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    i know you have already received plenty of answers.. but i do want to comment on some things you said ? first of all; I've been lucky to switch to the Ultimaker S5 at launch, and have been running 8 Ultimaker s5s since the start, so I suppose that's about 3 or 4 months by now.. I run them 24/7 and I run them hard. my success rate has been close to 100 percent.. failures I've had have always been relatable to the weak part of the equation, namely me.. I print mostly PLA, the rest is NGEN, Nylon, PLA+PVA, some exotic materials based on client requests, and the only failures I've had have always been me being hasty, knowing something would fail and then thinking "meh, maybe it'll succeed..". as far as the 3D Hubs rating, I am one of the few hubs running the S5 on 3d hubs: if you look at this article you can filter on the S5 and get test prints done on them: https://www.3dhubs.com/blog/ultimaker-s5-on-3d-hubs/ you are saying you see bad reviews? i don't see them for the S5 on 3D Hubs. on general, the print quality from the S5 either gets 5 stars from my customers, or 1 star if they don't get FDM.. i don't really get middle ground reviews to be honest. My switch has been from the Um3 to the S5 and I can tell you with confidence that that has been one of the best decisions ever made. I use the printers for small scale production run (right now printing 3200 pieces for a UK company) but also for small orders like drone parts in Carbon Fiber. for me, these printers have been true workhorses and the most reliable printers I've ever used.. I've been in the printing game for about 4-5 years now, always running small to medium print farms, and I've never had a better printer then the S5. if you have questions, feel free to ask.. I'm not getting paid here to advertise these printers and if other printers were better, i'd happily tell you so.. go check out my hub at www.korneel.nl then you can see what I've done on just 3d hubs and how happy people have been.. hope that gives you some confidence..
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    Hi again, so here is my Unicron WIP sculpt that has more of a moustache as the other one i made didn't and it bothered me after seeing it in old comics and cartoons. Easily solved in an hour or so, followed by 18 more, lol. I also recently purchased some burring tools which i must say work great in removing layer lines on bottom surfaces, and between thin and hard to get to areas. Pics below. the titanium ones are awesome (the bigger ones) the small ones are also great, but just coated metal as opposed to actual shaped metal. You just need to be careful with the small ones as they will just melt the plastic real fast if you keep going without a break. big surfaces are easy and quick yo clean up. Doing that by hand would be a royal pain. Ill just fill the rest of the gaps in with superglue and sand it down to get a glass finish. One of his moustaches broke off, or I broke it off, doesn't matter, but superglue and activator are my new best friends! I highly recommend it, but its real nasty stuff so be very careful dont get the spray, get the pen, that way you can draw it on wherever you want and add it on later as well. I find superglue much easier to control than filler, and it sands better too without any tiny holes that filler often has, and it also doesn't react to liquids or paint that filler has issues with. Not sure why support was not generated for the left horn, as it suffered s a result and is a bit flat on the bottom. So just having the support there does make a difference even if it does not quite touch! good to know.
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    We are working to setup a more colorful world! I am working with the M3D Quad Fusion to use a Cura and a plugin I wrote to allow the 4 extruder trains to be controlled allowing mixtures of filament for multiple defined extruders. The Quad Crane printer is just being released now, or you can just get the print head. The idea is we are essentially defining virtual extruders in Cura but there is really there is only one physical extruder. My github plugin is at https://github.com/ketterrm/Illuminati-Mixer - it is very basic, but seems to work to get 8 mixtures. The post processing plugin is taking the tool and redefining it in terms of a CMYK color mixture. I've been able to get 8 colors out successfully and was trying to figure out if that was a limitation of Cura - but seems not so that's good. If you are interested in a referral discount which helps out my students, message me. Just can't post here! Thanks @ahoeben for the info- I'll look into that!
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    There are many physical properties of materials but the most important one is strength and the second most important is modulus aka stiffness. transparent is both stronger and stiffer. Stiffer is not always better - it also means it is more brittle. If you drop a rubber ball versus a glass ball - the rubber which has a low modulus will stretch and spread out the load over time (only 100 milliseconds versus the glass which shatters in under 1 millisecond) and not break. Even though glass is stronger than rubber. Impact strength and brittleness and modulus are extremely closely related. Knowing the modulus and strength you can predict the impact strength (somewhat). I post these properties of both types of UM PC and glass and many other filaments here in this graph: http://gr5.org/mat/ The third most interesting property is working temperature which I try to capture in the second graph in the above web page. You can zoom into the graph and hover over any material for more details. It's log scale in both axes so read carefully.
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    So the slicer, when doing one slice, does it by mathematically intersecting a plane with all the triangles (all of them!) to get line segments. Then it stitches these randomly ordered (unfortunately there is no helpful ordering in an STL file - no reference of which triangle is supposed to be connected to another) lines into "islands" or "loops". So let's think of what you are printing as "loops". There are "inner loops" which surround a void inside your part such as a vertical cylindrical hole but most loops are meant to be printed with material on the *inside* of the loop. An island is a loop with material on the *inside*. Now that I have definied "island" and "loop" we can talk about retractions. If the printer is moving within a single island and "combing" is enabled it will not retract. It will move to the other position without leaving the island and without crossing an inner loop. Combing is on by default so the printer SHOULD NOT RETRACT. Maybe you disabled combing? I often recommend to turn on combing except for skin layers. Maybe you did that and you are talking about a skin (top or bottom most in that region of the part) layer? When moving from one island to another it will always retract (well - except for some other rare rules that you seem to have noticed like minimum retraction distance).
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    The 8 extruder limit is only there for the Custom FDM Printer. If you create your own printer definition (json files) you can have as many extruders as you like. The interface will probably suffer though.
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    been quite happy with this stuff, this is the 'Merlot' Color
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    That doesn't show on mobile unfortunately
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    I admire your patience with post processing prints... Have you thought acetone smoothing? ?
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    We printed some laptop stands (wedges). Good news is they just BARELY fit on the buildplate - diagonally. We need (2) per laptop, so I decided to stack them with a bit of PVA in between for a tasty PLA PVA sandwich!
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    Version 1.0


    This is a well known vase printed in Blue Lagoon from Faberdashery (very nice). It's printed with my Ultimaker 2 modified with the Olsson Block and a 1mm nozzle from www.3dSolex.com. Printed in Spiralize mode with a 1mm wall, and 0.5mm layers! It's very fast, around 1h25 to print at full height (200mm). Watch the video! I'll do a complete review soon on this nozzle
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