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    Just some craziness as I get well from being so sick This is not a fractal per se, but it is a recursive design and I used a 'DrooLoop' philosophy on printing them. I thought I discovered something new and well, no....just 'rediscovered' it, so to speak. Found the proper name and such, but this was the results I developed. This is something called a 'Fractal Quilt'. Well, it is a bunch of them stacked on each other. And, I wonder what this will be? Tee Hee
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    Also der Sensor war es wurde auch getauscht. Aber ich weis nicht wo conrad das reparieren lässt, die haben ihn nämlich falsch zusammen gebaut. Die X Achse ist zu lang die Y Achse zu kurz, hebt natürlich nicht und hört sich auch nicht gut an. Jetzt geht er wieder zurück ?
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    Hallo Wellenreiter, ich weiß nicht, mit welcher Düse Du druckst, aber mit der 0,25er Düse geht es. Der linke Steg ist nur 0,3 mm breit. Wenn Du die 0,4er Düse genommen hast, dann findet Cura keine mögliche Bahn. Viele Grüße
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    Version 1.0


    I'm a huge Ghostbusters fan, and wen the board game came out, it included about 100 amazing figures.. but there were a few things lacking, so I decided to make them myself! First I did the slime splats you see pictured, modelled in zbrush. The big project though, was a dice tower based on the Ghostbusters firehouse. The game's figures are based off the comic book artwork, so I decided to do a toon version of the firehouse, based on the old saturday morning cartoon. Learning how a dice tower works, and printing a rough draft version really helped in the design of this. This like the ramps and angles needed to be adjusted so they came out all the time, and as this was one of my first custom designed printed projects, I had a learning curve learning out how to model for printing, and also how to cut something like this up into parts that were then assembled together. (The tower and inner dice column were printed together, and the roof, ramps, signs, and dice barrier were al printed separately.) Also pictured is a replica I did of the hood ornament on the new car in the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot movie.
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