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    Hi! For a long time I didn't write anything on this forum ... but now my project is nearing completion. It was once Ultimaker Original Plus Designed with Autodesk Fusion 360. Printed with ABS (0.8 nozzle). Link to printed parts: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2538598
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    Surface finish example (ABS, printed with 0.2 mm per layer, 0.8 mm nozzle, 80 mm/s basic speed)
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    Easy way to change it since UM firmware doesn’t allow to do it with the menus (but the fantastic tinkegnome does) Make .gcode text file for example called PID35.gcode On the text file insert this 4 lines M301 P10.03 I1.50 D70 M500 G28 X0 ; done this will set and save the new PID and will do Home on the X axis Note to the guys that know more: I added the G28 because most of the time it’s easy to forget to add a return after the m500 and without it, it doesn’t execute the line If you don’t know how to make a .gcode file just get any cura file, open on a editor txt file, remove all whats inside and place the 4 lines After doing this you won’t need to do it again unless you change the heater to 25W, in that case you need to do a Restore Factory settings using the um2 menus to restore the 25W pid values.
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    I already use the TinkerGnome ones, I changed the pid from the menu on the printer. And yes, with bowden setup I have this issue too. Last week I tried also to test with a different hot end, same results. I just run the same gcode with 100%, 75% and without fan. Here are the results. From left to right, 0%, 75% and 100% fan. The one without fan is a little bit melted, but the results are nearly the same. Now I will re-check the head bearings, the pulley and the XY allignement
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    @cloakfiend Let’s go back to the basics You had a 25W heater before or a 35W? If you had a 25W and installed a 35W one then you must update the PID values to get a stable heat Also, you could run a PID calibration, but afaik with the 35W PID it works just fine, specially since you have already check all the installation possible issues. About olsson/notolsson I really don’t see any issue on mines they all stay put at their temp. Specially since you use the um2 fans that are really weak it’s very hard that could be an issue. If you want to improve (in general) the heat stability you could use a silicon sock, e3d-online sells them for e3d blocks but with some minimum exacto knofe cuts they fit perfectly fit between the block and aluminum fancap, that will increase enormously the heat stability in general (specially when the fans go full you will get much less temperature drop down). So PID for 35W (same um2+ uses) is P 10.03 i 1.50 d 70.0 I hope it helps. Cheers!
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    Ok update for Beta testers, the Dropbox files are online and updated, with UM2 version and the UM3 core version/hack. Remember to PM to get read access to the folder where all the stuff is. Cheers and happy modding! A side note update: Gudo and I just started shopping since his GudoXYCore it's done, we will start to plug stuff here and there in a few weeks (misumi doesn't arrive until the 8 October). So get ready to be amazed. On another side note, Misumi rails cost around 178€ for a set of 3, Gudo went for the high quality set and I gambled getting only the X one from Misumi and other 5 (I want to do this on 2 printers) at a Spain distributor that a friend at Twitter shared, but basically they are hiwin clones at 30€ aprox each. Will be interesting to see the high quality (gudo) and the med quality (mine) differences, but overall with the ZGE + Rails this will be really interesting!
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    Moi j'ai 100% voir 110% de réussite mais c'est moi
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    Here's a few seconds of video that shows an example of the optimizer's ordering of the walls. The part has 3 holes and is being printed with 3 walls. The walls start to be printed 5 seconds in.
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    Here is a positive update; the DNS configuration error that has been plaguing us for some time has been fixed. No more aws url's. Sharing a reply, logging out works again as normal.
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