves a a lot, and if for umo needs alu extrusion the are fairly cheap and easy to source.
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    I did a year ago. Transformed UM2 having corexy inside the frame, while using standard UM2 firmware. I did have some problems with "define Quick_Home". You should not use this option in combination with corexy. I'm also thinkering on dockable um3 cores. Downside of using ultimainboard, is having only 2 heaters available (+build plate ofc). While using corexy, there should be many more cores inside... Hi and thanks EdgE ! As it's very modular this cooling fan design could be applied to any print head system. For the coreXY project I'm not yet at the firmware management stage but I think yet that there is a good alternative that is the Duet3D which could do the job without having too much headache ! neotko already uses it on its machine, it looks interesting !
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    Hi to all ! Mark2-Dual ZGE more and more tests..... Cura 15.04.6 vs 2.7 version, with same basic print settings old Cura 1h28 2.7version 1h49 here the result before post cleaning of the print test done it seems a bit better on the right with Cura 2.7 vs the left sliced with the old 15.04.5 version, better temperature control ! It 's really a shame that Cura did not think to allow the Ironing application to specific layers during the print and not only on the last top layer which in many cases is not necessarily flat, as the sample here, or as thousand of others print models designs !? BTW thanks to Lara Steele the author of the dragon design dowloaded from Thingiverse, I just customized the round base.
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    I believe the material sticking was related to a combination of the fan no working and the bed leveling. Once I got all of that taken care of I needed to clean the head with a manual purge and cold pull. Once all of that was cleaned up I got a great first layer print and it has continued throughout. Still having some problems with the supports but for the most part it looks great. The front head fan (The one behind the drop down head access door) was the one not working, When I manually started it (by pushing the blades with tweezers), it started running and I have had no more problem with it. I'm currently down to 3 1/2 hours remaining. I have my fingers crossed that it will actually complete the print. Robert
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    J'adore relancer la guerre MAC/PC
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    Hi @Alib0001, we're sorry to hear you are having difficulties with your new Ultimaker 3. I talked about it with our product experts, and we feel the best course of action would be to get in touch with your reseller and ask for a new Ultimaker 3. Using the recovery image could hold a solution, but there is an equal chance that it is hardware related and there is a loose cable or disconnection. In any case, that the screen remains blank and you see an orange light means there are communication issues in the electronics. There is a risk of ESD damage when working with the electronics, and the last thing we would want to do is add more issues on top of the current one. Therefore, the safest solution would be to get in touch with your reseller. Let us know if you have any further questions, good luck!
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    for me it took that long this morning from the main homepage to go to the forum overview (so just click community > forum directly). it is making progress since it is only taking 8 seconds from clicking on the notification to get to this actual post. I'm sorry about this @sandervg , but we are, what is it, 2 years in since the old (well working) forum was migrated to this and it still isn't working right...
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    Ok, I'm not sure I can measure up with the previous post, but thought I would share my latest nevertheless. :-) My wife, since the beginning, sort of tolerates my adventure into 3d printing. Yesterday evening she mentioned something about upcoming GoT season 7. I jumped at the chance saying "well, why don't we print you a dragon?" She gave me a funny look (since I mainly print utilitarian stuff), but I introduced her to thingiverse... and an hour later, she came back with a model (drogon-from-game-of-thrones-6660 on myminifactory). She grumbled when I have put it in cura (print time 1day and change), so I resized to about 75%, print time 15h. Queued the model for printing in the morning. After coming back from work, I found my wife in a good mood. She kept on checking the printer during the day, liking the result. In the end, I, too, like the result quite a bit: (Printed with Swissfil gold, Cura 2.6, Fine setting, no support/adhesion, held on the bed with 3D Lac, no post processing) If only I could convince my phone to focus on the head.
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    Now, that the hero of my childhood has died, i´d like to show you this little diorama. I started some time ago, but i finished it today. All vehicles are printed with a 0.25 nozzle, the landscape with a 0.4 nozzle. Most of the parts are made in 3dsMax and Zbrush. I hope you like it and godspeed, Roger[/media]
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