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    Based on all that I have read within this forum and others, I can comfortably say; yes.
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    yeah - i guess, I'm still not sure, what your "bending goal" is...? The wider part is much shorter too and therefore stiffer and it's harder to bend of course. I needed some tools this time... I'm sure, i can break it with a bit more force, or if i clamp it down on a smaller support area, but until now it's still in one piece... ? I think, if you need even more flexibility than this you should try PP, nGen flex or TPU
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    That information is not correct. Officially the core will become available as from November 13th; see https://ultimaker.com/en/blog/52718-our-complete-solution-3d-printing-with-high-performance-plastics-and-composites
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    Here it comes, part printed on UM2+, bend and twisted. It loose its shape a bit after this torture, but doesn't break and can be easily bend back to the right shape. Pictures were taken in the shown order:
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    No since in showing negative feedback toward developers. Heck... even Microsoft with all it's deep pockets to hire the cream of the crop gets things wrong. They had to pull 2 separate patches this month. One for deleting users files and another because it was making HP desktop PCs either needing a restore or a full reinstall depending on how hard they were hit with the driver bug. We experienced this where I work and it was not fun. We need to encourage and not discourage. The software up to this point has been working really well for me. I have been experiencing issues but I have been using smartavionic's Gyroid alpha master build so I can't verify that any of my issues are in the 3.5 official build but i have been experiencing memory leaks when viewing the 'Monitor' screen after initiating a print through octoprint. It is severe when it happens and locks the PC up. Interestingly, if I catch it before it freezes up the PC, I can click on the Prepare tab and watch the memory go back down. If I switch back to the 'Prepare' screen before leaving the PC it doesn't seem to leak memory from what I have seen so far. That again is a non-official build so I can't comment on the 3.5 build even though it was compiled around the same time as the 3.5 release went official. I probably shouldn't even mention the behavior because of that really. One thing I hope Cura devs do is start releasing more beta builds for us to test before they release a final. Maybe that can help catch things like this. The more eyes the better. I do understand that it would likely increase the work and time that releases are done though.
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    is there any other websites where i can get hot end parts? don't understand language, and google translate is to not much help.
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    Hi @Tarasque_1024, I have verified the bug. As a workaround, use the "lines" style for top/bottom rather than "zig-zag". If you do that, the problem seems to go away. I will file a bug report about this. Cheers.
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    New features are best requested on Github. If it is a slicer feature, you can submit it here: https://github.com/ultimaker/curaengine/issues If it is rather a GUI feature, you can submit it here: https://github.com/ultimaker/cura/issues If you are not sure which of the two, I would rather use the second one.
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